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Scuba Diving - Thanks to a vigorous national conservation program, Tunisia’s marine habitats are healthy and thriving. One popular diving destination is the area around the islands of Zembra and La Galite. La Galite, especially, is known for its seal and walrus colonies. Both islands are natural reserves, and permission must be obtained to dive in the vicinity. The most highly regarded Tunisian dive centers include the International Diving Center at Port El Kantaoui and the Tabarka Yachting Club.

Mountain Trekking - Due to the popularity of desert treks, walkers who visit the hilly northern regions of the country will find their treks almost tourist-free. The greener, Mediterranean climate of northern Tunisia offers a number of gorgeous nature parks, as well as small, surmountable mountains – the eastern fringes of the Atlas range which stretches across North Africa. Try a day trip, or set out for over a week and visit stretches of the Mediterranean coastline so rugged that they are accessible only by foot.

Bicycle Touring - The fun of seeing Tunisia by bicycle is all in which route you take. Skip the coastal highways and roll around some back roads for an exciting, first-rate cycling. Most of Tunisia is excellent for road tour bikes, as the road infrastructure is in good condition, but do be prepared for hills, especially in the north.

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Tunisia Articles

Tunisia Activities

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