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Enjoy a taste of Peruvian culture on this short trip - to the village of Racqchi and the Sacred Valley. This would make a great extension to a longer holiday.

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Travel Style: Private Tour
Start Location: Cusco, Peru
End Location: Cusco, Peru
Accommodation: Hotels
Period: All Year Round
Difficulty: Suitable for Most Travelers

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Tour Highlights

Departure from the Colca Canyon towards Sibayo - You will leave the Colca Canyon early in the morning and head towards the community of Sibayo, located 1 and a half hours from The Colca. Sibayo is a cozy Andean town called “stone town”. Its population reaches 1,700 inhabitants dedicated mainly to activities such as agriculture, cattle breeding and handicraft work. On your way to Sibayo you will be amazed by the particular geography formed by the Colca river basin, which include impressive snow capped mountains, active volcanoes, and bizarre rock structures erode by the wind forming castles along with other views.

Arrival to Sibayo - As soon as you arrive to Sibayo, you will be welcome by the locals, who will lend you some of their typical attires to wear and allow you to get in touch with their traditions. The local villagers are truly friendly people who enjoy sharing their culture with visitors. They will be happy to show you their town and its main attractions such as Sibayo´s Main Square, which is the departure point to all the other landmarks, and Saint John Baptist church, a great colonial church built in 1692 with volcano ashes, which central square is used by the community on local festivities.

Traditional fishing at Colca River - Feel as part of the community by doing one of the main activities in Sibayo: Fishing at the Colca River. One of the local villagers will guide you on a 25 min walk to Catahui, the area designated by the community for the fishing activity. Take off your shoes and fold up your pants to get in the river. Locals will teach you how they used to fish from hundred of years ago, by throwing a net over the trouts while they swim around you as you wait to catch them. After 45 min of fishing, you will get back to the community.
Lunch provided by local families.
One of the families from the community will provide you with lunch; this may include a variety of options from the exquisite novo-Andean cuisine, such as cereals, alpaca meat, quinua soup, fresh trout, potatoes and other vegetables, amongst additional options. Here you will have the chance to share their dairy activities as the family tells you about their customs, local legends and myths that remain alive through generations.

Visit to the Juanito mommy - After sharing a delicious lunch with the community, one of our representatives, together with one of the villagers will take you on a 25 min walk for a half an hour visit to the Juanito or Paraq´ra mommy. This mommy belongs to the Collagua culture, which developed in this area around 1470 to 1200 B.C., with the decay of the Huari culture. The Collaguas used to do their burials in very inaccessible places, such as places near the river and close to the population, accompanied by ceramics and textiles.

Visit to Santa Maria viewpoint - On your way back to Sibayo, you will stop for 15 min at the San Maria viewpoint, located 15 minutes from the village. From here you will be able to see the entire community and the beautiful countryside. This will be a great point to admire all the nature that surrounds you and take your best pictures to remember this magical moment!

Visit to the hanging bridge located 10 minutes from the community - Walk over the only hanging bridge located on the upper area of the Colca River. The bridge is located 10 minutes away from Sibayo by foot, and was built during the 50´s, being remodel a few years ago. It is 35 meters long and you will feel the excitement of being balanced by the wind as you walk through it. From here, you will have an astonishing view of the river and the landscape that’s surrounds it. Share daily duties with the community (graze the cattle, milk the cows, help with the farm, etc)

People from the community will let you be part of their daily activities and feel as one of them while you stay in Sibayo. You will be able to see how some of the families have grown a small farm behind their own houses, other have cattle you can feed or milk, and some other got sheep and alpacas you can take to graze.
Be greeted by the community with traditional dances and music while you enjoy traditional drinks.
The Sibayo community will greet you with traditional dances and music. You will be able to enjoy some typical drinks, such as the challasqa, made of starch, cinnamon as long with other species, or the cachiqanqa made of burned sugar orange and lemon juice, both mixed with a typical liquor called Cañazo.

Llachon is an amazing peninsula where friendly locals will welcome you to enjoy an unimaginable tranquility and amazing scenery, starting with the startling contrast between Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, and its surroundings. We recommend staying at one of the local shelters, which hold the authentic traditional architecture (some have solar water heating).


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Day 01. Cusco and Racqchi
Day 02. Sacred Valley