December is one of the most magical months of the year. Everything changes, cities suit up with an enchanting aura and winter gives that intimate and surreal touch making some places way more intriguing and exciting to visit and explore.

With special holidays all over the month, December can be the perfect time for some getaways, and some of them can be more romantic and cultural oriented while some other can be more adventurous and funny!

Still not so sure about what to visit in December? If you want to know which are the best five destinations for a European trip for your next December you are in the right place. Check them out and get ready to dream!



The famous city of love is something you should consider for a December trip! Besides the culture all spread around incredible museums and attractions, Paris is even more magical than it used to with tons of lights, Christmas decorations everywhere and if you are lucky enough, even some snow!



Berlin has two distinct sides alternating between summer and winter. The cold season is an opportunity to discover Berlin’s museums, the dozens of Christmas markets scattered around the city like the traditional Gendarmenmarkt or the medieval and to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the European capital of festivals and nightlife.



The Austrian capital is dressed in winter with the first cold, and often at Christmas, it becomes white and silent. The cafés attract tourists and Viennese people to the traditional cafe and cake. The Christmas markets are so vibrant and rich in crafts and typical products. To heat up and burn some calories skating in front of the Ringstrasse Town Hall.



In winter the Danish capital is well known for organizing unique Christmas markets and illuminating the city with a thousand colorful lights and Christmas decorations.Do not miss the Nyhavn district on the waterfront, which during the winter turns into one of Copenhagen’s most welcoming Christmas markets. Along the water of the old harbor, stalls are loaded with traditional Danish specialties.


Going for a road trip all over Europe!

If you love adventure and you want to explore more than a city, or you are more interested in the natural side of winter don’t underestimate the power of a well-done road trip! Hiring a car is everything you need to really enjoy an independent, full, complete and dynamic new way of traveling all over Europe and its beauties. Check out this car Rental and find the best solutions and offers for your best winter trip ever!


These are just some of the best 5 suggestions we can offer to let you organize the best trip in December in some of our favorite European travel destination for this specific time of the year! Don’t forget to always consider these places as a starting point for an incredible journey and an outstanding traveling experience!


Singapore is the most expensive city on earth. This city-state is a global financial center with a multi-cultural population and a tropical climate. There are endless number of wonderful things to do and see for every type of travelers in Singapore. If you are planning your trip to Singapore, make sure you don’t miss out the following 5 unique experiences:

1. Singapore Night Safari

Almost nobody misses out experiencing the unique Singapore Night Safari. Featuring over 2500 animals of over 130 different species, this nocturnal zoo in Singapore allows you to behold rare and beautiful animals in their natural inhabitant at night. A tram takes visitors to different areas of the safari and provide them with unique wildlife viewing experience. Over one million visitors visit this mega attraction in Singapore. Make sure you don’t miss having this super unique experience.

2. Swimming in The World’s Highest Infinity Pool

Mariana Bay sands is one of the major highlights of Singapore Skyline. While it is one of the most expensive accommodation options in Singapore, you may still want to spend at least a night in this 5 star hotel as without being a guest in this hotel you can’t swim or bath in its infinity pool which is in fact the highest infinity pool in the world. It is mandatory to be a guest in the hotel to have access to the pool. Swimming in this pool allows you to have the best view of the Singapore city.

3. Driving On F1 Track

If racing is your thing, you may want to try driving on F1 track in Singapore. Yes, you can drive your dream super car like Lamborghini. Spending as less as s$300, you can have this unique experience in Singapore. If you are not confident enough to drive yourself, you can sit back and have someone else drive you on the famous F1 track in Singapore.

4. Riding The Singapore Flyer

Riding the Singapore flyer is one of the best ways to have best and most spectacular views of the Singapore city. Located on Marina Bay and opened in 2008, this giant Ferris wheel is 165 meter high. Each of its capsules contain upto 28 people at a time. The ticket for an adult costs$33. The approximately 30 minute ride on Singapore Flyer can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

5. Visiting The Modern And Unique Gardens By The Bay

Just live the above four experiences, you must not miss out visiting the Gardens By The Bay located in the central Singapore. This modern garden has unique features and wonderful organization of plants to please anybody who loves to explore greenery. It features unique tree-life structures that are up to 50 meters light.

