6 Foods you must try in Bogota

by Julie on December 3, 2018

When traveling to Bogota, trying out local foods is something you should not miss. Their cuisine is inspired by the way of living in the fast-paced city and its chilly weather. When you go into restaurants, you will be able to find a huge selection of hot drinks and soups that is unique in the area. While strolling around the streets of Bogota, you will also see a lot of street vendors a tasty food experience.

Here are 6 foods you must try in Bogota.

1.    Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa is Colombia’s national dish and you will find it almost anywhere throughout the country. It consists of rice, beans, steak, ground beef, chorizo, avocado, chicharron, arepa, and a fried egg. It’s a tasty meal that will definitely bring about a burst of flavor in your mouth. It’s a great food to have for any occasion, especially on family and friend gatherings. You can easily rent an apartment by checking out VisitingBogota.com. And when you find one, you can organize a dinner party to cook this food.

2.    Ajiaco

If you fancy yourself a hot and tasty plate, try out Ajiaco which is a potato, chicken, and corn soup that is served with an avocado and rice. It’s a unique Bogota recipe that one should definitely try. You will find it in a lot of restaurants around the city and it is very affordable to get this meal in any decent place.

3.    Hot chocolate a la Colombiana with cheese

A hot chocolate with cheese might sound so weird but it is something you would normally see in Bogota. They have a unique way of preparing their hot chocolate. They break a big chocolate bar into chunks and then they add it on a large jug with some milk. It is then heated in low heat to melt the chocolate. Once the hot chocolate is done, it is then added with a chunk of soft cheese. It’s definitely a must-try.

4.    Chicha

Another must-try you should have in Bogota is a traditional indigenous drink which is called Chicha. It is also known as the indigenous beer. This beer is made from fermented corn and honey. It is quite strong but tastes just like a very sweet beer. Make sure to have at least a bottle of this beer to enjoy this drink.

5.    Arepa

Another known food prepared everywhere you go in Bogota is the arepa. It is Colombian version of a tortilla. It is made of corn, wheat flour, cheese, butter, and sugar. Most of the time, it is stuffed with cheese and is prepared along with barbecued beef.

6.    Oblea with arequipe

For those with a sweet tooth, a taste of Bogota’s popular street food is something you should try. Oblea with arequipe is a favorite street food in Bogota where a large wafer is covered with toppings such as jelly, chocolate drops, sugar sprinkles, or caramel spread. This is then covered with another wafer to make a wafer-sandwich. It is a must-try street food when you visit Bogota.


Top 4 Tips for Traveling with a Teenager in Tow

by Julie on November 28, 2018

Traveling with a teenager can in itself be rewarding, but at the same time challenging to pull off. The challenges tend to get harder as the teen gets older and wants to exert their independence. As a parent, your first concern is to protect your teen from harm, and in a world that is chaotic and increasingly violent, that can be hard to do, especially when you are traveling. From knowing when and when not to let them drive on your vacation to knowing where they are at all times, read on below for a few of the top tips to successful, and safe traveling with your teenager in tow.

Don’t be Naïve

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that peer pressure is very real, whether it’s at 13 or 16, at home or on vacation. The thing is not to be naïve about underage drinking and the very real possibility that your teenager could be offered both on your family vacation. The trick is to have this conversation with your adolescent son or daughter early on. According to Mission Harbor, an adolescent treatment program, forewarned is forearmed, and letting your teenager know what is expected of them on your vacation is a step in the right direction.

Keep the Expensive Electronics to a Minimum

Teenagers love electronics and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, they are going to want to take out there iPhones and document your trip by taking pictures and uploading them to their favorite social media sites. The thing is, the Wi-Fi in some places, especially abroad, can be dangerous to use. Make sure that you brush up on safely using Wi-Fi and teach your kids about it as well. Don’t let your kids flash their expensive electronics, especially, if they are out alone.

Set and Enforce an Early Curfew

Every parent has heard the horror stories on the news about teenagers disappearing on vacation. Setting an early curfew is one way to reduce that risk with your teenager. As a parent, you already know you can’t keep your teenager under lock and key every second, so keeping in touch constantly, and having a designated time for them to be back in your hotel room is the next best thing.

