Top Things to Do When Visiting Abu Dhabi

by Julie on January 22, 2018


 If you are a car racing fan planning to travel to a destination to enjoy the Grand Prix, it is highly recommended that you consider Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a highly underrated destination due to its climate and geography. Moreover, people who even consider travelling to United Arab Emirates prefer making Dubai as their station due to all the glitz and glam that Dubai has to offer and end up missing out on the exciting things to do in Abu Dhabi. It will be a wise decision to schedule your 2018 travel plans in the month of November rather than summers and experience the F1 Abu Dhabi. This way you will not only be able to steer clear of the summer crowds at most destinations and grand prix events but will also be able to enjoy the real essence of this Emirates capital as the weather will be pleasant enough to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the desert son. Here are some of the top things that you can do when you travel to Abu Dhabi.

Desert Adventures

Book a desert safari tour and cruise through the sand dunes of the Emirate desert in a four wheel drive bumpy ride through the dunes in a 4×4 Is an adventure not to be missed. Get a sun downer deal and camp in the desert by the fire. Enjoy the belly dancer moving to the traditional Arabic melodies as you enjoy the bar b cue in the desert. To add more to the fun get your hands tattooed with the traditional Arabic henna and bring home a perfect souvenir.

Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour

This tour spans to about five hours and is worth your time and money. It will take you around the key landmarks in Abu Dhabi with a n expert local guide that will narrate you all you need to know about this miraculous transformation of a desert into a grand urban center. If you get mesmerized by the architecture you will fall in love with the grandeur of the Sheikh Zaid Mosque also known as the Grand Mosque. Experience the authentic Bedouin life from the pre oil boom era as you walk through the Heritage village. It is fun to get an insight into the traditional Arab life and culture in Bedouin camps when there were no gigantic sky scrapers to bring them up on the world map.

Dubai Seaplane Flight from Abu Dhabi

If you are a grand prix fan who has landed in this desert capital especially for the event, you cannot miss this one out. The Abu Dhabi seawings base is right inside Yas Marina, the place where F1 Abu Dhabi takes place. Board the seaplane and enjoy the unparalleled experience of taking off from the water surface. Once you are in the air you can get a jaw dropping birds eye view of the expansive grand prix tracks that sprawl across the Yas World. Them fly towards Dubai and gaze at the grand Emirates palace and the beautiful Pal Jumairah islands. This tour comes with a ticket to the top of Burj khalifa Dubai so that you do not come home without missing out on the world’s tallest sky scraper that is erected in the heart of the Emirates.


Best Road Trip Ideas Through The Southern U.S.

by Julie on January 22, 2018

Good food, massive portions, big smiles, and historical landmarks are just a glimpse of the culture of the Deep South.  Quaint little towns, breathtaking wilderness areas, and sumptuous plantation homes will keep you busy for weeks trying to grab a small experience of each facet of the South.

From San Antonio to South Carolina, America’s southern states have plenty to offer the adventure-seeking roadtripper.  Gas the car up, pack your bags, and drive safely into a memorable journey.  Take a trip with us through a few of the best road trip ideas and routes to travel on a Deep South adventure.

San Antonio, Texas

Check out the west end of the Deep South, and visit San Antonio, Texas.  Visit the Riverwalk to find all the happening shops, restaurants, and bars.  When you are done shopping, grab some amazing authentic Mexican cuisine.

After you get your fill of the city, explore The Alamo.  Get a taste of the rich history of Texas, and learn a little about the cultural roots of the area.

Tour the bayou in Louisiana

New Orleans is the most obvious destination to check out in Louisiana, but you cannot pass up the chance to tour the swamps and bayous of the Creole State.  Manchac swamp is a popular hot spot for tours.

After your brush with nature, go have a ball in the famous French Quarter.  Just be careful in New Orleans at night.  It is not the safest area of the U.S.

Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

In 1965, Selma served as the setting for a historical march for human rights.  Protesters attempted their march from Selma to Montgomery three times, and they were only granted passage on the third attempt.

Many people were injured and some even killed during the three march attempts, and the most violent day was named Bloody Sunday.  Pay your respects to the historic struggle of our nation’s African Americans, and visit Selma, Alabama.

