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"Often called “the pearl of Africa”, Uganda is a beautiful and fascinating holiday destination. The natural beauty of the country is what draws many visitors in, with lush jungles and warm waters that provide many opportunities for adventure. In fact, some of the best ways to see Uganda’s beauty is through trekking, which can be done in many of the parks and jungles in the country. Yet perhaps the most intriguing part of Uganda are the primates. Within its national parks it has some of the last remaining gorillas and chimpanzees, an encounter with either creating memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life."

Uganda Holiday Highlights

Gorilla Trekking & Safari - Uganda is filled with many opportunities for exploring nature and wildlife in its many National Parks and reserves. Top of the list for any visitor should be a gorilla trek, visiting these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. You must be organised however - permits are strictly controlled with only a certain number per day. There are hundreds of different animal and bird species that can be found here, as well as many safari tours available. The country also boasts many botanical gardens and forests that are filled with amazing flowers and tropical animals that offers a great experience for anyone to enjoy. The country’s plentiful offering of national parks and nature reserves also makes exploring the nature and wildlife of Uganda easily accessible while still maintaining the integrity of the area.

Culture & History - Exploring Uganda’s culture is an interesting and diverse way to see the country. There are numerous ancient cities that are filled with historical significance and tell the story of the natives. Traveling through these cities is a wonderful way to get to know the people of Uganda and see all that they have to offer. There are also many museums and markets here that offer even more insight into the way Uganda natives live.

Trekking & Climbing - Trekking and climbing is easily done in Uganda thanks to the many mountains and trails found all over the country. In fact, there are many areas in Uganda equipped to accommodate both trekkers and climbers alike that enjoy the unspoiled surroundings of the country. These activities are also very versatile, offering many easier trails for beginners and harder ones for experts.

When To Go

The months of March to May and October to November are the rainiest times, and are not ideal for travelers. Those wishing to get the most out of their time should therefore plan a trip from June to September when the weather is warmest and driest. However, due to the many different altitudes of the country, Uganda has many different climates. It will depend on the area you are visiting to determine the best times to visit Uganda. In the mountainous areas, the weather can get very chilly, and can even sometimes be covered in snow. However, the climate typically remains in a moderate temperature, making it a good place for travel.

Top Tips

  • Take malaria tablets and always wear shoes - there are seceral worms and larvae that can burrow into the soles of your feet.
  • Be respectful of the local customs and traditions.
  • Many areas of Uganda are sensitive to being photographed, so caution should be made before snapping pictures.

Uganda Holidays In Focus

Safari and Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking - With a nickname as the “pearl of Africa” and an endless variety of terrains and landscapes, it is easy to see why Uganda is so popular for exploring nature and wildlife. Much of the country’s lands have been well preserved to keep the purity and beauty of the nature in tact. The country’s unique location, where savannah meets jungle, makes it even more lush and intriguing. Also, the country boasts great water features like the large Lake Victoria, as well as tropical gardens and forests, that offer many opportunities to see different types of wildlife found in the country where animals like chimpanzees, gorillas, hippos and crocodiles are found.

Uganda’s botanical gardens are ancient preservations that are the best place to find monkeys and tropical birds. One of the best of these gardens is found in Kampala, as is Entebbe. Many rare primates can also be found in the country’s many national parks, some of which contain up to a dozen different types of primate. Some of the best areas to find these rare species are in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Kibale National Park. The Ruwenzori National Park is one of the most highly regarded in the country, and offers some of the best-preserved wildlife sanctuaries found in all of Africa. The country’s dense forests are also heavily populated with wildlife and rare plant species. Some of the best-forested areas of Uganda include the Budongo Forest Reserve, the Kalinzu Forest Reserve and the Kasyoha Kitomi Forest.

Culture and History - Although Uganda is typically known for its outdoor activities, there are many opportunities for travelers to experience the unique culture of the country. There are many cities, market and historic buildings throughout the country that help showcase the culture of the people. A good place to look for these things is in the capital city of Kampala. This picturesque city sits in between many sprawling hills, offering a lovely backdrop to the cultural tour. Here, many of the country’s mosques, cathedrals, palaces and modern architecture can be found here. Some interesting places that should not be missed are the Uganda Museum, the Kingdom of Buganda and the Kabaka Tombs. Jinja is an equally interesting cultural town with great things to offer to visitors. It is right on the shores of Lake Victoria, offering the beauty and convenience of close proximity to a large body of water. Here, the vibrant markets are the biggest draw, with some of the most interesting spices, crafts and other goods being found here.

Trekking and Climbing - Thanks to the mountainous terrains and variety of landscapes, Uganda offers incredible trekking and climbing opportunities for travelers to enjoy. In fact, many visitors deem these two activities among the best ways to see the countryside and enjoy the sights that can be found in Uganda. There are numerous trekking areas all over the country that offer mountains, wetlands and deserts to travel through. The Central Circuit trail and Karamoja are both popular trails to take in a variety of sceneries. In Mount Elgon, the Sasa River Trail is a good choice with great mountainous terrain and water features to enjoy. Also in this mountain region is Mbale, which is less popular than the former trail but equally as challenging.

Thanks to numerous mountain ranges, there are many opportunities for mountain climbing during a trekking expedition. In fact, many of the known trekking areas are also well regarded for their climbing opportunities. Kisoro is a popular place for climbers to start their journey, with easy access to two mountains, the Muhavura and Mgahinga. These two areas are smaller and less challenging than some found in the country, but offer great opportunities for beginners and intermediates. For more experienced climbers, Mount Elgon is the place to go. There are several ranges in these mountains that offer a variety of climbing options in a range of difficulties. The Rwenzoris and the Virungas are both popular destinations for more challenging climbs.

Water Activities - Uganda’s countryside is filled with lakes, rivers and other inland water areas that make it the perfect place to find activities in the water. These areas offer a range of things for any visitor to enjoy from the most relaxed traveler to a more energy charged thrill seeker, anyone can be satisfied in Uganda. Entebbe is a popular area for relaxing and swimming in one of the lakeside beaches that can be found here. There are often botanical gardens near these beaches, as well, adding an extra element of nature to the area. Another great place to experience more laid back water activities is to visit Bundibugyo’s hot springs where visitors love lounging in the naturally warm waters of the city’s lakes.

There are also several lakes that can be found in Kisoro, which are perfect for fishers. The Murchison Falls National Park is another place to find great fishing. For travelers looking for a bit more excitement in the water, the White Nile is the place to go. Here, adventure seekers love taking part in one of the white water rafting tours that can be found in the area. The tour’s adventure levels are increased even more by the presence of many hippos and crocodiles that swim in the waters along for the ride.

Classic Itineraries

  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest
  • Trekking in the Mountains on the Moon
  • Watch drums being made in the village of Kampala, which also boasts the wildlife filled Mpanga Forest.
  • Visit Fort Portal, where the Ruwenzori Mountains and the Semluke Wildlife Reserve can be explored.
  • Travel to Jinja where the source of the Nile can be found at the Owen Falls Dam.


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Uganda is often called ‘The pearl of Africa’ because of its beauty, freshness, bio-diversity, climate and vibrant spirit. Uganda is a magical country, only recently discovered as a great safari destination.

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