Libya; Sahara Expedition TF02

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Join our two week tour of the ancient sites on the Mediterranean to the far reaches of the Sahara; visit the great archaeological sites of the Mediterranean and experience the fascination of the desert.

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Travel Style: Small Group
Start Location: Tripoli, Libya
End Location: Tripoli, Libya
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Experience the desert state also from the other side: On our tours you visit a scenic and culturally diverse world of a still great unknowns. The air-conditioned coach, we bring you the most interesting places of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, as well as the unique oasis of Ghadames southwest. All sites of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. From the Mediterranean coast is via the mountain regions of the Jabal Nafusa the Sahara. They discover the traces left by Romans, Greeks and Turks, you see old and modern Berber villages, a capital city with a Mediterranean flair, oriental souks and a multicultural population. Libya is a country in transition, exciting and in its recent history. It is the richest country in Africa and not least because of a very safe. The entry is via Djerba, Tunisia. The German-speaking guide awaits you at the airport and does all the formalities. He will accompany you throughout the journey and give you an insight into the hitherto so closed country.

Djerba - Tripoli - Sabha - Gabroon Oasis - Mandara Lakes - Wadi Mathendous - Murzuq Erg - Erg Uan Casa - Wadi Arrimal - Ghat - Akakus - Germa - Sabha - Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Sabratha - Djerba

On this tour you will visit us on the one hand the great archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and on the other you can experience the fascination of the desert. They return in good to very good hotels in the desert in 1 -, on request in 2-person tents. We keep waiting for you all the equipment, cots, sleeping bags, of course, to the highest hygienic criteria. Our experienced guides will take you to off-road vehicles for up to 4 persons (including driver) to the most interesting places in the Sahara. An excellent cook will accompany you with his mobile kitchen and provide you with delicious meals Libyan. Otherwise, you can dine in the best restaurants in an oriental atmosphere.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

-All transfers in Libya
-air-conditioned bus
-All meals, quality food
-7 nights hotel accommodation (single or double)
-all entrance fees
-English speaking guide Tips

-Visa fee 30
-Flights, depending on the airline and date of booking
-Shuttle to flight
-Travel insurance
-Trip cancellation insurance

Prices per person, based on 2 people traveling - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Djerba - Tripoli (320 km) - Arrival in Djerba with Air Berlin about noon. Here you will find her German-speaking tour guide. He completed the formalities of the Tunisian-Libyan border and bring them to lunch. With the air-conditioned motorcoach travel to Tripoli, where to eat dinner and stay overnight in a 4-star hotel. You have time to Tripoli in the evening to know a little, to stroll on the beach promenade and soak up the Mediterranean atmosphere to be easy
Day 02. Tripoli - Sabha (internal flight, about 1 hour) - Morning transfer to Tripoli airport. 800-km single flight with the Libyan Arab Airline to Sabha, the starting point of the desert tour. Sabha, the metropolis of the south is a large and busy city, which once emerged from seven individual oases and now the administrative center of the Fezzan region. This day will be spent in this city and stay in one of the best hotels on the square, or the Al Waha Kaala (3 stars).
Day 03. Beginning of the desert program Sabha - Bouheirat Mahfuou (120 km) By jeep to the oasis area Bouheirat Mahfou, visit the Gabroon oasis, from there to Omm-el-Ma (mother of water) and the Mandara lakes, which are among the absolute highlights in Libya and the Sahara. In Twiwa you would for the first time in a tent.
Day 04. Twiwa - Wadi Mathendous - Erg Murzuq (175 km) - The rock art of Mathendous among the most important world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The prehistoric engravings are scattered to the north faces of the rocks in the acacia-lined dry river course and evidence of the former wildlife in the area. We then take you to the dunes Erg Murzuq, where we set up the tent and camp
Day 05. Murzuq Erg - Erg Uan Casa (120 km) - Here the desert is as beautiful as they can imagine: a veritable ocean of sand dunes in the constant play of sun and wind. This area is one of the largest continuous dune seas of the Sahara, a world of serenity and calm. Here we spend the night, sleep in tents or under the bright, nearby stars.
Day 06. Erg Uan Casa - Wadi Techuinet - Baher / Wadi Arrimal - Al Kaus - Taluaud - Rimal Awaynat (95 km) - The light bathes the dunes here in the Erg Uan Casa in different shades of red and a walk while exploring the vastness of the desert and its constant change in the wind. In Wadi Techuinet there again prehistoric rock paintings and engravings to see the take 10,000 years later testimony by the then living in this region. Couple days in the unexpected diversity of the Sahara
Day 07. As Day 7
Day 08. Rimal Awaynat - Wadi Awiss - Adad - Ghat - Akakus (190 km) - In a walk between the dunes and bizarre rock formations in the large Wadi Awiss we cross the wide Wadiboden and reach the largest of the Acacus Abri, a framed by steep canyon cliffs. Here again we come back to prehistoric rock paintings. With Ghat, on the border with Algeria, we reach the only major oasis in southwest Libya and the center of the Tuareg. Well worth a stroll through the deserted old town with its mosques. For a long time accustomed to desert travelers, offer for sale Tuareg blacksmiths on the tourist taste coordinated
Day 09. Akakus - Al Awaynat - Erg Ubari - Germa - Sabha (445 km) - We pass the small town of Al Awaynat crossing on the northern edge of the Acacus, steep dunes of Erg Ubari and reach Germa. In the former capital of the ancient Berber people of the ancient ruins Garamantes suggest a settlement from about 5000 BC . Close From here we return to our starting point for the desert tour to Sabha, where you spend the night in the hotel Kalaa.
Day 10. Sabha - Tripoli (internal flight, about 1 hour) After breakfast, flight from Tripoli to Sabha. You now have time to look at the city. Our guide will show you the most beautiful places in the city. We invite you to a traditional cafe in a Libyan and dinner in a very nice restaurant. Up to now you leave Tripoli remains the starting point for all excursions. It is four nights following the 4-star hotel and dinner each in a very good restaurant in Tripoli.
Day 11. Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Tripoli (total 240 km) - This day is the magnificent World Heritage Site in Leptis Magna dedicated to the once largest city on African soil. Here, lunch in restaurant
Day 12. Tripoli - Sabratha - Tripoli (140 km) - In the morning transfer by bus to Sabratha, one of the most beautiful ruins and archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The first arrivals were probably nomads in the 5th Century BC hundreds of years later, the first permanent buildings by Punic and later by Greek settlers. At that time, the port city of Sabratha developed into thriving commercial center, then in its history twice destroyed by earthquakes and ultimately it should not recover. More impressive now illuminates the sandstone ruins that were unearthed in the twenties by Italian archaeologists. Lunch at Sabratha, in the afternoon transfer to Tripoli. Here you have time for a stroll in the city or a beach visit.
Day 13. Tripoli - This day will be spent in Tripoli. Let bring the rich history of this so unfamiliar city on the Mediterranean closer and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an oriental city. In about 200 years old Paschal House, the home of former Turkish ruler Yusuf Karamanli you get a glimpse of the former private residence of Tripoli culture of high society. They have time to walk in the Medina and shopping. For dinner we take you to a traditional Libyan restaurant.
Day 14. Tripoli - Djerba (320 km) - At the end of your trip we have scheduled a day in the Tunisian city of Djerba. We'll bring in a 4-star hotel on the beach where you can breathe again the ending North African Mediterranean air or take a stroll to the city. Lunch, dinner and overnight stay in Djerba
Day 15. Return flight - What else we can do for you: we will bring you to the airport of Djerba and wish you a good trip and a speedy return!