Memphis, Tennessee

Head north to Memphis, Tennessee, and visit Graceland.  Tennessee has long been known for its musical culture, but the natural landscape should be noted as well.  Tennessee is beautiful.  Do not be afraid to take your time through this state.

Savannah, Georgia

One of the most beautiful coastal destinations on the East Coast, Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia.  Here is where you will see and experience that old southern style.  Plantation homes line the streets, and Spanish moss hangs whimsically from the trees.

Taste the true flavors of the south with some down home cooking in Savannah’s notable restaurants.  The night life is also nothing to ignore.  The lights shine bright down in Georgia.


The Bahamas is known for its pristine waters. But this destination is not only famous for its beautiful beaches. The island has a lot to offer to tourists in terms of amazing snorkeling sites and tourist spots that you cannot find elsewhere.

Staniel Cay is one of the islands in the Exuma Cays located south of Nassau. This Bahamian islet is inhabited by few people but offers numerous scenic spots and activities for tourists. Ready to fill up your travel bucket list? We’ve listed below must try activities in the island.

  1. 1.   See the Swimming Pigs at the “Pig Beach”- Big Major Cay

An uninhabited island, the Pig Beach is a widely popular tourist destination the Exuma Cays. You might wonder why it is called Pig Beach. Are there really pigs on the islands? Yes! In fact, it is populated by feral pigs. You can discover this spot and get to swim with and feed the pigs who are more like native celebrities than anything else.

  1. 2.   Snorkel in the Thunderball Grotto

Experience a once in a lifetime snorkeling trip when you go to the Thunderball Grotto. Does the name ring a bell? This is one of the filming locations of the James Bond movie along with other Hollywood films like Splash and Into the Blue. From the outside, the Thunderball Grotto might appear to be small. But you will be amazed with the beautiful surprise that awaits you as you plunge deep into the water. The ray of light dances as you swim with the fishes and other marine animals.

  1. 3.   Swim with the Nurse Sharks

The thought of swimming in shark infested waters can be quite scary. But unlike the usual sharks, nurse sharks are different. They are quite docile and these ones are exposed to tourists. This may not be something that most people are eager to do, but this is definitely a must try experience. Conquer your fears and start petting friendly nurse sharks.

  1. 4.   Feed the Rock Iguanas at Little Guana Cay

Now that you have overcome your fear with the sharks, why not try hanging out with the rock iguanas. This is something that you do not get to experience when you go to other beach destinations. The moment you step your foot on the sand, there they are scurrying out as you come ashore. They are friendly animals and you can feed them with leafy vegetables.

  1. 5.   Go Island Hopping

What better way to get the most out of your island retreat than to go on a boat tour? Go island hopping and see the beautiful and scenic cays. From its long sandbars, rich marine life and all the attractions listed above.

Ready to make the most out of your island getaway? 3N’s Vacations offers tour packages you can relax and enjoy. Fly-in Day Tours from Nassau are also available.

Call 242-524-PIGS, email or visit for more details.



What to Pack for a Caravan Holiday

by Julie on January 16, 2018

We may be still in the depths of winter at the moment, however spring isn’t too far away.  If you want to plan a family break for Easter, a caravan holiday can be a good choice.  Caravans are typically cheaper to rent for a week than a stay in a hotel, and as they usually have room for the whole family, there is plenty of space for children too.  If you’ve never been on a caravan holiday before, though, it can be hard to know what to pack.  In this article, we’re going to list some of the essentials so you won’t be left spending the first day of your trip looking for the closest department store.

The Basics

Most caravans don’t supply the basics as standard.  So, this means you’ll need to pack towels, toilet rolls, washing up materials, and possibly even a small kettle such as the travel design from VonShef.  Most of these items are things you probably already own, and you can always pick up a cheap travel kettle from Amazon.  It’s best to be prepared.  Depending on the type of caravan you have booked, you may also need to bring your own bed linen.  You can always enquire with the holiday provider as to whether this is needed or not.


