Tanzania Wilderness Survival FA08

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Get back to nature and build your confidence in your ability to survive and thrive in any situation you find stressful. Though this course takes place in a wilderness environment, many lessons and principles can be easily transferred to everyday life!

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Key Information

Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
End Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Accommodation: Lodge & Camp
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

About The Operator

Accreditations: TET, Registered with Business License Ministry
Years In Business: 2

The most important attributes an individual or group can have to aid their survival are a positive attitude, teamwork, common sense and a healthy body. The skills taught on this course will develop these attributes, as well as self-confidence and leadership in a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere.

The instructors all have vast experience in the fields of expertise. Rob Barbour – The Course Leader is a previous Australian SAS Special Forces Soldier and a qualified medical doctor.

Sanctuary operates in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and are conservation minded. The training is made as realistic as possible with out compromising these principles.

Although the course exposes participants to minimal real risk, scenarios are conducted to simulate high perceived risk. All participants will be asked to sign a release from liability waiver.

Elements of wilderness survival to be taught:
- General wilderness preparedness.
- Planning and planning process.
- Appropriate equipment including the contents of a survival kit.
- Maintaining your health, preventing illness and essential first aid for wilderness emergencies

The six critical priorities of Wilderness Survival which include:
- Water
- Water finding
- Water making
- Water Storage
- Shelter – Principles of design
- Uses and resources that can be used

Warmth – principles of staying warm and healthy
- How to make and maintain fire

- What can be eaten and what can't
- How to find or catch food
- How to prepare food
- How to store food

Principles of navigation with and with out compass by day and by night.

Principles and resources used to communicate and to get help.

This Wilderness Survival Course is not considered a pass or fail course but rather an attendance course. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


The First Aid Course of Day 2 includes:

  • The D.R.A.B.C patient assessment process, (how to act in those vital first minutes when confronted with a sick or injured person),
  • Management of an unconscious patient, (potentially life saving steps are taught when dealing with an unconscious person or persons),
  • Breathing emergencies and Expired Air Resuscitation (E.A.R.),
  • Assessment and management of wounds, including how to manage a foreign body in a wound,
  • Assessment and control of major bleeding, includes learning to recognize and manage shock due to blood/fluid loss.
  • Snake bite and other wilderness emergencies.
  • Students who successfully complete this course receive a Certificate of Competence in Wilderness First Aid, which is valid for two years and is signed by the instructor(s) and the Medical Doctor who endorses the course.
  • Price is inclusive of:
  • accommodation on sharing basis,
  • Air transport to Kisampa and back to Dar es Salaam
  • use of all course materials ( reference books, field guides , binocular)
  • course manual
  • First Aid course with an internationally recognized certificate
  • 1 x night accommodation in Dar es Salaam prior to the course
  • Airport transfer before and after the safari
  • AR Evacuation cover (please note that this cover does not include hospitalization nor medical bills), laundry while in camp.
  • Group dinner on the last day
  • Price is exclusive of:
  • Visa
  • Drinks
  • personal and travel insurance
  • Any other activity/excursions not mentioned above.
  • Itinerary
    Day 01. Transfer from Dar es Salaam to Kisampa Wilderness Area by air. This will be a 30 mins flight over flight the Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo and the Zaraninge Forest. Upon arrival checking in and after refreshments, an introduction to teh course begins. The introduction will cover the area of the course, safety, teamwork and how wilderness survival relates to general life skills. Other topics will include introduction to key elements of wilderness survival, planning, preparedness and equipment Over night at Kisampa Camp, Full board
    Day 02. Introductory to wilderness first aid course. This is a safety prerequisite as well as being useful survival skills. This is an 8-hour course. No previous first aid or medical training is required. Overnight at Kisampa Camp , Full board
    Day 03. To days’ session will cover: water finding water, making water and storing water. Water, Shelter, Finding and Making Shelter, Warmth and fire making. You will learn of the importance of water for survival, the clues to the existence of water, methods of trapping and storing water as well as ensuring it’s portability. You will also learn the importance of protecting themselves from the elements and will use their initiative to construct shelters, a variety of ways to make fire and of the importance of fire in survival. Overnight at Kisampa Camp, Full board
    Day 04. To survive in the wilderness some of teh most important elements include: food, navigation and communicating. Food: You will learn how to find or catch food from a variety of sources and how to prepare it for consumption. Navigation: learn the basics of how to find your position, get from one to point to other using environmental clues and also a compass. The principle skill is to be able to move to a location, which aids rescue or ensures your survival. Communication: learn various methods that allows you to communicate in a wilderness environment in an effort to aid rescue. Overnight at Kisampa Camp, Full board
    Day 05. Half day expedition to consolidate all skills learnt , course debriefing, issue of certificates and after lunch depart for Dar es Salaam. On arrival check in into your day room thereafter group dinner and transfer to the airport for your flight home