What Does a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise entail?

by Julie on September 6, 2018

Canal city of Dubai Marina is lined with unique infrastructure and breath taking sites which has made it a top tourist destination. Locates along the Persian Gulf, the city offers an amazing sailing experience through the canals. Dhow vessels have been modifies to offer a satisfying modern experience blended with a glimpse into the heritage of the area. The vessels are made out of wood which gives them a traditional feel and equipped with ultra-modern amenities that enhance comfort and luxury.

Why you should go for a cruise in Dubai Marina

Some of the tallest buildings in the world such as Burj Al Arab and the biggest mal; Dubai Marina mall are located in the canal city of Dubai Marina. The upcoming office buildings and residential apartments make a cruise through the canals memorable as they offer a view of the different architectural designs incorporated in the vibrant city. Hotels and recreational facilities are being put up in the area to cater for the growing number of local and international tourists. A visit to the Dubai Marina should include one of the following activities;

  • Dining

What can be more memorable than having a mouth-watering diner on the waterfront as you watch the horizon? Many hotels and restaurants in the Canal city extend all the way to the waters giving their guest to have a laid back moment as they enjoy their meals.

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, which is a floating restaurant, offers a magical dining experience. You get to enjoy international dishes of your choice as you taking in the spectacular views. You can relax after meals with a chilled drink while enjoying the sunset. It is set perfectly for you to create long lasting memories of special events such as a birthday party, engagement or even your wedding.

  • Entertainment

A dhow cruise in Dubai Marina offers an amazing experience as the dhows have a unique way of letting the tourists interact with the heritage of the area. They offer a great opportunity to learn about the culture as most dhow vessels offer live performances and traditional dances. You will be given a list of entertainment options that the dhow cruise offers when booking your cruise so that you can schedule it according to the performance.

  • Sightseeing

Taking a dhow vessel along the Canal city offers spectacular sights as you get close-up views of the world’s tallest skyscrapers such as Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina Mall. A night-time cruise on the other hand gives you a glimpse of the New Dubai shinning under the blanket of darkness.

  • Dubai Marina walk

Taking a walk on the pedestrian trail gives you an opportunity to have a different experience of the Dubai Marina. The 7km pedestrian trail is lined with cafes, retail outlets, clothing stores and boutiques to enrich your walk with lots of fun and shopping. Live performances and art exhibitions and promotions are some of the events you are likely to encounter during your walk.


The Top Ten places to be in Calgary Canada

by Julie on September 5, 2018

Are you planning a vacation with your family to Calgary, Canada? If your answer is yes and you have not made up your mind where you plan to visit and what to do when you arrive there then continue to read this article for the top ten things to do while you are in Calgary.

Heritage Park- this attraction is saturated in history.   The village is a replication of the early settlements in Western Canada which was developed during the 1800s. The area covers just over 127 acres and is located next to the Calgary Glenmore Reservoir.  If your looking for an attraction that the family will love then this should be your first choice.

Calgary Zoo- if your looking for a zoo that has a wide variety of animals the Calgary zoo has well over 1000 different animals.  They are from different countries all over the world. Attractions at the zoo that are a must see are Kamala the famous painting elephant, the Prehistoric Park, for Dinosaurs and the Botanical Gardens.

Spruce Meadows, if you’re a lover of the equestrian sport then you will need to visit this facility.

Prince Island Park, this recreational Island is located at the Bow River.  There is biking, hiking and fishing available. If you’re from the city area you will love this recreational spot.

Stampede Park, home to  NHL ice hockey, it is also home to the Pengrowth Saddledome. When you visit this park you join in all the attractions such as the rodeo, chuck wagon races, agricultural fair, art exhibits and sales, the Indian village and much more.

The military Museum, if you looking for a place rich in history this museum is the perfect place that displays all of the military history of Canada.

Canada Olympic Park if you love ice and skiing, luge rides, biking wall climbing and trampolining then you will adore this park.

The Aero Space Museum- for a rich history of how aviation first started in Western Canada in 1960 this is the perfect place to visit. Opening hours are 10 am to 5pm. There are many stores about the pioneers and the entire history of aviation in the area.

Glenbow Museum  a Museum that is rich in both art and history. It is considered the largest in Canada and is located in Western Canada.  If your looking for historical facts on just about every thing whether its tattooing, piercings and life in general, this is the place to be.