Unless you want to go grocery shopping when you arrive, it’s a good idea to do a food shop before your holiday starts and take it with you.  Most caravan parks have an on-site shop that you can use for essentials like bread and milk, however these can be expensive.  Try and bring enough to last you for two or three days.  By this point, you should have got your bearings and know where the local supermarket is for when you need to stock up.


Lots of caravan parks have entertainment facilities, so you may find that the kids have enough to keep them entertained for the duration of your stay.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that the British weather doesn’t always cooperate and so you’ll need to have some activities planned for rainy days.  Tablets and portable DVD players can be a good option, but for a fun family time, consider packing some board games too.  These items can also be used on the car journey, especially if you are travelling long distance.

Holiday Essentials

Finally, you’ll also want to pack some holiday essentials such as a bucket and spade, a kite, beach clothes, bikes, swimming costumes and goggles, a frisbee, a football, and sunscreen.  You’ll likely have some space around your caravan where you can enjoy using these items, and some of the larger parks will also have football fields, basketball courts, and swimming pools that you can make use of while you are staying there.  Think about the kinds of things your children enjoy and where you are staying.  You could even ask them for their input!

Caravan holidays may be cheap, but they can also be tons of fun. Make sure you pack properly and you will have a great time!


When traveling, it can become easily overwhelming. After all, we want to fit as much as possible in a small timeframe, and experience everything and anything without lingering. With cheap flights available and more opportunity to see the world nowadays, jetting off and exploring country after country is becoming a realistic dream for many. Yet, how do you ensure you see it all, without missing a thing, especially when it comes to nature and wildlife?

Think Before Your Departure

The temptation to book flights for as soon as possible is mighty, but packing your bags and arriving at your destination without knowing what to expect is an ungodly mistake. To see it all, you, first of all, need to know what there is to see. For instance, if you want to experience whale watching in Vancouver Island, you need to determine the best time to go. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing it altogether. Know when the whale migration is underway to avoid disappointment.

The same logic applies when determining what animals you wish to encounter. Certain species can only be seen in certain places and climates. So, if you want to see the infamous quokka, then you’ll have to head to Rottnest Island, an island off Perth, Australia. For orangutans and gibbons, then The Danum Valley, Borneo is your ideal location, and for grizzlies, moose and wolves, you’ll want to head to the Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Book Tours and Safaris

Sometimes the best sights and experiences require organized tours. While this can seem like a chore to many, as they’d rather go it alone, by booking a slot on a tour or safari, you have a better chance of coming into contact with the wildlife and nature you so desperately wish to witness – plus, it may be safer, too! For those of you who wish to see big cats in Africa, then a safari is an easy way to spot them, without having to trek and hike yourself, possibly putting yourselves at risk. Plus, with many conservations, organized activities are the only way you could witness such wildlife, due to restrictions, health and safety and risk of extinction to certain species.

Consider Specialized Vacation Packages

Similar to booking tours, booking specialized vacation packages could provide you with the certain experiences you’re looking for and wanting to see. Certain hotels or hostels will be knowledgeable in specific fields, and by booking rooms with them, they may be able to book you into tours that’ll guarantee certain experiences. For example, if you want to see wild giraffes, then booking a room at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya could be an otherworldly experience you’re unlikely ever to forget. Other notable hotels include the Treehotel in Sweden, where you stay in a treehouse located in the pine forest around Harads, as well as the Icehotel in Sweden, and the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finnish Lapland, which is a resort of cubic chalets with a wide north-facing window, ideal for combining comfort when viewing the spectacular Northern Lights.


Tips for Traveling by Bike

by Julie on January 11, 2018

Cycling is a fun and leisure activity enjoyed by a lot of people in America. Some people find it more convenient to go to work on a bike since you will not get caught up in the traffic and you even have an opportunity of breathing fresh air as you cycle. Cycling has excellent body benefits since it is a unique way of working out. You can get out of your comfort zone and create a bike trip maybe to another city. To make your trip fruitful and smooth below are some tip to guide you when traveling by bike.

