East Greenland Adventure DF01

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Expedition to the most spectacular Glaciers of the Ammassalik District; a wild and very isolated region, shaped by high mountains, with summits up to 2.000 meters above sea-level, steep granite-towers and wide, extended glaciers, deep fjords and silent valleys with an unexpected colorful and abundant vegetation.

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Key Information

Travel Style: Small Group - Up To 9 People
Start Location: Keflavik, Iceland
End Location: Keflavik, Iceland
Accommodation: Private Houses, Camps
Period: 11-24 Jul 2011, 24 Jul-6 Aug 2011
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Years In Business: 25

The Ammassalik District is a wild and very isolated region. It is shaped by high mountains, with summits up to 2.000 meters above sea-level, steep granite-towers and wide, extended glaciers, deep fjords and silent valleys with an unexpected colorful and abundant vegetation.

You'll see and experience all different types of landscapes occuring in East Greenland, get close to the edges of calving glaciers; you'll roam around fantastic ice-bergs and sail in between ice-floes. We'll observe seals and may watch the finn- and humpback-whales...
This is an extraordinary tour, which we recommend to all those, who seek the harmony, tranquil silence and remoteness of a secluded, spectacular environment. Who are sportive nature lovers and ready to experience the unusual adventure.
We'll build up several base-camps and use sea-going small boats for transportation. To a great extent we may determine the program according to our desires - as long as the weather-conditions permit. I.e. we may decide ourselves for instance, whether we go fishing or mountain-climbing. If anyone prefers just to stay in the camp, to relax and enjoy the panoramic views, he or she may do so as well!
You will not be forced by a tour-guide to a certain trekking program.

Tour Highlights
- 14 exciting days in remote fjords and the pack-ice of East-Greenland
- Probably one of the most fascinating adventure tours in Greenland
- Hikes and (easy) mountain-climbs from different base-camps, with little weight on your back
- To the spectacular Crystal World of the Sermilik Ice-Fjord
- Travels to Karale Glacier, Tasiilaq, Tiniteqilaq

Kindly take note:
In order to join to this expedition, you should have some outdoor-experience and the capability to walk across open land without any trails. While climbing mountains you'll have to hike across loose rocks and rubble safely. In short: you should be an experienced hiker. Otherwise you don't need neither special training nore a special physical condition for this trip. However, we expect you to be healthy of course.

The routing is highly dependent on the actual ice- and weather-conditions. Nobody can guarantee an itinerary as mentioned above. Changes of the routing might occur and be necessary anytime for safety reasons. You are ready to acknowledge to this condition and willing to adapt to the pace, which is given to us by nature.

You are also ready to actively cooperate with your co-participants in all necessary activities, e.g. the establishment of the base-camps etc. We want the expedition to be successful, that's why we all have to contribute our share.


A full day by day itinerary will be provided by the tour operator when you make an enquiry about this holiday.

Economy-class flights from/to the airport as being booked to Keflavik (Iceland) and Kulusuk (Greenland), Helicopter flight from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk, airport-taxes, transfers as mentioned above, 2 nights double-room/breakfast in Iceland (guest-house), 2 nights in Tasiilaq (tent or private house), accommodation in tents (2 persons per tent) during the tour, kitchen-tent and kitchen equipment, all meals from dinner second day until breakfast 13th day,
all boat-trips as indicated, travel insurance package, experienced guide.

Lunch and Dinner in Iceland, dinner in Ammassalik (12th day), beverages (soft-drinks, alcoholic drinks), personal expenses.

Note on Price
- Price from Frankfurt or Copenhagen, others: on request

Prices per person, based on 2 people traveling - please submit an enquiry to receive a personalized itinerary and costs.

Day 01. Flight to Keflavik/Iceland and transfer to the hotel.
Day 02. Transfer to the national airport of Reykjavik, flight to Kulusuk East-Greenland. From the small airport we walk down to the sea, where the boats are waiting for us. We will follow the rocky coastal line northward through the Ammassalik-Fjord, along deep-carved ravines, filled with snow, scarcely overgrown mountain-slopes. We'll pass Qernertivartivit a tiny (now uninhabited) settlement with just four houses, beautifully located on a small island. After 3 hours of travelling-time, we'll reach the first hilight , the Karale area. Several 'glacier-tongues' are streaming into the sea between pointed rock-needles of high mountains. Our camp-location offers the view to several glaciers simultanously and during the night, from afar and from all sides you'll listen to the mystic sounds, when glaciers give birth to an ice-berg. We'll undertake a climb to one of the rocky summits. The three hours hike includes a short stretch, where you will have to use your hands to get higher up. All your efforts will be compensated by a tremendous panorama. Now you'll see the Karale Glacier from the bird's perspective, in Northern direction the Rasmussen Glacier and the high mountains of E-Greenland. Towards the ocean we look down on smaller peaks, peaceful fjords and valleys, the pack-ice of the E-Greenland ice-current - simply an unforgettable scenery. Like at every camp-site, which we'll visit, you may decide on your own: whether you would like to join a 3 hours walk or you prefer or a 8-10 hours mountain-climb. After your tour, you may swim in a beautiful mountain-lake - provided you can take the temperature.
Day 03. As Day 2
Day 04. As Day 2
Day 05. We pull down the camp and continue to another region, which has a completely different character. On the way to it, we'll have a break on a small island, where we'll find the ruin of an igloo. Soon afterwards we'll reach the Tasiilaq Fjord. The sea here resembles rather an idyllic lake amidst a wide valley, surrounded by creeks and framed with granite-peaks and -needles. Along the shores there is an abundant, captivating vegetation. It's also a beautiful camp-site, which we'll use, and we'll take the opportunity to catch the salmon here, which is heading towards the streams. There are a lot of possibilities for trekking: for instance an easy walk to a glacier, where you may hike across the ice (5 hours), a climb of the closest mountain (2 1/2 hours), but also a 10-12 hours tour to a more distant peak etc. We'll stay two full days in this fascinating area. During the second day, we may relax from our previous tour, or go on a second hike. We'll also may go fishing. That night we might thus have a delicious dinner with fresh, self - smoked salmon.
Day 06. As Day 5
Day 07. As Day 5
Day 08. Once we leave, we'll reach an old abandoned Inuit settlement with a lot of igloo-ruins (1 hour by boat). Another hour more and we'll arrive in the Sermilik Ice-fjord and the village of Tiniteqilaq. We shall stroll through the settlement, take a rest on it's highest elevation near the old graveyard and watch the tranquil life in this community. During the night you'll hear the noise of collapsing ice again. The fjord is filled up with ice of all sizes, in particular of enormous icebergs, which are passing by like huge vessels, just driven by the wind and the tide. If ice-conditions will allow, we shall procede to the Johan Petersen fjord, which is close to the Greenlandic icecap and undertake tours from there.
Day 09. As Day 8
Day 10. As Day8
Day 11. Finally we'll undertake a spectacular boats-tour through this magnificent 'World of Ice-giants' and return to Tasiilaq/Amassalik Our camp-ground will be close to to the village. If possible we shall be accommodated in a private house.
Day 12. We'll have a sightseeing walk through the village, there is time for a visit of the museum and for souvenir-shopping. You may also have a walk along the the coast or climb the Sjömannsfjellet Overnight in tents or in private house
Day 13. Helicopter-flight to Kulusuk and connecting flight to Reykjavik/Iceland. Transfer, accommodation in the guest-house Keflavik.
Day 14. Transfer to the airport and return-flight.