The Calgary Tower for one of the most breath taking views of Calgary this is the place to be its stands just over  525 feet above the ground visitors can go to the observatory deck which has glass floors if your afraid of heights you may not want to do this.


What ever your choice is when you visit Calgary your trip to Canada will be one that is exciting and memorable. If you’re from the US you will need to take along a valid passport.

If you find yourself in love with Calgary, you might want to consider a move. Everything you need to know about Calgary Real Estate!


Get Under the Skin of Vienna

by Julie on September 4, 2018

Austria is a fantastic country to visit. It offers visitors beautiful vistas, classy cities, great food and a warm welcome. You could potentially stay anywhere in this stunning country and have a good time. But, there is one place you really should not miss, when you go, and that is Vienna.

This capital has a long and rich history, but, its residents also know how to move with the times. So, it is a place that really does have something to offer all kinds of visitors. Here is an overview of the types of activities, sights, and sounds you can enjoy while you are there.

The performing arts

The Viennese people love the performing arts. This relatively small city has several theatres and opera houses. The list of performances you can buy tickets for is a long one. However, it is still wise to go somewhere like this website and buy your tickets before you travel.

Go behind the scenes

If you like to find out how things really work, book yourself on some special tours. Amongst the best is the behind the scenes tour of the Wiener Staatsoper, which is one of the city’s opera houses.

Enjoy a tasty food tour

Located within the city there are numerous small food production companies. They are rightly very proud of what they do, so many show visitors how they make their amazing products. If you wanted to you could spend the whole week taking their tours and workshops. Amongst the best are the Xocolat-Manufaktur Workshop and the Apple Strudel Show at Café-Restaurant Residenz.

If you would rather sample some of the city’s traditional favorites, simply book yourself a traditional food tour. There are plenty available, so it is really easy to find one that suits your tastes.

Eat with a local

Better still; eat in the home of a local resident. This is by far the best way to get a better understanding of the style of food the Viennese like to eat.

Enjoy stunning works of art

Vienna is home to some of the world’s most famous works of art. If you want to see The Kiss by Gustav Klimt you will need to go to the Upper Belvedere. Or, visit the Academy of Fine Arts to see The Last Judgment Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch. However, if you visit before 2020 you will need to go to the Theatre Museum, instead. That is when the restoration of the Academy of Fine Arts is due to be finished.

Visit the city’s wonderful parks

If you want to get some fresh air, head towards one of the city’s parks. There are several for visitors to enjoy. Perhaps the most popular one is the Prater. It has a wonderful old-fashioned funfair located within its boundaries.

Enjoy Vienna’s stunning buildings

Vienna has always attracted the best architects in the world. There are some wonderful buildings there. The beautiful Schonbrunn Palace, which was originally constructed in 1696 and St Stephen’s Cathedral are just two examples of buildings that have been beautifully preserved.


5 of the Best Hikes in Abbotsford

by Julie on September 4, 2018

Nestled in between the rushing Fraser river and the northwestern border of the United States is the city of Abbotsford. Situated an hour east of Vancouver, it’s perfect place for pacific northwesterners to flock on to on the weekend to get a dose of that fresh Canadian air. The best time to book your flight to Abbotsford is in the summertime, so you can take advantage of all of the outdoor activities! Abbotsford is traditionally known for it’s small town feel, but it’s also a farming community. So there is plenty of beautiful farmer’s markets and plenty of delicious bakeries and amazing food all around. Plus, it’s great place for all types of hikers to get their fix! Here are five of the best hikes in Abbotsford.

  1. Centennial Trail to Chadsey Lake

In northeast Abbotsford you will find Sumas Mountain. It rises from the bank of the Fraser River and ends in the urban part of Abbotsford. Sumas Mountains is great place for hiking, biking, camping and an all around good time in the fresh air. The trail to Chadsey Lake, or as locals may call it, Lost Lake, is the perfect moderate trail with a nice incline to get your heart rate up. You’ll be covered in canopies of trees and see plenty of purple wildflowers while you take in the fresh smell of pine on your way down to the Lost Lake. There are actually many trails leading to this lake. But, it is roughly a six mile up and back hike if you begin from the upper parking lot of Sumas Mountain. This trail is in it’s best shape from April to November. If you want to bring your pup, feel free to as long as they stay on the leash! The water in this lake is actually pretty warm, so come prepared with swimming gear if you want to take a mid-hike dip!

