South Sudan Travel Guide

Welcome to South Sudan, a country rich in culture and friendliness. South Sudan is located in Central Africa and is bordered by Sudan to the north, Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic and Kenya. Its largest city is Juba, which is also the capital city, located in the southern part of South Sudan. You’ll want to celebrate the world’s newest country of South Sudan with the local people. South Sudan won its independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.

South Sudan Holiday Attractions

South Sudan’s economy is driven by the oil industry. Refineries and the pipeline going to the Red Sea are in South Sudan. With tributaries flowing to the Nile River, South Sudan is also rich in agricultural products such as cotton, sugarcane, bananas, papaya and mangoes. Another important commodity is timber, with teak being the most common. Other natural resources consist of copper, chromium, silver and gold. You’ll find the climate is very tropical since South Sudan is near the equator.

What attractions should you visit while in South Sudan?
- Juba Bridge
- Juba University
- Local markets
- Old ruins
- White Nile River via boat
- Boma National Park
- Bandingalo National Park
- Take a safari

South Sudan Travel Highlights

Since South Sudan has a tropical climate; you’ll find a landscape that is lush and green. Tropical rain forests abound on both sides of the White Nile. Boma National Park is a true treasure located near the Ethiopian border and is home to the white-eared kob, a type of antelope. Other animals you’ll find living in Boma that are protected are the Mongalla Gazelle, African buffalo, leopard, African elephant, zebra, giraffe, hartebeest, oryx and cheetah.

Bandingalo National Park is another park that should be on your list of places to visit. It is located near the White Nile River in a wooded area. You’ll find several species of antelope here, including the white-eared kob, reedbuck and tiang. There is a big population of giraffes and a variety of birds found in the marshlands.

Africa is known for its safaris, so why not take a safari in South Sudan? Safaris are available in both Boma National Park and Bandingalo National Park, depending on the length of time you have to stay will depend on which safari you can take. It’s easier and quicker to take aircraft or river boats rather than to use vehicle ground transportation. Bring your camera along for some breath taking scenery and animals living in their natural habitat.


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