Macedonia; The Eight Living Monasteries YF02

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The Tour visits 8 differentliving monasteries, to present days inhabited by brotherhood of monks and sisterhood of nans, we will be staying in 3 or 4 star hotels and, or, specially restored village accommodation for purpose of tourism.

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Skopje, Macedonia
End Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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The Tour visits 8 differentliving monasteries, to present days inhabited by brotherhood of monks and sisterhood of nans, we will be staying in 3 or 4 star hotels and, or, specially restored village accommodation for purpose of tourism. The price includes 3 meals per day (either home made traditional Macedonian meals specially prepared for you in rural surroundings, or, restaurant cooked meals in traditional Macedonian fashion); two beverages with each meal (applies only in restaurants, during visits to rural villages the quantity of drinks is not limited), air-conditioned transport in stylish mini vans, accommodation, museum entrance tickets, guide, translator, and 24 hour service.

Tour Highlights

- Monasteries - St Joacim Osogovski (Osogovo Monastery),St Mihail and Gavril (Lesnovo Monastery), St Dimirtija (Marko's Monastery), St Archangel Mihail and Gavril (St Naum's Monastery), St Holy Transfiguration (Zrze Monastery), St Leontij (Vodoca Monastery), St Holy Virgin Eleusa (Veljusa Monasteri) and St Jovan Forerunner (Bigorski Monastery)
- Towns and villages: Skopje, Kratovo, Ohrid, Prilep,Bitola, Strumica, village Jance, village Brajcino, village Stenje


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Day 01. Welcome to Macedonia, we will be waiting for your arrival at Skopje’s airport “Alexander the Great”. Together we will depart for your hotel in the centre of town, where almost everything is on walking distance. Upon your accommodation and resting from the flight, and depending of the arrival time, we will organize lunch, diner (or both ), in one of the traditional Macedonia restaurant where the first contact between you andMacedonia will be established. Here we will be discussing the tour, your expectations, any special need or interest that you might have. In the free time, and depending of the mood of the group the guide will offer a tour around the centre of the city including the old town.
Day 02. After the breakfast in the hotel, around 09:00 we will jointly depart Skopje and head towards the small town of Kriva Palanka, to visit the monastery of Joackim Osogovski, dedicated to the local saint. The monastery situated in the mountains of Osogovo. After visiting this monastery, when the group will feel for continuing, we will take you to another monastery in the village of Lesnovo, St “Arhangeli Mihail i Gavril”, in vicinity of the medieval town of Kratovo, where lunch will be organized for the group. Depending of the mood of he group a guided tour around the small town will be offered, upon what we will depart back for Skopje. After the departure you will take as much time as possible for leisure and relaxation, for those of you, super energetic we can organize shopping tours in the old town where you can buy hand made pottery, jewelry, and other things that are handmade and require special craft and skills, or simply you can relax in the swimming pools.. We would gather for dinner in your hotel and we will jointly depart for a village above Skopje, Nerezi, which is situated high in the forest slopes. The dinner will be served in the medieval church complex, St Paintelemon, dating from the Komneni dynasty that ruled Byzantium between the XI and XII century. During the dinner, we will be planning and discussing the next day.
Day 03. Now, is your third day in Macedonia, you have already acquainted with our mentality, food, beverages and probably you have learned some basic words, and the previous days have given you a general picture about our monasteries and the impulse for creativity that for centuries has been fostered there. Today’s schedule will be more relaxed given the next day, we will move just outside Skopje to see a medieval monastery St Dimitri, the believe that the monastery was built by king Marko him self is largely accepted. Once that our tour will be compelted we will depart for the other side of Skoje, the gorge Matka – untouch wild beauty, which is preserved and contains many old churches and ruins. The Gorge of Matka is also famous for its unique caves, and depending of the availability of organized tours, we will visit the caves. Lunch will be organized near the gorge, again in restaurant where traditional Macedonian food is prepared. The day will end in similar fashion as the previous.
Day 04. And now prepare to meet with rural Macedonia, rural perhaps but still romantic, we will take you some 200 km from Skopje, in the region of Prespa. We will be leaving Skopje and as of this day until the end of the tour we will be staying in one of the villages in Prespa, perhaps Brajcino (the availability of some of the most attractive villages depends of the notice that you will give us to organize the tour, the early the merrier). You will be accommodated in specially adopted village houses furnished in Macedonian ambient fashion. Most of the meals as of today, unless otherwise requested by you, will be prepared and served by local people in rural surroundings where the taste of Macedonia comes to sight. Back to our tour, we will take free time for the rest of the day and perhaps a guided tour around the village or boat tour. For dinner, we will take to a neighbouring village where we will visit a privately owned ethnological museum; the diner will contain specialities characteristics for this region. After diner we will retreat to “our village” enjoy the rest of the day and prepare for tomorrow.
Day 05. This day we will take an easy go, for a change we will stay al day in Prespa, the recommendation is to visit the scenic village of Stenje and take a boat tour to the lake isle known as the isle of snakes. This deserted isle used to be the first seat of the medival emperor Samoil, who later moved to Ohrdi, whose fortification still watches the lake from a hill above the town. Returning from the isle lunch will be waiting for us in one of the villages, again in village and ambient surrounding characteristic for the Macedonia. The rest of the day can be spent in the beach of Prespa and prior the evening we will visit local picturesque church.
Day 06. After the breakfast, we will depart for the town of Prilep that in the medieval times used to be the seat of the King Marko. In Prilep we will visit the monastery of Zrze and will organize lunch in the town of Bitola. After the lunch the rest of the day will be take free in the beach of Prespa neat the village Brajcino.
Day 07. We will be visiting Ohrid today, the pearl of our history and culture, here is the cradle of our medieval history, where events took place that have impacted the continent’s history and perhaps changed the course of some historical development in Europe. The visit to the monastery of Sveti Naum will start with boat, upon visiting the monastery we will take another boat tour but this time around the national park Galicica through the scenic river bed. Here we will have lunch in some of the restaurants in the national park Galicica. The free time can be spend in the b beautiful beach beneath the monastery. Driving back to Ohrid, we will organize a guided tour of sight seeing the most important monuments. After the diner we will depart back to Brajcino.
Day 08. Today , we will see the town of Strumica, and the monasteries known as Vodoca and Veljusa. Upon the visit of the monasteries we will take you to the village Smolarevo to see the waterfalls, and springs of Mokrino where we will have lunch. After the lunch we will go back to our Brajcino and take the rest of the day free.
Day 09. Today, we will see the last of the big monasteries for this tour, the most impressive to some extent, the monastery of Jovan Bigorski situated in a very scenic and beautiful region. We will have lunch in the village Jance, from where a horse tour to the village Galicnik would be organized. After the dinner we will depart for Brajcino.
Day 10. : The last day in Prespa will be very relaxed; the group will be packing and preparing for departing the country. Today we will summarize the impressions, share the experience and socialize among our selves. Lunch and Dinner will be prepared locally. Relaxed schedule in Prespa. Visit to the local beach and other local villages.
Day 11. Early in the morning, we will depart for Skophe and depending of the flight schedule we can organize a joint lunch.