Supervise Activities that Could be Risky

Whether it’s spelunking or water skiing, teenagers need supervision when risk is involved. Making sure to book their activities through a company that is reputable and has great reviews is a start. When it comes to these activities, go with your gut, and you can’t go wrong.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your teen safe on your family vacation. While you want them to have fun and not feel smothered, you are still the parent above all and their safety is your top concern.


Must-Visit Historic Sites in Charleston, SC

by Julie on November 26, 2018

If you’re a history buff, you’ll find interest in every cobblestone, every busy street, and every ancient home of Charleston, South Carolina. The area may be known for upscale apartments and beach life, but it has living history all across the region. Explore Downtown Charleston, where you’ll find the Charleston City Market, the Old Slave Mart Museum, the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, to the French Quarter, where you’ll discover the almost 300-year-old Doc Street Theatre.

We’re here to help guide you to some of the greatest historical sites in Charleston. You’ll visit plantations, war memorials, and mansions, and you’ll be thrilled, awed, and humbled. Let’s take a look at the great history that Charleston has to offer.

  1. Charleston City Market

The historic Charleston City Market is the most popular destination in Downtown Charleston. The market was constructed in the early 1800s, and it has always been used as a marketplace. The original market sold meat, vegetables, and seafood. Today, it hosts many unique Charleston vendors who sell crafts and unique goods. Great local food and souvenirs can be found throughout the market.

  1. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

The Old Exchange, completed in 1771, is intertwined with the history of the American Revolution. During The Revolution, the ground floor was converted by British forces into a military prison. Better known as Provost Dungeon, the prison held American prisoners of war, private citizens, and slaves. Its brutal history lends to the rumor of ghosts and hauntings.

  1. Doc Street Theatre

This French Quarter attraction was originally built in 1736 and then said to have burned down in the Great Fire of 1740. It remained in disarray until it was rebuilt in 1937. This beautiful brick building is currently owned by the City of Charleston, and after extensive modernization and remodeling in 2010, is used by the Charleston Stage Company.

  1. Fort Sumter National Monument

This arrive-by-boat historical experience is a must-attend for any history buff. You’ll experience where the first shots of the Civil War rang out and learn about its vast history. The fort was taken by the Confederacy and held as a southern stronghold in 1861.

  1. Boone Hall Plantation

This breathtaking plantation, which opened in 1681, is still working today, making it one of America’s oldest plantations. You’re welcomed to the plantation by a gorgeous row of oak trees across a long pathway. The hall offers a carriage tour and has many historic buildings, including old slave quarters, still intact.

  1. Angel Oak

This natural marvel is a sight to behold. The Angel Oak is believed to be over 1500 years old and its trunk has a 25-foot circumference. At its tallest, it reaches heights as vast as 65 feet. The towering oak occupies a public park owned by the City of Charleston.



Lesser Poland is famous for the abundance of attractions that lure millions of tourists every year, both from Poland and from abroad. But you should know that most enthralling are not these attractions which can be seen, so to say, on the surface of the ground. You can have even more interesting experience while exploring the nooks and crannies that can be found in the underground of this charming land. Entering the nether regions can make you feel a bit anxious. Yet, when you are already there, the specific atmosphere, captivating interiors and interesting history – they all make your anxiety disappear, and in its place curiosity, delight and satisfaction arise. Which locations of Lesser Poland will provide an unforgettable underground adventure? We are presenting five attractions of Lesser Poland, which are definitely worth seeing.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – One of the Most Visited Attractions by Foreign Tourists

This mine offers a variety of hiking routes in salt dungeons. Here, everyone will find something for themselves. You can choose the tourist route, which will let you admire salt lakes, chambers and chapels. If you are interested in mining, the mining route may be suitable for you – you will learn about the traditions and rituals associated with this industry. The pilgrimage trail will give you time for spiritual reflection. And adventure seekers, equipped with a lamp and a mining helmet, can visit corners out of the main tourist routes. The mine also provides attractions for children and schools. The graduation towers are also well worth visiting – here, you can improve your health and physical condition. No wonder that every foreign tourist visiting Poland responds so eagerly to the slogan “Salt mines Krakow”. You can find guided tours to Wieliczka Salt Mine at discovercracow.com.

