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PureTravel Says
“Guinea, the former French colony, is a wonderful place to visit. Known as the “Switzerland of Africa” due to its beauty, French is the official language but you can find people speaking other native languages such as Malinké, Fulani and Susu. Guinea boasts a diverse and unspoiled countryside, a strong music tradition, and friendly locals. Visiting the game filled savannahs, the beautiful Soumba waterfalls, and viewing the elephants at the Forêt Classée de Ziama are all activities that must be enjoyed while in Guinea.”

Guinea Holiday Highlights

Walking & Trekking - Most of Guinea’s people live in the forest region, which is why you must endeavor to explore Guinea on foot. Walking through the forest region will help you explore different cultures and customs. In addition, if trekking is what you want, then consider visiting Conakry, Guinea’s capital where a wide range of attractions is just within walking distance. In fact, walking through the coconut, palm, and mango-covered streets is nothing less than an attraction itself. For perfect trekking opportunities, you must visit the Soumba waterfalls along with Mount Kaukoulima. Both of these destinations are located in Dubreeka, a town located near Conakry. This entire area is known for its rich flora and fauna, which provide perfect trekking opportunities. Moreover, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a great opportunity for trekking. One of West Africa’s best trekking trails can be found at Fouta Djalon.

Hiking - The landscape of Guinea is quite diverse with more than 300km of flat coastline that becomes even more wonderful with mountainous and hilly areas as you move inland. Due to this majestic beauty, Guinea is often called the ‘Switzerland of Africa.’ Lower Guinea is covered with undulating plains and the average elevation here is 1,000 ft. In other regions of Guinea, you can also find different mountains including Mount Nimba, which peaks at 1,752m. There is a track that takes 4 hours to get to the top of this mountain, but it is quite steep and you are required to hire a guide. Because of its cool temperatures, Mali can also be considered for hiking, especially the Mt Loura, which at 1,538m is perfect for the hiking enthusiast. A legendary rock called La Dame de Mali can also be found in this region. Elephants can be viewed in the Forêt Classée de Ziama, a natural rainforest.

Chimp Watching - If you are a nature lover, then Guinea will please you, especially when you go through the sleepy village of Bossou, which is located on the Liberian border. Bossou offers great views of the surrounding hills but the best thing to be found are the chimpanzees. Bossou is the best place in the whole Africa to come face-to-face with chimpanzees.

Beaches - Guinea’s Bel Aire Beach, Sobané & Îles de Los beach offer some of the best beaches. These are in Cape Verga, which is just few hours away from the capital city of Conakry. Spending time on these beaches is a great experience, especially if you are interested in al fresco sleep outs. Moreover, the beautiful sand makes your Guinea tour even more appealing.

When To Go

Guinea has a subtropical climate and the weather is pleasant all year round. Dry season is from December to May and rainy season is from June to November.

Top Tips

  • While traveling in Guinea, do make sure that you are drinking bottled water. Check the seal before drinking.
  • Keep you skin covered during the early morning and evening to reduce the chances of malaria.
  • Respect the Muslim customs.
  • A permit for photography is required and you will need to apply for permission in advance.

Classic Itineraries

  • Go for a hike on the breathtaking Mount Nimba.
  • Trek through the Soumba Waterfalls for some beautiful views.

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