Living In Singapore As An Expat

Singapore is a multicultural city. If you want to experience the best of Singapore, you need to spend months in this modern city. You can be an English tutor in Singapore to earn your living.  It is a popular way to lean your living and experience the best of this modern city among English speaking travelers in Singapore.


In this day and age, backpacking isn’t the only way to save a buck while travelling. This is the era of modern travel, people. What were once either backpack-to-save or full-on splurge destinations now have a happy in-between in the form of affordable hotels. With exotic package holidays, you’ll still be right in the thick of the action, but won’t have to share a bedroom with 10 strangers. Plus, with airport transfer and meals included, your holiday is practically sorted for you – if you want.
We’re not just talking European destinations, but far-flung getaways in the vibrant streets of Thailand, the beaches of Sri Lanka and the Costa Rican rainforests. Backpacking explorers will feel right at home. It’s safe to say you’ll never travel the same way again.


With cities and sites that can be as hectic as Thailand – we’re looking at you, Bangkok – you’re going to want a nice comfy pad to return to after a day out exploring the markets. Thailand is paved with temples and shrines, but fan out farther to the coast and you’ll find white sand beaches whose coastlines are carved with huge, mossy rock formations.

And because the fishing villages and plantations Thailand is famous for are never far off, staying in an all-inclusive spot in a city means you’ll still have your hand on the country’s metropolitan pulse but with more serene sections right at your fingertips.


Since the 1960s, Goa has been a hippy haven, attracting rogue travellers venturing out on the cheap. It’s also a mecca for trance music lovers, even inspiring its own breed of the genre known as Goa trance, found now across beach parties, festivals and dance clubs worldwide. In recent more years as the party scene has relaxed, Goa has also attracted more and more yoga enthusiasts.

One thing we love about Goa is that the beach huts and hotels here are stashed right up along the coastline, putting you right in the midst of the activity. You’ll still have access to all the same markets, cityscapes and beaches that make this vibrant spot so gorgeous, but with someone to change your bedsheets in the morning after a long night out.


Vietnam is the land of many faces – you’ve got endless rice paddies and rolling green landscapes on one end, and the towering skyscrapers of iconic cities like Ho Chi Minh City on the other. Holidays here are vast and varied, packed with endless bites of street food, adventures on motorbikes down narrow lanes and, of course, some pretty incredible beaches.

Backpacking through Vietnam was usually the preferred method of travel because it meant you could see both of the country’s faces in one go. Nowadays, with exotic package holidays like Thomson’s City Breaks, you can see multiple destinations of various flavours within Vietnam in just a single holiday. That’s hotel and transportation sorted. Consider the game of package holidays sufficiently changed.

Costa Rica

With rugged rainforests, volcanic peaks topped with wispy clouds and an incredible 5% of the world’s biodiversity contained within its borders, Costa Rica truly is something else. Once just a haven for backpackers, there are now luxury resorts dotted up and down the coastline. Staying here will get you prime real estate right along the beach.

Many of the activities in Costa Rica revolve around getting outdoors – ziplining through the rainforest, splashing around in the hot springs or hiking in the Arenal Volcano National Park. And while we love jumping headfirst into Costa Rica’s adventure scene, at the end of the day, a hotel room of your own will be a plush sight for sore eyes.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka flies way under the radar of holiday spots, and for that, we’re pretty grateful. National parks teeming with elephant herds, ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites and wraparound windswept beaches are just part of the reason why this Asian island is so amazing. The Sri Lankan cuisine – especially the fresh tea – and the friendly locals help make up the rest.

We especially love all-inclusive hotels in Sri Lanka not only because they’re affordable, but because they offer just that little extra twinge of comfortability you won’t know you needed until it’s there. Drinking water that’s safe for Brits, international cuisine and alcohol are hard to come by across Sri Lanka, but not at hotels. And when you want to branch out, convenient locations mean tuk-tuk rides won’t be necessary unless you want them.