  1. Mount Cheam Trail

Abbotsford’s neighbouring town, Chilliwack, is home to the beautiful and lush, Mount Cheam. The hike to the peak of Mount Cheam is a hike that you simply cannot miss if you are in the Abbotsford area. This is a somewhat difficult hike, so be aware if you are a beginner! It’s about a six mile round trip hike that will probably take you around 4.5 hours to complete. Lots of incline walking. Getting to trailhead might actually be the trickiest part of the hike. The road is long and full of bumps, so a 4-wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended. The best part of the hike is definitely the view at the top of Mount Cheam. After a trek up the mountain, you are rewarded with a 360-degree, breathtaking, panoramic view of Fraser Valley. Don’t forget to take it all in. Then, on your way back down, take an ice cold dip in Spoon Lake to cool off. And, since this is British Columbia, of course your pup is allowed to come along for the journey!

  1. Abby Grind Trail

Also located on the east side of Abbotsford is also the popular Abby Grind trail. It’s about a 4 mile round trip hike that runs along the Glen Ryder trail on the way up to Taggart Peak. The Abby Grind ends at the first viewpoint, but if you feel inclined to get to the top of Taggart Peak, then it’s only about a four mile hike up. This is a super steep hike so be sure to wear the right footwear and maybe strap into your hiking poles! At the viewpoint, you will be able to see a beautiful view of the Sumas river and the city of Abbotsford. This trail is open year round and you can definitely bring your furry friend along with!

  1. Teapot Hill

This hike is a super unique trail that is an absolute must see in Abbotsford. The Teapot Hill trail is located in the mossy hillsides surrounding Cultus Lake. Cultus Lake is a popular spot in the area to go for a swim or camp out for the night after a long day of hiking! The unique thing about Teapot Hill is that on your 4 mile round trip hike, there are teapots placed everywhere along the route! So. If you have an extra teapot laying around at home, continue the quirky tradition and find a spot for it on the trail. After a nice incline walk, you’ll make it to the top of the hill where you will be met with an excellent view of Cultus Lake and the surrounded valley covered in green. This trail is open year round and your dog is allowed to come with if kept on a leash! Once you get back to your car, drive over to the beach access, have a picnic and take a dip in the lake!

  1. Matsqui Trail

Matsqui Trail is the longest trail on the list with a 16.7 mile round trip hike. This trail runs along the Sumas river and stretches from the Sumas Mountains in east Abbotsford, under the Abbotsford-Mission Bridge, and all the way to the surrounding area of Mount Lehman on the west side of Abbotsford. It’s a perfect, easy hike for a nice sunny day in Abbotsford. You’ll have amazing views the whole way filled with peaceful waters, lush greenery and a backdrop of mountain peaks. The trail is gravel and flat, so if you are a trail runner, you definitely need to check it out! Dogs are always welcome here as long as they are kept on leash!

These are just 5 of the hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails that cover the Abbotsford/Vancouver area. British Columbia is known for its wide variety of outdoor adventure and stunning scenery that you simply cannot experience anywhere else. So, before you step onto your flight to Abbotsford, make sure you didn’t forget to pack your hiking shoes!


5 Cool Things to do in London This Weekend

by Julie on September 4, 2018

Are you heading to London for a fun-filled weekend? Want to know about some cool things to do while you are here? Look no further as we present our mini-guide of what’s not to be missed in London this weekend! (7th – 9th September).

Friday 7 September

1: Rolling Stones Revival

Rock the night away reliving the epic Rolling Stone’s iconic Havana Moon concert, at a fully-immersive cinematic event. You can indulge in authentic Cuban food and get transported to another time and place with a combination of lighting effects, surround sound and ultra-HD cinema screen.

2: Mary Shelley Gothick Ball

Get into the groove by seeking out some Gothic-themed garments to wear for this special event. Held at The Livery Hall (Guildhall), this full-on Regency style ball will celebrate the 200th anniversary or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The ball will showcase some live Regency music as well as some historical dance steps to learn from a dance tutor for the evening.

Saturday 8 September

3: Suffragette City

This fascinating historical walk around London will visit the Women’s Social and Political Union headquarters, as well as the church where Emily Wilding Davidson’s funeral cortège began. You will learn about the history of the all-female Suffragette Hospital, and be inspired by the early story of the women’s suffragette movement in London.

