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Few destinations around the world inspire as much intrigue and mystique as China. The world’s most populous country and one of the largest by area, as a travel destination China has the advantage of offering a vast array of dramatic, breathtaking landscapes.

From majestic snow-capped Sacred Mountains and the iconic Great Wall of China to the expanse of the Gobi desert, Backyard Travel injects you into the beating heart of this enormous wonderland, while our China-based Travel Specialists give travelers the inside track on what makes China tick.

Exotic and exhilarating, this complex country offers both a modern and traditional view of China; a look back into history and a glimpse into the future. With huge metropolises like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step forward in time, whereas in small rural towns you’ll encounter villages unchanged for centuries filled with indigenous hill tribes.

Stunning natural landscapes, which are often immortalized in films as fantasy worlds, are yours to explore with our specialized luxury China tours. Backyard Travel’s tailored packages can whisk you away to the Yellow Mountains in Anhui Province for example, to see the scenery used in Oscar-winning film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, while our Beijing tours can include visits to the Forbidden City, immortalized in ‘The Curse of The Golden Flower’.

A country with so much to offer, China is a dream destination for foodies and gastronomes, thrill-seeking adventurers, art aficionados, culture vultures, rural ramblers and city dwellers.

As experts in all-things China, we can help you to gain a deeper understanding of this booming nation and provide tours behind the scenes of wherever you wish to go. Our unique, tailor-made trips, put together by on-the-ground experts in China ensure that you get exactly what you want from your holiday and make your adventure a hassle-free experience that you’ll never want to end.

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China Articles

Backyard Travel: China Holiday Specialists

Backyard Travel’s insider guide gives expert advice from a talented team of locals, experienced in offering the most innovative luxury tailor-made tour options for each individual traveler.

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