You don’t need to spend your entire life savings to be comfortable on holiday – all you really need is the right package holiday that provides you with variety and independence.



Whether it’s your love for animals, the need to experience that warm tropical weather, or the vibrant cultures that attract you to the continent, Africa is definitely a holiday destination of choice.

If you would love to visit the continent someday, but are not sure exactly where you would like to go or what you would like to do, you’ll find all the most amazing choices in this article. And if you have already started building that list, we’ll help you add more options we know you’ll love.

Tanzania: The Great Migration

If the idea of watching as hundreds of thousands of zebra and about 1.4 million wildebeest make their yearly migration ticks your fancy, then Tanzania has to be on your list. The Great Migration could very well qualify as one of the most wonderful natural wonders of the planet. It is a circular grazing path conditioned by how much food is available. In January, the animals move from Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania, reach the Serengeti at about June, before reaching Masai Mara in Kenya at about September. Then, they head south once more.

As you might expect, you most certainly would get to see the animals up close from a safari truck, but even better, be sure you don’t miss a chance to see them from the air as you sail over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon. There is no doubt this particular one will be one of your favourite travel experiences ever.

Botswana: Special Water-Based Adventures

Now, if you have heard anything about travel in Botswana, you might have heard of the widely known Chobe River. It is no doubt a great location, but if you want an option with less of a crowd, you can spend a long day in a canoe drifting down the picturesque Selinda Spillway. It is entirely enchanting, with the alluring birdsong to delight you.

The Okavango Delta is connected to northern Botswana’s Linyanti Wetlands by this waterway. For decades, it had been dust-dry before it started to flow again in 2009. You’ll not want to miss the crocodiles and hippos who fill Selinda, if you fancy an action-packed adventure, that is.

South Africa: Kruger National Park

If you know anything about safari parks, chances are you have heard about Kruger National Park. You can head straight here to continue your Southern Africa tour after you have hit Botswana. You’ll get a chance to see an impressive variety of wildlife including the Big Five: rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and lion. There are also archaeological sites to explore and bushman rock paintings to admire. Whether you would like a walking safari, a drive through the reserve, or the view from a hot air balloon, you’ll have all the options to choose from. And when you have had your fill, you can go see the city of Johannesburg, which is only about three and a half to four and a half hours away.

Morocco: Djmaa el Fna

The Djmaa el Fna has been called the world’s most mesmerising market and it is easy to see why, with the henna painters, orange juice vendors, date sellers, story tellers, and of course, the snake charmers. Located in the heart of the ancient city of Marrakech, the Djmaa el Fna attracts people who are looking to enjoy an early evening promenade as night falls. The square fills up with mobile restaurants that sell salad, bread, and delicious grilled meats well into the night. It is also after dusk that you find the ladyboy dancers and tribal drummers eager to thrill their audience. This is one experience that is sure to leave you feeling like you are a character in an enchanting novel.

Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda: Gorilla Trekking

This is another one of the less popular, but absolutely terrific adventures you can enjoy in Africa. You can go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Congo, or Uganda to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity to sit in the company of a mountain gorilla family. Be warned though, the hiking is tough, but well worth it. Whichever country you decide to visit, the fun doesn’t end with the gorillas as you can enjoy classic big game safaris, chimpanzee trekking, and boating on ancient soda lakes.

Namibia: Sossusvlei Dunes

The Sossusvlei Dunes are the most exceptional attraction in Namibia, the result of millions of years of nature’s work. It might sound ironic that Sossusvlei translates to “the gathering place of water,” but the dunes were formed by material that was deposited by the surf after having flowed into the Atlantic from the Orange, and then carried north. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to climb the dune called Big Daddy, because it overlooks the Deadvlei, which is an expanse of white clay filled with the fossils and skeletons of age old camelthorn trees.