An Alternative to Wieliczka, or the Salt Mine in Bochnia

The Bochnia Mine offers as many attractions as the Wieliczka Salt Mine. For tourists in a good physical condition, the historical route in the mine is recommended. It is a bit challenging but your efforts will be rewarded by beautiful views of raw rock formations. The alternative option is the nature trail, which allows you to learn about the geological history of the mine. If you choose this route, you will also have a chance to take part in the biggest of local attractions – the underground ferry crossing. Such a boat trip in a salt chamber will be undoubtedly a memorable experience. What else distinguishes the Bochnia mine? Underground multimedia exhibition, underground chapels, 140-meter slide, sports ground, playground, and even overnight stays – all these in the undergrounds, in a unique brine microclimate.

Secrets of the Main Square of Krakow

While tourists are walking around the pedestrian zone on the Main Square in Krakow, just a few meters below them, the time has gone back by seven hundred years. Here, in the underground, the exhibition showing the life of a medieval inhabitant of Krakow and Europe has been created. In the underground of Krakow’s Square you can see, among other things, the miniature model of Krakow, main export goods, and paving or relics of that time. There is also the children’s zone and the cinema room.

Relaxation in Tyniec – Benedictine Abbey Museum

While visiting Lesser Poland, it is also worth seeing the oldest monastery in Poland. Here, you can participate in the Holy Mass, meditate or take part in the educational workshops. In the undergrounds of the Benedictine Abbey Museum in Tyniec, there are exhibitions related to the history of the abbey. You can find here, among other things, Romanesque architectural details, archaeological excavations or a copy of the grail and the paten, which come from one of the earliest abbatial burial sites.

King Cave, or Lokietek’s Cave

The Lokietek Cave is the largest of the caves in the Ojcow National Park. The legend says that this is a place where the Polish king – Wladyslaw Lokietek (the Elbow-Hight) – was hiding from the Czech king Wenceslaus II – since the cave’s name. Lokietek, having to spend six weeks in the cave, was sleeping there in a stone bedroom and using a rock kitchen. You can admire these rooms, as well as the beautiful stalactites, during your visit to the cave.

Krakow’s Surroundings – a Guarantee of an Unforgettable Underground Adventure

The abundant offer of underground attractions of Lesser Poland makes this area of our country tremendously interesting. It is also often associated with an interesting history. Therefore, visiting these crooks of Lesser Poland seems to be obligatory – but in this case the obligation will mean pure pleasure.

You can find more information about Krakow and its surroundings on discovercracow.com website, the organizer of Krakow Tours.


Travel is education you just can’t get in college. It teaches you history, politics, geography, and economy in a way no class will. If you are an avid traveler, you might need this great service for essay “Writer Cheap” to save a huge amount of time and start traveling. Fortunately, it does not require an entrance exam. So, are you signing up for these classes? Let’s explore uncharted destinations together!

Mongolia: The Land before the Time of Man or Modern Country?


There is a land where you will not find cities or people for hundreds of miles. There are only an endless steppe, scorched deserts, wild camels, and mysterious gorges. And the forest of glass skyscrapers sits right in the middle of it all! The name of this world wonder is Mongolia. We are about to explore two sides of this gorgeous country – its wild desert and up-to-date capital.


What do you imagine when I say “Mongolia”? Nomads’ yurts and thousands of horses? Well, it is not about the capital of Mongolia. Believe me, you have never expected Ulaanbaatar to be this awesome. It is the opposite of steppe and fields. There are skyscrapers on top of skyscrapers! Where did they get the money you ask? It was not that long ago that Mongols found out they are sitting on a giant moneybag. Their land contains the largest deposit of coal, copper, and gold.

Ulaanbaatar is trying to be trendy these days. Free Wi-Fi in the downtown area, the smoking cabins, etc. Hundreds of years ago, all Mongols used to ride horses. These days it seems as if everyone here is driving a Prius. Mongolian people have changed as well. They dress like people in any other major city. Only provincial tourists wear traditional clothes.