Sunday 9 September

4: Lost London Walking Tour

London is an ancient city that has had a number of amazing transformations and reincarnations. This walk will reveal many hidden histories with structural remains dating back into ancient history. Find out about all the lost places that used to exist here, from the macabre to the wonderful.

All weekend (in fact, all the time!)

5: Plonk! Crazy-golf

plonkgolf.co.uk have spectacular mini-golf courses sited all over the city, including: Peckham Levels, Camden Market, Hackney, Islington and Battersea. Situated in some of the Capital’s best drinking houses and entertainment venues, you can choose the Plonk! course you fancy for some crazy-golf fun!


Skiing is one of the most popular vacation activities in the world. Not only are there many different countries you can visit, but the scenery can differ hugely. For a family vacation, skiing can be fun, and you can get good enough to ski quite quickly. If you have decided to go skiing with your family for the first time, then here are a few important tips you should remember. They will help you to get the best out of your vacation and make the experience a little bit easier.

Choose Your Location

Many countries offer skiing vacations, some that you might not immediately think are obvious choices. However, when you are choosing where to go, you need to see what they offer. Some locations are great for the more experienced skier, but not so good for those learning to ski. Resorts typically color code their runs based on difficulty, with black being the hardest. You should check that the location you are choosing isn’t predominantly black runs so that you can all have fun and explore on the easier slopes.

Consider Your Package

Many ski resorts will offer packages for their vacations, with lift passes and other extras available when you book. When you are choosing, consider your level of experience of you and your family. If you are all beginners, then you probably won’t need a lift pass for more than one valley. You can also get family passes that offer greater value for money especially if you plan to ski together.


Ski resorts often have many hotels in the area, but choosing the right accommodation is important. If you choose a hotel too far from the slopes, then it will mean a long walk or perhaps a bus into the village. There is some accommodation that offers a ‘ski-in’ facility like Horstman House Whistler in Canada. It means you can ski directly into the hotel’s grounds and leave your equipment there. It makes it a lot easier, especially after a long day on the slopes.

Book Lessons

No matter what your ability, getting skiing lessons is a good idea. For those who have never been skiing before, it is essential, because they will teach you valuable safety lessons that will help you on the slopes. You will find that you can pick up the basics quite quickly, and then you will have the rest of the afternoon to test them out.

Get the Right Insurance

Skiing can be dangerous, and accidents do happen, so you need to have the right cover before you go. Apart from the standard cover that all insurance companies offer, you might also need a winter sports cover that will cover you for skiing and snowboarding as well.

Having fun is the main part of any holiday, and it’s even more important on skiing trips. You shouldn’t expect to become a master straight away, the more you enjoy yourself, the easier it will be.


Switzerland: famous for being a fine country with excellent transport links and friendly locals. The Swiss know how to fine dine, designer shop and all round look after their tourists in luxury. The Swiss also know how to build and maintain luxury chalets in some of the world’s most famous ski resorts! Home to the mighty Materhorn in Zermatt, The Route De Verbier in Verbier, celebrity spotting in Gstaad, The WEF forum in Davos/Kloster and Lake St. Moritzersee in St Mortiz. Choosing the top 5 ski chalets won’t be easy, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of Tempston Luxury, one of the best travel agents for exclusive luxury roperties. Tempston offer all of the below luxury vacation rental chalets as part of their property portfolio.


5- Arez – Saas Fee

This excellent family resort features 1 chalet that is by far the most luxurious in the town. Arez has 2 levels of balacony brilliance with an outdoor covered hottub.



4- Timmy Lodge – Davos

If classic wooden luxury is what you are looking for, this property is for you! The interior design is legendary almost architects. The private pool on the bottom level is a sheer piece of architectural heaven.


3- Pinocio – Gtsaad

This huge luxury chalet features a private swimming pool in the basement, cinema area with a bar on the next level and 6 lovely bedrooms on the upper floors.


2- Marshwod – Verbier

An absolutely beautiful luxury chalet set on the mountainside of Verbier. With its views of the valley and private luxury spa area this has got to be one, if not the, best chalet Verbier has to offer (note the private driver service included in the price)


1- Les Arnold – Zermatt

Winner of The World Best Ski Chalet 2017 (and nominated again for 2018) this property and level of service is simply amazing, nothing further needs to be said.