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Visit Greco-Roman cities and explore fertile desert towns on this unforgettable journey Clinging to a thin strip of fertile land, the cities of Leptis Magna and Sabratha were perhaps the height of cultured Roman Africa.

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Travel Style: Small Group - Up To 15 People
Start Location: Tripoli, Libya
End Location: Tripoli, Libya
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Years In Business: 5

Visit Greco-Roman cities and explore fertile desert towns on this unforgettable journey Clinging to a thin strip of fertile land, the cities of Leptis Magna and Sabratha were perhaps the height of cultured Roman Africa. Founded on close contact with the ancient civilisations of Greece, Carthage and Egypt, they combined to create a unique culture. Leptis Magna is the jewel in the crown – we spend a full day exploring its baths, temples, forum and basilica. To the west, the well-preserved city of Sabratha is another impressive relic of a bygone era. The old mud brick town of Nalut is as scenic as the fabulous oasis town of Ghadames, with its dusty, winding streets and unique desert architecture. This adventure is a true immersion in the romance of the North African desert.

Tour Highlights
-Go To The Theatre In Sabratha
-Leptis Magna
-Old Tripoli
-Wander Forgotten Streets In Ghadames


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

- tour leader, professional local guides, arrival transfer, transport, sightseeing and entrance fees
- 6 breakfasts, 2 dinners

- Flights, drinks, departure taxes, travel insurance, departure transfer, visa (30 Euro)

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Day 01. Tripoli - On arrival at Tripoli Airport, you will be met by a Peregrine representative and transferred to your hotel. This is simply an arrival day so you may arrive at any time. Note that hotel rooms are generally only available after midday. The balance of the day is free to explore your surroundings and our tour leader may make contact in the evening.
Day 02. Jebel Nafusa – Ghadames - Leaving Tripoli we drive south into the highlands of the Jebel Nafusa (Western Mountains). The barren, rocky mountains are spectacular, with stone villages looking out over the arid plains. We visit the 700-year-old Qasr of Kabaw where villagers 'banked' their grain to trade with caravans heading south into the desert. This is a fascinating and spectacular spot and a place largely devoid of tourists! Our destination, Ghadames, is an ancient, UNESCO World Heritage-listed caravan trading town.
Day 03. Ghadames - Ghadames is celebrated for it beautiful and inventive architecture, designed to resist the dramatic extremes of the Saharan climate. The houses are built from mud, lime, and palm tree trunks and fit together, like pieces of a jigsaw, with covered alleyways running between them and adjacent roofs, allowing passage from one house to another. We spend the bulk of the day exploring this charming town, and visit its museum, before heading out into some beautiful desert landscape, for afternoon tea in a sea of undulating sand dunes.
Day 04. Nalut – Tripoli - At the southern end of the Jebel Nafusa lies Nalut, one of the most fascinating old towns in the region. Built on an escarpment, with superb views to the east, we discover an ancient 'kasr' or fortified house, more than 300 years old, which was primarily used for storing grain and oil. The kasr is made up of 400 chambers or 'ghurfas' and we spend an hour or so exploring the ancient mud-brick ruins before returning to Tripoli.
Day 05. Leptis Magna – Tripoli - Today we visit the outstanding site at Leptis Magna, one of the greatest ancient sites in the world. It was originally a Phoenician trading port, and prospered for nearly 1000 years before Vandal invasions and sand storms brought its downfall. In its heyday during the reign of Libyan Emperor Septimus Severus, it was second only to Rome and housed over 100,000 people. This vast city remained buried for some 1300 years, and it wasn’t until the 1920s that a major excavation by Italian and Libyan archaeologists revealed the limestone and marble wonders that we explore today.
Day 06. Sabratha – Tripoli - After a morning visit to Tripoli Museum, we head out to Sabratha. Like Leptis, Sabratha was a Phoenician trading-post that served as an outlet for the products of the African hinterland. It was part of the short-lived Numidian Kingdom of Massinissa before being Romanized and rebuilt in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. It is beautifully situated, overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean, and we spend the morning exploring its splendid theatre, baths, fountains and mosaics. After our visit we have to afternoon free to do our own exploration of Tripoli or some last-minute souvenir shopping.
Day 07. Tripoli - Your trip ends today, after breakfast. Check-out time is usually around 12.00 noon and you are free to leave at any time. If you have arranged a private airport transfer you will be advised of the pick-up time. Additional accommodation can be pre-booked if you wish to spend more time exploring Tripoli.