They do not have addresses as we do. Their whole area is divided into squares. Then these squares are divided into smaller ones. All the way until they become pixels on a GPS. Did you know that there are no cats at all? Why so? Nomads did not need grain. Hence, they did not need the protection from rodents. Who knows, maybe it is the reason Mongolian yoke was so dangerous. Because they did not have fluffy kitties waking them up in the morning.

The capital of Mongolia is reloading at an accelerated rate! Pretty soon you would be hard-pressed to find anything traditional here. But one theater still holds down the fort – Tumen Ekh. Here tourists get to see the 2,000 years of Mongolian culture – songs of the newlyweds, shaman dances, religious rituals, and Biyelgee traditional dance. The Hooliin throat singing is the headliner though. It sounds like strings mixed with a sound of U.F.O. and a wolf howl. All in one. Hard to believe that a human can produce these hums! Mongols used Hooliin to express their fascination with nature for over a thousand years. And it really works! You can envision the windy Mongolian steppe as soon as you close your eyes.

But if you want to feel the true flavor of Mongolia, be sure to travel outside of Ulaanbaatar. There will not be any clowns, gimmicks or fountains waiting for you here, but you will gain so much more – calmness, inner peace, and glorious splendor. Mongolia is a huge country. Its area is twice as larger as France’s. Getting around on a car is pointless. Therefore, hop on a plane and head to the desert.

Gobi – The Largest Desert in Asia

If you are in the air for 30 minutes, you probably will not see any towns or villages. Forget villages. They do not have even roads here. It does not matter which country you were previously flying over, I bet there were always uneven patches of fields on the ground. There is none of that in Mongolia. It is an endless steppe that stretches all the way into the horizon.

Gobi Desert spreads over one-third of Mongolia’s territory. The question is whether Gobi Desert is located in Mongolia or vice versa. The Gobi means “a place with no water”. Nothing but lifeless sand dunes and dry riverbeds. But if you are lucky enough, you can come to the Gobi at a remarkable time when it does not look like a desert at all. The rainclouds reach here only a few times a year but they pour plenty of rain. The desert becomes alive and turns into a giant field of blooming ramsons. The green cover will dry up in a few weeks and only clay and rocks will remain.

So, you got to Dalanzadgad to explore endless dunes. Where are you supposed to live in a dessert? The fact that they have hotels in the middle of the Gobi Desert might shock you. There no likes of Sheraton or Hilton here. Traditional style lodge is what it is in and it is called Three Camel Lodge.

This lodge offers a terrific option. They can set up a breakfast table for you anywhere in the desert. A musical performance is the icing on the cake. The musicians will be playing for you the two-string traditional instrument – morin khuur. One string has to be made from a male horse’s tail, the other one – from female’s tail. They symbolize the harmony of masculine and feminine sides in music. And in the night, I strongly recommend you to get out of the yurt and look up in the sky. There will be way more than five stars.

While we consider desert empty and lifeless, Mongols see the Gobi as a thoroughfare. The thing is that Mongols are one of the very few peoples that still live a nomad lifestyle. Why do they still live on the move? First of all, cattle always have a new pasture. Second, you do not need to worry about land and real estate. You can live wherever you want. The capital city Ulaanbaatar stopped moving only about 200 years ago. Each community in here keeps a household, camels, for example. By the way, if someone ever told you that their humps contain water, they were wrong. They contain layers of fat. The humps just shrink during the hungry times.

The Gobi has plenty of remarkably gorgeous places. “Yolyn Am” gorge is one of them. This is used to be a single rock until an earthquake split it in half. Moreover, there is a stunning waterfall hiding somewhere in these rocks. A waterfall in the desert! Imagine that! Mongols conquered the world on the back of the tiny horses a thousand years ago. Now, you can ride it to conquer the gorge.

Why is Mongolia an uncharted destination? Because tourists did not spoil it. Therefore, everyone will be able to find a terra incognita of their own. Get to packing. The descendants of Genghis Khan are waiting for you!

Montenegro: Is it a New Bali?

From the wild desert of Mongolia to the crystal blue sea of Montenegro! This country is a tiny patch on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. This place has all of the best nature can offer. Tall mountains, lush forests, and emerald water. What else is needed for the avid traveler?

So, what do we know about Montenegro? The National parks and reserves cover a quarter of Montenegro’s territory. It is really a green and blooming country. Montenegro won multiple awards for the best beaches in Europe! It is the youngest country because it was born in 2006.