While you must already know you’ll need a water bottle for this one, don’t forget to get travel insurance as it could be a life saver if you happen to fall sick due to that glorious African heat. There are lots of good places to buy travel insurance, and to a certain extent the right choice depends on where you are travelling from. In the UK there are great comparison sites like Travel Supermarket. In Australia and New Zealand you might opt to visit this page Travel insurance | Quote and buy online | State NZ and buy online.

Zambia and Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls

Waterfalls don’t get much better than Victoria Falls. It provides a magnificent sight on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. At 108 metres high, the waterfall was once recorded to flow at 12,800 cubic meters per second, which is twice the highest flow recorded for Niagara.

The Kololo tribe who lived in the area in the 19th century called it Mosi-oa-Tunya. If you visit at the height of the rainy season, you will be able to see columns of spray from miles away. You’ll want to stop at the Knife-edge bridge, which presents tourists the best possible view of the Boiling Pot, the Main Falls, and the Eastern Cataract.




Top-Rated Travel Destinations in the USA

by Julie on September 22, 2017

Before your departure

Before you go ahead and plan your vacation itinerary, you should be aware of the visa requirements for entering the United states. Certain countries are waivered from the need for a visa if they have established relationships with the US Government. Ask a professional travel agent about acquiring an ESTA visa. A professional will be able to walk you through everything you need to know about the application process and check the ESTA visa status for you.

The culture of the United States has permeated modern western civilization in hundreds of countries all around the globe. Everyone dreams of visiting ‘The Land of the Free’ and sampling America’s opportunity for themselves. America is a vast country, with many different cultures and classes of people spread across its broad lands. There is so much to do and see that visiting it all in one trip is next to impossible unless you can afford to take a few months off from work.

If you want to take the hassle out of finding the best places to visit on your American vacation, consider these five options as some of the best the United States has to offer you.

#1 New Orleans

This Cajun city is the jazz music capital of the globe. The Big Easy has bars and clubs that play good music and serve great soul food well into the evening. One of the city’s major attractions is the Mardi Gras, a festival that happens once every year and attracts tourists from around the world.

#2 New York City

New York, The Big Apple, The City that never sleeps. This iconic city has earned itself many different monikers, and a visit to its busy streets will help you understand why. From the moment you land at FK airport and shuttle across the Brooklyn bridge, it’s clear that you are in New York city. Take a cab to Manhattan and check into one of the city’s finest hotels. Central Park is beautiful in both the summer and the wintertime, and a walk through the park followed by lunch in the Village is a great way to spend a day. In the evening, take in a show on Broadway, visit the bright lights of Times Square before retiring to your hotel. Listen to the sounds of the city at night while you sip on a cocktail and gaze out over the silhouetted skyscraper skyline.

#3 Las Vegas

Deep into the Nevada desert, lies the city of Las Vegas. The bright lights of the city can be seen for miles if you approach the city at night. Las Vegas is known as Sin City, and it’s easy to understand why. At all times of the day gamblers, tourists, and celebrities wander in and around the hotels and casinos. Las Vegas has the world’s best gaming, and hotel accommodation and a trip to the Strip will show you everything you need to know to understand American excess.

#4 Los Angeles

If you have kids, then Los Angeles has to be high on your priority list of places to visit in the States. The children’s dream of Disneyland exists in this town, and your kids will never forget their vacation to Disneyland and the fun they had with their parents. L.A has a collection of other famous spots to visit, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the boardwalks of the coastal towns are all exciting features of this cosmopolitan city.

#5 Maui – Hawaii

The Pacific Ocean is home to the tropical island chain paradise of Hawaii. There are eight Hawaiian Islands, and of them, Maui is the family vacation paradise. Take beautiful nature hikes and learn more about the local wildlife, birds, and vegetation. Spend the days in the water with the family trying out a variety of watersports. The sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are spectacular and an experience you will never forget.




Why A Family Road Trip Is A Great Holiday Idea

by Julie on September 18, 2017

Travelling abroad with your family can be an expensive and stressful ordeal. Despite the guaranteed sun and sandy beaches, family road trips are a great resort-holiday alternative. Make happy memories with your family and get the opportunity to explore places during your journey the next time your travel together. If you want to explore the wonders of the US, make sure you complete the esta registration form before you go. Find out why a family road trip is a great holiday idea below.

