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Nature Reserves of Jordan

The Azraq Wetland Reserve - Has a series of pools and marches which attract a large variety of birds, particularly during their migration from Asia to Africa. Some species spend the winter in the Reserve, or breed in the wetlands. The reserve is managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of nature. Some of the pools are natural, while others are man-made. The marshlands flood seasonally with the rains. The large mudflats are called Qaa Al-Azraq.

Mujib Nature Reserve - Near the east coast of the Dead Sea in Jordan. The year-round water flow from several rivers makes this an excellent place for many permanent and migratory birds. It is the lowest Nature Reserve in the world running from the Kerak and Madaba mountains down to the Wadi Mujib Gorge and the Dead Sea. The remote landscape is home to a number or rare species of wild cats, goats and other mountain animals. The horned Ibex lives in the sandstone cliffs around Mujib.

Dana Nature Reserve - An area of outstanding natural beauty. It includes a variety of landscapes, from wooded highland area to sand dunes and gravel plains. There are 600 species of plants, including many rare species. There are 37 species of mammals and 190 species of birds for wildlife enthusiasts.

The beautiful Rummana Mountain, the archeological ruins of Feinan, the remote Dana Village and the red and white sandstone cliffs of Wadi Dana all make this a rewarding area to explore.

The Shawmari Wildlife Reserve - Created in 1975 as a breeding center for endangered wildlife. It covers a mere 22 km2 but is a successful and thriving Park providing protection for many rare species. By protecting the habitat and preventing hunting, the oryx, ostriches, gazelles and onagers are once again increasing in number.

Bird watching can also be very rewarding in several of the National Parks.

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Jordan Articles

Nature Reserves of Jordan

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