Montenegro gained independence just recently, but its history stretches over thousands of years. Kotor is one of the eldest cities in the country. It overlooks the beautiful Bay of Kotor – the largest bay in the Adriatic Sea. The mighty mountains and fortified walls surround the city on the other side. This is the second largest wall in the world behind The Great Wall of China!

You barely left the airport and you already see the sea, the mountains, and the creamy clouds. If you are eager to see the most gorgeous city of Montenegro, hop on the car and go to Kotor. It survived quite a few wars, fires, and earthquakes. Despite that, it looks terrific. The Italians, Greek, Romans, Montenegrins, and Serbs polished these tiles.

The City of Kotor

The first thing to see – Gospa od Skrpjela. It is a man-made island in the middle of the Kotor Bay that has its own legend. This island used to be a reef, where two brothers found an icon when they were sailing past. It miraculously healed one of them from illness. After that, locals decided to commemorate this by building an island with a church. The sunken ships would be dumped here. Each vessel that passed by brought a symbolic stone with them. This is how the island appeared on the map.

Let’s keep exploring the environs of Kotor. Our next destination is the Blue Lagoon. Yes, just like one in the Bounty commercial! It is a Blue Cave indeed. According to a legend, a treasure remains hidden inside this cave, but tourists come here for something entirely different. The water is extremely blue almost as if there are lights at the bottom! And it is glowing! You are itching to dive in!

The sea in Montenegro is great and so are the mountains. They are immense! It is like looking at the real-life wallpaper. So, rent a car in order to see them for yourself. Montenegro sits atop four mountain ridges that form an unbelievable pattern. You can see the winding serpentine of the roads, vast wooden areas and chaotic order of the mountain peaks. This ornament covers 80% of Montenegro. You see quaint panorama views of the mountains wherever you look.

The majority of tourists who visit Montenegro stay at sea the whole time but we strongly encourage you to leave the coast. The name itself holds the answer – the Black Mountains, not the Black Sea. This is where you feel the spirit of this land. It is full of freedom and might.

The mountains are breathtaking but Montenegro is also famous for magnificent mountain lakes. Lake Skadar is one of them. It is Europe’s largest body of fresh water. In fact, it is so vast that it also washes the shores of a neighboring Albania! This lake used to be a part of the gulf in the Adriatic Sea. The unyielding rocks surrounded and separated the lake over a thousand years. Lake Skadar froze in time since then. It feels like you came to the lost world.

Tara River Canyon is another key landmark of Montenegro. It is the second largest canyon in the world behind the Great Canyon un the U.S. The zipline provides a great view of it. It is over a thousand meters deep and eighty kilometers in length. It could easily fit a small country.

Montenegro is a love at first sight. You do not need to have much money to get to know it. Even a couple of days here are enough to make you want to come back repeatedly. Why do you need to travel here? Believe us, if you are looking to get emotions from nature then Montenegro definitely has to be on your shortlist of countries to visit.


Vacations should be the most relaxing time of the year and not the most stressful. I am lucky enough to travel all over the world for our company Exceptional Villas and I am pleased to present my top 21 travel tips to ensure you have the most stress-free vacation possible.

  1. As soon as you have booked your vacation, book your travel insurance. Nine times out of ten you won’t need it, but for that occasion when one of your party may not be able to travel, or there is a force majeur at your destination which prevents you from travelling, or your luggage gets lost, then you might just need it.  A good travel policy will sort all these issues out. The small investment is so worth it for the peace of mind you get.

  1. The week before you travel, make sure you have everything in order. Finish the project you have been working on. Make sure all your bills and paperwork are up to date. Tell people you are going to be away and will be offline. Let people know your return date.

  1. Relax and enjoy the journey. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed at airports, train stations and waiting for buses. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the journey you are on. Don’t think about when you get there. Think about enjoying yourself right now. Have a great book, a movie downloaded on your phone or iPad, a podcast or simply chat with the people around you.  You might well meet some interesting new friends.
  1. Be flexible as sometimes things do go wrong, and there is little point in getting upset and ruining the rest of your vacation.

