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Explore the beautiful Central American country of Nicaragua. Now open for tourists this country has so much to offer; beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife, adventure, great food and friendly people.

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Managua, Nicaragua
End Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: December 15-26, 2011
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travellers

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Managua. We’ll be waiting at the airport to welcome and guide you to your hotel in the capital city of Managua.

Our journey begins. We’ll set off through Managua’s busy streets. For first time visitors and history buffs alike, this city tour will tell the story of civil war, natural disaster, and survival. We’ll visit plazas, statues, and monuments. Our organic timetable may allow us to catch a performance at the Ruben Dario Theater or a traveling art exhibit at one of the museums.

The steep climb to Coyotepe, built as a fortress in 1893 to protect the land and later used as a prison, gives us some idea of just how much water and how many volcanoes make up the largest country in Central America.

Chocoyero Nature Reserve is a hardwood forest in the midst of pineapple farms–one of which we will visit for a first-hand glimpse into the life of a campesino. We’ll hike the park’s well maintained path to view its two waterfalls, one of which magically disappears into the earth below. The reserve was named for the incredible number of chocoyos (parakeets) that inhabit the cliff walls surrounding the falls. Perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of the curious-looking guatuzo.

Matagalpa & Jinotega - From Managua we’ll head north to coffee country. The city of Matagalpa offers a respite from the bustling capital. The air is clean and crisp. The people are kind and generous. Here, pulperías (corner stores) are at home next to shops selling cowboy hats and horse saddles.

In town, there is a simple but interesting museum dedicated to Carlos Fonseca, founder of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front). And just outside of town hides a humble cacao factory where we can stock up on rum-infused chocolate balls.

We’ll hike the steep slopes surrounding the city for a spectacular view of this mountainous region. In nearby Jinotega, sitting at roughly 1,000 meters, we can hike once more, through an unabashedly colorful cemetery and up the hill, for another birds-eye view of this lush, green valley.

In the month of December we will have an opportunity to see first-hand how the coffee we drink is harvested and processed. A walk outside of the extremely pleasant, tiny town of San Ramon will give you a good sense of life in el campo (the country).

Masaya, City of Flowers & Los Pueblos Blancos
Volcán Masaya National Park was established in 1979 as Nicaragua’s first national park. We’ll spend time exploring the park’s several volcanoes and craters, including Volcán Masaya, one of the country’s most visibly active volcanoes. Wedged between the volcano cones is the relatively new Santiago crater, where at night you might catch a glimpse of incandescent rock and glowing magma.

There will be a moderately challenging hike up (and down) the rugged road from a small countryside town leading to a sweeping view of Volcán Masaya’s expansive domain. Halfway up, we’ll stop into the local paper weaving cooperative to see what new and inventive creations they are working on (a great place to stock up on gifts).

We’ll pass through San Juan de Oriente on our way to Catarina, where artists offer pottery-making demonstrations and sell their work alongside the narrow brick streets. In the hillside pueblo of Catarina is the Mirador, a vantage point that allows you to look out over Laguna de Apoyo, Granada, Lake Nicaragua, and the Island of Ometepe in the distance.

Diriamba (January) - Diriamba definitely has its own flavor, with a heavy emphasis on its people’s indigenous roots. In January, we’ll take part in the celebration of the Holy Martyr San Sebastian, which mixes traditional song and dance with colorful costumes that predate the Spanish arrival. Its mix of pre-Columbian ritual and Catholicism is as compelling as the vivid colors and distinctive music. The social satire, El Güegüense, depicts the indigenous peoples’ first impression of the Spanish, and is told through its intricate masks and costumes. Have your camera ready.

Granada, Colonial Jewel - We’ll give you time to explore the relaxed colonial city of Granada at your own pace. Granada is both the oldest city on the continent and the most developed tourist destination. Nowhere else in the country will you find such an array of excellent restaurants offering both local and international fare. Grab a horse-drawn taxi and ride along the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Walk the streets, tour the churches and museums, or Salsa dance at the disco.

Nearby, along the shores of Lake Nicaragua, an electric motorboat is waiting to guide us through the many water corredors around Las Isletas, an exotic tropical archipelago of 365 tiny islands of volcanic origin. There is the option, if everyone is up for it, to hop in kayaks and paddle our way around.

Volcán Mombacho rises nearly 4,400 feet above sea level, its summit hidden in a dense cloud forest. We’ll hike around one of its forest-lined craters through an amazing ecosystem, home to colorful orchids and bromeliads, curious wildlife, fascinating insects, and over 160 species of birds. You'll also get a first-hand look at organic coffee farming, and a butterfly garden tour.

In the community of Granadilla, not far from Granada, we’ll spend the morning on a caminata (walking tour) of their farming cooperative. After a hearty homemade lunch we’ll set out on horseback for an alternative perspective of the landscape. Later, a group of young Nicaraguan boys and girls will show us how they make their unique seed jewelry, and you, too, will have the opportunity to create your own.


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