1. Pack Protective Gears.

Even if your hometown is super hot, pack your rain gears to use in case it rains on your way to your destination. By having safety gears such as the rain clothes will help in keeping you safe and free from getting sick from the rains and cold. Pack a pair of boots, a raincoat and also a headgear that has a flashlight to ensure you have enough vision while on the move.

2. Avoid over Packing.

You need to be comfortable with your move and therefore avoid putting too many items in your travel bag. Just carry the necessary clothing and other things that you will strictly need. When it comes to clothes, make sure you select warm yet lightweight clothes. To make it even easier, consider carrying versatile clothes which are suitable for different weather conditions and events too.

3. Take Enough Rest.

Taking time to rest is crucial for your well being and for recharging as well. So, avoid continuous cycling and take various stops along the way. You can have a break to eat or take a nap before you proceed with your trip. This also helps you relax your mind and body joints for efficient cycling.

4. Invest in a Bike Computer.

A bike computer is a device that you can mount on your bike to show you the speed you are moving at or for calculating the distance you are traveling. If you are going to unknown areas getting this device is crucial since you will be able to keep track of where you have come from and where you are going to. A bike computer helps you know in the case where you are tired as the device will show slow speed movement. There is a bike computer for every budget , and so all you have to do is research the computers sold within your budget.

5. Prepare your Body.

You can’t just wake up and go on a bike trip. You need to adequately prepare your body for the long hour cycling and traveling as well. So work out and ensure you focus on the body parts that will be involved in cycling. Exercise with the bike by cycling in the area that is hilly and has rough surfaces.


If you don’t have a plan for the holiday, how about you plan a bike trip with your friends. Be fully prepared for the cycling date and book your sleeping hotels in advance before you start the journey. Cycling in areas that you are familiar with is safe and convenient too and don’t forget to carry your necessities.



Winter attractions in Cornwall: Must sees

by Julie on January 11, 2018

A coastal break isn’t just for the summertime as attractions up and down the country are still open and you can enjoy the added bonus of fewer crowds. A warming winter break could be just what you need to kick off the New Year with something exciting. Wrap up warm and experience the beauty of Cornwall in winter. Here’s some of the areas must see attractions.

Visit stunning St Ives

There are plenty of things to do in Cornwall in winter, one of which is to explore the traditional, cobbled towns and quaint fishing villages of St Ives. Visit the picturesque market town for a perfect postcard setting – ideal if you enjoy photography or landscape drawing. It’s well known for its colourful, bobbing fishing boats, winter surfing beaches and a thriving art scene. See modern collections at the Tate St Ives or take a boat across to Seal Island. Stay in one of the Classic Cottages available or sea view apartment to watch the waves roll in.

Ice skating at the Eden Project

One of the great things about visiting in winter is that there will be fewer crowds, and in some places, they’ll have cheaper off-season pricing too. The restaurants in the botanical Eden Project are open and the domes are still as warm, but, there are fewer visitors and so this means more space and time to explore all the beautiful tropics. In the wintertime you can escape the chill in the rainforest biome or skate your way to the Arctic in their magical ice-rink.

Over 300 beaches

Cornwall has over 300 beaches to explore. In winter, the beaches are empty leaving you, your family and your fluffy dog full rein of the sand. Walking is not the only beach activity you can do in Cornwall, as you’ll find water sports to be very popular in winter. Squeeze into a wetsuit and head to the waves for surfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing. The coastal winds are quite strong this time of year, which is great for the more adventurous types. If you prefer to stay indoors with a hot chocolate though, take refuge in one of the lookout spots and watch the surfers ride the waves. These look out huts are great forwatching stormy weather too.

Winter walks in the countryside

Cornwall offers spectacular views all year round. Take the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the empty beaches, vast moors and thriving woodland. Wrap up in hats, scarves and gloves and take a winter stroll along the Cornish coast or inland along one of the many footpath routes.

Nothing beats a refreshing walk in a winter breeze whilst taking in the changing colours of the season. After feeling the sense of achievement that comes with exploring the wild, escape the chill in a cosy pub. Feast on delicious homely treats that’ll warm you up from the inside with hearty Cornish pasties, fresh fish and chips along the coast or cakes and scones with dollops of Cornish clotted cream, readily available all year round.