  1. If your flights delayed, stay calm.  There is nothing you can do, and it is out of your control. Take out your book, iPad, podcast and enjoy! You will get to your destination albeit a bit late. In the overall scheme of things that can stress you in life, it is a very small one. Afterall life is short, and something on this level is not worth getting upset about.

  1. If you have checked in luggage, bring some essentials in your hand luggage so that if your bag doesn’t arrive, you can manage for 24 hours. 99.9 per cent of the time, your bag will arrive within 24 hours, and it would be such a pity to not enjoy the first day of your vacation as a result of a delayed bag.

  1. Make sure you have everything on your laptop and phone backed up.  If you do lose them, they will be covered by your travel insurance and they are easy enough to replace once you can retrieve all your data quickly.

  1. Call your bank and let them know both where you are going and for how long.  There is nothing worse than going to pay your hotel bill or your restaurant bill, and your credit card has been stopped because your bank is covering their backs!

  1. Stash a bit of cash when you are travelling. If you lose your wallet, it is always good to have some cash hidden in different areas. Your credit cards can be easily stopped so if you have some cash to keep you going, you can avoid a lot of stress.

  1. Relax and don’t be anxious. The world is not nearly as dangerous as you might think. The media tends to blow crime out of all proportion and make some places look much worse than they are. Of course, you should use common sense but being more relaxed will help to bring a new destination to life. You are more likely to chat to locals for example. Make eye contact with people. Smile and engage with them. You will be amazed what an impact this can have on your vacation experience.

  1. If you are booking a villa and travelling somewhere like Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic, use a company that has a great concierge service such as Exceptional Villas. They will organize everything for you in advance.  Things like car hire, ground transportation, excursions, restaurants, boat cruises, fishing, golf and airport fast tracks may all be sorted in advance of your trip making it much more carefree and relaxed.

  1. Avoid going in the peak of the season. There is always extra stress when a destination is very busy. Car parking, roads and restaurants are all under pressure and getting a good table can be hard or even getting a restaurant booking.  And if you do, the service can be less than good. But if the peak times are the only time you can travel, then my best advice is to book really early and book all your concierge details at the same time such as your car hire, restaurants and excursions.

  1. Wake up early when you’re on vacation.  It can be the best time to enjoy a new country.

  1. Take your time when on vacation. Don’t try and do seven cities in seven days. You are much better to really get to know one place and be able to relax and enjoy it as opposed to running from place to place and only seeing the surface and touristy areas.

  1. Look after your body when you are travelling. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat really healthy foods, exercise and keep really well hydrated. If you are in anyway worried about the water, don’t drink it and use bottled water instead. Don’t eat salads or anything that might have been washed in the local water. Avoid ice in drinks. There is nothing that will destroy a vacation more than being unwell for all or part of your trip and a lot of illness may be avoided by being careful.
  1. Pack less rather than more. You will be amazed at how liberating it is to have less stuff around you when you are travelling.  I will often pack a bag and then take half of what I have packed out.

  1. Make a list of all the essential things you will need for your vacation about a week in advance. This way you can avoid a lot of stress trying to replace essential items.

  1. Keep copies of all your important items such as passport and driving licence.  It is so much easier to get a replacement document if you have a photocopy of the original one.
  1. Bring a portable power bank battery. If you are travelling for a long time and can’t get to a power socket, it will ensure you have access to your phone and things like google maps for much longer.

  1. When you first arrive at your new hotel or villa, put the address and phone number in your phone. Some cab drivers may not know where you are staying, and this can really save you if you also can’t remember the specific address.

  1. Last but not least, why not consider leaving all your devices and technology behind you. At first, you might think you cannot cope without being connected but just imagine if it was like the old days where people could only reach you by the traditional route of landline and how relaxed you might be when you can’t check what’s happening at the office or look at your emails.

Alexandra Baradi is the owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas who are one of the worlds most trusted villa vacation rental companies.   The only feature personally inspected and 100 per cent vetted villas. Their top markets include Barbados, Turks and Caicos,  St Barts, Cayman Islands, Antigua, Italy and Greece.



