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"Being the largest country in Africa, Sudan has a mix of Arab African culture and history, plus its fair share of pyramids. Its diverse landscapes and intriguing culture is a perfect destination for the adventurous traveler with camel rides through the busy boulevards of Khartoum and the vast desert expanses of the Bayuda Desert. Several areas are too dangerous to visit so care must be taken in the planning of your trip."

Sudan Holiday Highlights

Explore the Pyramids - What most people donít know about Sudan is the fact that it actually has more pyramids than Egypt! The best thing about exploring the pyramids in Sudan is that you will not encounter the kind of rush of tourists that one experiences in Egypt. This will give you the chance to explore the pyramids in your own leisure time. The cluster of narrow pyramids of Old Meroe is by far the most popular pyramid sites of Sudan. It gives visitors a spectacular view of the ancient royal cemetery of Meroe. Inside the pyramids you will get a chance to marvel at the well preserved hieroglyphics.

Camel Trekking - Itís not everyday that you get to ride a camel through the desert. Once in Sudan do not miss the opportunity to go camel trekking through the Bayuda Desert that lets you have a taste of the kind of lives the tribesmen have been living for centuries. The slow journey takes you through the undulating sand dunes with night stays camped under the starry sky. The renowned British explorer Michael Asher leads a challenging camel trek tour through the Bayuda Desert for tourists.

Visit the National Parks - Sudan is renowned for having the largest park in the world known as the Dinder National Park spanning over 6475 sq km. This massive expanse of land is home to a wide variety of animals ranging from lions, leopards, giraffes, antelope, kudu and the bushbuck. Visitors to the park will also get a chance to see unique birds like the vulture, guinea fowl, stork, pelican, crown crane and the kingfisher. Special three day trips to the Dinder National Park are organized from December to April.

Museums - For those looking to explore the art and history of the region, the Sudanese government has set up excellent museums such as the National Museum in Omdurman. Here, you will be able to find archaeological treasures dating back to 4000 B.C. Another popular museum in the region is Khalifaís House Museum. This spectacular museum gives you a taste of Sudanís recent history. The National Museum of Khartoum is definitely worth visiting for all holiday goers. The museum houses some stunning examples of Nubian Christian frescos as well as ancient pharonic stone carvings.

The Red Sea - The Red Sea is considered to be the biggest tourist magnet of Sudan. Vacationers come all the way to the region to witness the crystal clear water and the wide variety of fish of the Red Sea. It also houses a busy port which was famous during the Ottoman era. Boating and fishing trips on the Red Sea have been arranged by the port authorities.

Ecotourism - The Southern provinces give visitors a chance to explore the true typographical diversity of Sudan. The region is covered with thick green forests contrasted by vast expanses of open parkland. Beautiful waterfalls and haunting treeless swamps can also be witnessed in the region. These places serve as homes of a wide variety of birds and animals including black and white rhinos, elephants, hyenas, hippos, lesser kudus, Nile lechwe, zebra, bias oryx and the shoebill. Some of these animals like the shoebill is a highly endangered species. The region of Equatoria gives visitors a chance to engage in hunting game as it is heavily populated by animals that are hunted.

When To Go

Sudan experiences a rather diverse climate through the year. The desert heat is at its prime during the summer season and this is a season that you would want to avoid. The best time to plan your holiday trip to Sudan is between the months of December to April. This is the peak season of tourism in the country.

Top Tips

  • Certain areas are too dangerous to visit in Sudan due to the prevailing social unrest. Omdurman is one region has been under attack by rebels and is out of bound to visitors. Other regions that should be avoided included Malakal, West Equatoria and Kassala.
  • Make sure you keep a check on your pockets and belongings as the law and order situation is not under control in Sudan.
  • The threat of global terrorism in the region is high hence those planning a trip to Sudan should take this into consideration.

Classic Itineraries

  • Exploring the pyramids
  • Camel trekking through the Bayuda Desert
  • Visit the Red Sea


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