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Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina on this tour which has it all; ancient history, fascinating culture and some adventure activities along the way with a day spent river rafting!

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia
End Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Day 01. SARAJEVO - Arrival at Sarajevo airport and transfer, after a short break accompanied with a local guide we will have sightseeing of Sarajevo.You will have oportunity to experience authentic places of Sarajevo built in Otoman and Austro- Hungarian style.STUP, ALIPAŠINO POLJE,GRBAVICA, MARIJAN DVOR, SKENDERIJE, MANY BRIDGES OVER THE MILJACKA RIVER,OLD PART OF TOWN, LIBERARIES,BEY'S MOSQUE.... Overnight in Sarajevo.
Day 02. TRAVNIK - After breakfast we will proceed to Travnik, Travniks’ fortress, tombstones and burial Maculja are the legacy of the medieval period in Travnik. The fortress is very well preserved and it is located between two creeks, Hendek and Šumeće, access is provided from the north sida over a stone bridge. Worth of visiting is the Museum Travnik, which contains a large number of photographs, a library, a collection of paintings, artifacts and ethnological very rich numismatic fund. As the Travnik was the birthplace of Nobel prize winner writer Ivo Andric (1892.-1975.), His house is now a memorial museum which is exposed to a constant setting - the birth room, Travnik Chronicle, library and art collection. In afternoon time return to Sarajevo.
Day 03. MOSTAR - After breafast visit of the most famous tunnel in Sarajevo.It is situated under Sarajevo airport runway,it was being built from 27. March till 30. July 1992. and it 720 meters long. It represents a symbol of 4 year long resistance of surrounded town and it's citizens, against genocide and destruction which was being carried out by aggressors on this town between 1992 till 1995. This tunnel is a symbol of salvation of town Sarajevo in the worst war years. This is also one of the most popular and attractive destinations for tourist.Continuation of trip to Mostar accommodation and overnight in Mostar.
Day 04. After breakfast accompanied by a local guide we will have guided tour of Mostar,Mostar is cultural and political center in Herzegovina, town has been influenced by many different cultures form the west and the east that have left their traces here. We will visit oldtwn the oldest street Kujundziluk,old bridge,hamam, han, crokked bridge..)Free time for exploring and enjoying in the town.In afternoon time visit of Blagaj, only 12 km from Mostar, t is situated on the river Buna whose spring is there. It was capitol of Humska Land or Huma, the region that was called Herzegovina since the half of 15 th century. Visit to Dervisha's house – muslim monastery).Overnight in Mostar.
Day 05. HERZEGOVINA TOUR - This day is reserved for the beautiful places in Herzegovina. After breakfast we will start with the tour: POČITELJ - POČITELJ- “stone town” as the Nobelist Ivo Andric used to call it is situated on the left bank of the Neretva 20 kilometers in the South far from Mostar. At the first sight it is visible that was made meaningful as town fortress since it is enclosed by walls.All buildings of Počitelj are made whose color and structure are merged with stone hill on which they are situated. WATERFALL KRAVICE - THE FANTASTIC NATURAL PHENOMENA LIKE Niagara waterfalls, is the biggest waterfall in Herzegovina. It is place that should be visited. The water flows over the height of 30 meters and it is arranged by semicircle whose witdth is 150 meters. MEDJUGORJE - is located 30 kilometers far from Mostar. It became the known in the world in 1981 when a group of boys and girls witnessed about appearance of the Lady. Ever since Medjugorje has been visited by many piligrims and it presents the most visited place of that kind in this period of Europe.
Day 06. RAFTING ON THE RIVER NERETVA - After breakfast 25 km south-east of Konjic. The road from Konjic to Ban Vir leads you through mountainous area and near Boracko lake. Ban Vir is between Boracko lake and Glavaticevo. n beautiful countryside near river Neretva on a rocky band of the river, we will find a cottage "Hit Raft", which is the starting place of rafting tour downstream Neretva. There the most experiences Rafters are expecting for us ride with bout will take about five hours until the village Spiljani from where transportations is provided fro return to Ban- vir.Overnight at ethno village Ban Vir.
Day 07. TREBINJE - Just after breakfast we are leaving to Trebinje. Accommodation in hotel and after a sightseeing of the town. accompanied by a local guide we will see Herzegovinan Monastery Gracanica, where a famous poet Dusan Ducic has been buried. You will see the 16th century the Arlangica stone bridge, Gracanica church and its gallery of gold-plated icons. You will also visit the Etno house in the Museum of Herzegovina, the old city center encircled by defensive walls and cannons harbouring the oriental architecture, town squares and the 18th century Osman Pasha Mosque. On the Poets’ Square you will see the 115 year old Platan tree, a Catholic church, city monuments and fountains.Overnight at hotel “Platani” located in the city center.
Day 08. After breakfast the group will leave to the airport in Dubrovnik. The end of the trip.