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“The West African country of Sierra Leone is a sunny and tropical destination suitable for every traveler. This is a country where travelers find a blend of history and culture, and also a coastline of about 300 miles. Sierra Leone has worked hard to advance its travel sector and visitors are beginning to show interest in exploring the varied attributes of the country. Because of huge beaches, Sierra Leone is a holiday destination for many beach enthusiasts and adrenaline lovers.”

Sierra Leone Holiday Highlights

Birdwatching - Sierra Leone has abundantly rich rainforests. The upper guinea birds are endemic to this region. The fabled White-necked Picathartes is one of the favorite sights of visitors traveling through the lush green forests of Sierra Leone. Located near Freetown is the Western Peninsula Forest Reserve where visitors can watch Western Wattled Cuckooshrike, a forest edge species, and the Fiery Breasted Bush-shrike. This reserve has the highest number of endangered picathartes, a rare and small genus of bird. In the largest lowland rainforest, the Gola Forest is famous for the Rufous fishing owl, Gola Malimbe and Nimba flycatcher. The Brown cheeked hornbill, Crimson seedcracker, Sierra Leone Prinia, and others all draw visitors from around the globe.

Mountaineering & Hiking - Freetown is located at the large pointed peninsula in Western Sierra Leone. Tall and woody hills in this region are popular for mountain activities and are almost always full of mountain enthusiasts. Hiking is also popular in other parts of the country including a pathway from Guma Valley Reservoir to River no. 2.

Water Sports & Activities - Large beaches in Sierra Leone are popular destinations. Lumley Beach and many other beaches are very close to Freetown and many beach activities are available. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, beach football, deep-sea diving and more. The wide and long beaches are also ideal for sunbathing and long walks.

Fishing & Boating - In and near Freetown travelers can enjoy a variety of fishing activities. Visitors can find coastal salt-water species like barracuda, red snapper, Spanish mackerel, and tuna. But the saltwater fishing can be done only by private boats or rented canoes. You can also enjoy several boating expeditions arranged by different groups from Freetown to Bunce Island. Boating is also a popular activity in Lakka, River Number Two, Sussex, and Toke.

Wildlife - Visitors to Sierra Leone can take in the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, located on a hill behind Barthurst Village in Freetown. The center has numerous abandoned and orphaned chimpanzees and is a popular attraction. In the Gola Forest Reserve, travelers can visit a conversation sight and lowland rainforest there many different mammal species can be seen here including some of that are dangerously endangered such as the Pygmy hippopotamus, forest elephant, sooty mangabey, Red colubus monkey, and Maxwell Duiker. The Outamba Kilimi National Park in Northern Sierra Leone also offers access to endangered species.

When To Go

Though Sierra Leone is almost always humid and hot, November to April are good times to visit. In December, harmattan winds blow in from the desert, bringing in a pleasant breeze.

Top Tips

  • Traditional customs are still prevalent in most parts of Sierra Leone, so being modest in your dress is a good idea.
  • Remember, only a handshake is an acceptable form of greeting.
  • The dress code is causal; you will likely never need formal wear.
  • Remember, if you are living with a local family, small tokens of appreciation for their hospitality are welcome.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visit the King Jimmy Market for exclusive shopping in Freetown.
  • Take in the panoramic views at the Outamba Kilimi National Park
  • Go to Yawri Bay and witness 46 species of migrant birds.


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