Cancun – the place where you can do anything

by Julie on November 19, 2018

Everyone has heard about Cancun, it is one of the most amazing areas of beaches in the world, located in Mexico. People consider it as a great destination for their vacancies, because there they can relax, have numerous activities and admire a stunning scenery. If you are the type of tourist who wants to explore the most beautiful beaches of the world, then you should put on your list Cancun, because there are some breath-taking beaches. And if you like to relax during daytime on the beach and have an entertaining nightlife, then Cancun offers it all. But you should know that the weather in Cancun is not always warm, there are some months between May to October when the wet weather is present here. The majority of tourists prefer to visit Cancun from October to May, but if you are not bothered about the rains, then there are numerous things you can do even during this period.

Start with the beaches

The majority of travellers choose Cancun as destination because they want to enjoy the beautiful white sand and the clear blue water. It is one of the obvious reasons why it is considered one of the best spots in the world where to spend your summer vacation. Cancun is famous for having 14 miles of pristine beaches, many tourists would call its beaches paradise. If you want to check the most popular beaches from Cancun, you should put on your list Playa del Nino, Playa Tortuga, Playa Chack Mool, Playa Caracol or Playa Delfines. If you are the type of person who loves to fall asleep on the beach then the powder soft sand will be more than inviting.

Visit the Isla Mujeres

If you want to adventure yourself to know better the Cancun area then you should take a day trip to Isla Mujeres. It will not take you more than 15 minutes to get there if you take a ferryboat, but once you will arrive on land you will have the impression that you are in another world. The first thing that will surprise you is that here everyone is driving a golf cart. The beaches are small, but beautiful and you should not skip from view the quaint eateries strewn. For a great experience, you should start the journey in the morning, rent a golf cart and start exploring the surroundings. The turtle sanctuary is one of the main attractions of the island, together with the Mayan ruins and the ocean side cliffs. Also, close to the island you will find numerous snorkelling places.

You can go on shopping

As stated before Cancun weather is quite unpredictable. Even if you choose to travel to Cancun during the dry season, there are some chances to rain, but this does not mean that you do not have something to do. If you have a rainy day in Cancun then you can hit the mall together with your friends and family. Also, the temperatures may be too high during the peak of the day and if you do not want to spend those hours in the hotel room you can check the shopping centres. The most well-known shopping centres from Cancun are Las Plazas Outlet Cancun, Luxury Avenue Cancun, La Isla Shopping Village, and Plaza Las Americas. In these shopping centres, you can find gifts to bring home to your loved ones. There are many handcrafted items that can be great gifts for someone who has never visited Cancun.

Try scuba diving or snorkelling

If you do not want to visit the Isla Mujeres, but you want to spend a couple of hours scuba diving or snorkelling, you should know that there are numerous spots where you can do it. Playa del Carmen is another destination perfect for scuba diving because the clear blue water makes easier to see the coral and fish. In case you want to have a unique view of the underwater world then you should do it at the MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum in Isla Mujeres. This is the largest underwater museum worldwide, so make sure that you do not miss it.

Enjoy the nightlife

Cancun is the perfect destination for younh people, because they have plenty of activities to do both during daytime and nighttime. If you want to party during your vacation, then you should know that Cancun is considered the party capital of the Mayan Riviera. There are wild parties everywhere you go, but the most famous places for the nighttime experience are Coco Bongo and Carlos and Charlie’s. If you want to do something different during nighttime, you can go treasure hunting on the beach, at the moonlight. Do not forget to pack your metal detector if you want to discover hidden treasures on the Mayan beaches.

Have a catamaran cruise

If you want to explore the water topside, then the best way to do it is to have a catamaran cruise. You can spend the entire day on the ocean without having to wet your feet, if you do not want to do it. If you want to take your family on water, to explore the ocean then you should choose one of the boats that organises trips for families. If you want to have an adventure then you should check the boats that organise pirate cruises, you will be entertained during the entire cruise. When on the cruise you will receive alcohol and meals, because the organisers want to make sure that you have the best experience and you feel the party vibes. There is a catamaran cruise for everyone, it is important you to know what you want and to check what providers offer.

If you want to adventure yourself on the ocean with something that goes faster than a catamaran, then you can rent a jet boat. There are even companies that rent two seater speed boats, so you can take your partner with you to have the experience together.