Design your own adventure

No matter if you decide to drive 50 miles or 1,000 miles on a family road trip you’re in control of how far and where you travel. On the way get to see nature at its finest and visit the places you might otherwise not get the opportunity to see. Road trips are a great alternative to going abroad since you have the freedom to do whatever you please.

The best thing about road trips is that no day is the same. Each day is riddled with new landscapes, towns and attractions to explore.

Leave the schedule behind

Arriving at the airport on time to catch your flight is the most stressful aspect to travelling as a family. Not only do you need to pack, feed and dress for you little ones, but also yourself. Road trips are great since you can go at your own pace and start your journey when you’re ready, not when you have to be.

Save money

Travelling with children can make you family holiday flight expenses at least increase by half. No matter if you’re a family of 3, 4 or 5, buying flights for your family is by no means cheap. Many families miss out on valuable time spent together due to the cost. Family road trips are undoubtedly cheaper than the all-inclusive resort. Using your own vehicle to travel across the country or to another saves the cost of renting a vehicle and having to take out auto insurance. It also gives families the freedom to stay in hotels outside of the city. Cities tend to attract tourists and when tourists are attracted, the prices rise. From food to accommodation, staying just outside of the city will save you a little extra cash on your trip!

Travel more

Since you’re saving money, you may be able to travel more often. Road trips don’t require adventures that take weeks, if not months to complete, sometimes as much as a weekend getaway could be just what you and your family need.

Take what you want, not what you have to

When travelling by car you can literally take what you want with you. You no longer have to decide between what toys and teddies to take along with you. When packing to fly, you have to decide what is essential to take with you and what is OK to be left behind. When you’re in control of your journey, you can bring those items you might need “just in case” without the need to worry about baggage allowances.


 Have you heard the call of the wild? Perhaps you were fascinated by Cowboys and Indians when you were a child? What would you say if we told you that you could relive some of your age-old fantasies, and enjoy a truly unique holiday at the same time? Does this all sound too good to be true? Well think again! There’s a lot to be said about choosing a canyon for you next stateside holiday. So, if long walks under the starry skies, hard days in the saddle and bottomless gorges are top of your bucket list, read on to find out why US canyons should be the top of your list.

 Modern Commodities and Facilities Are always a Given

Now, we know you might want the authentic western experience, but we know you won’t want to sacrifice too much on comfort – it is a holiday after all.  Canyon hotels offer a range of accommodation and room-types to meet with your budget, without scrimping on style or comfort. Don’t forget to check out the authentic cuisine for that all-round canyon experience. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Utah then Ruby’s Inn will make for an unforgettable stay. Find out more about bryce canyon hotels.

 Way out West

Fancy doing your grocery shopping and taking a trip back in time? Do you dream of swinging through saloon doors? You can pick up a whole lot more than just delicious freshly baked bread or local treats in canyon towns. In fact, you will even find fossils, rocks and local handicrafts too – each unique to the region you’re visiting, a great memento for your nearest and dearest back home.  So, go on, give the wild west a try.

 Make like Buffalo Bill

Perhaps you are saddle shy or out of practice? Even if you’ve never spent much time on horseback, why not give it a go. Not only is horse riding a more leisurely paced way to see the sights and stunning views that await you, it will keep the kids happy and entertained too. It will also provide you with unique holiday photos for the album. Don’t worry, as strict health and safety measures mean you and your party will be kept in good hands.

Four Wheels Are Better than Two

More of a petrol head? Or perhaps you don’t want to slow down too much. Don’t worry, there’s a buggy or ATV to suit all driving abilities and sizes, if you fancy a more adventurous way of seeing all that scenery that’s waiting out there for you. Even if you’ve never given ATV driving much thought, there are experienced instructors on hand, and a choice of tours – from sunrise to sunset – available for you to choose from. Not much of a petrol head? Why not take your time to discover some of the acres of trails and routes that stretch across and around US canyons? Most locations will also offer bike rentals or bike tours too.