Austin’s flat, vast and lusciously green landscapes are perfectly suitable for breath-taking golf courses. Add to that the year-round favorable weather conditions, and the city surely earns its reputation as a golfer’s haven.

Greater Austin’s golf clubs are home to several local golf tournaments, all of which are evenly distributed among its several golf courses. Some of the region’s most reputable golf clubs are the Avery Ranch Golf Club and the Teravista Golf Club, both of which are known for more than just their boundless landscapes – they also make impressive wedding locations. It is easy to see why – all of the Clubs’ perks that make them desirable as golf clubs also hold true for them being perfect locations for tying the knot.

Located in northwest Austin, the Avery Ranch Golf Club is the Jack Nicklaus designer’s, Andy Raugust, masterpiece. Its beautiful setting – thick with dense oaks, meandering creeks and abundant wildlife – is so impressive that it is said to have once attracted Indians and robbers. This historically significant area has a reputation of a spectacular up-scale golf course that houses natural limestone caverns, knobby live-oak trees, rolling hills, lots of deer, ravines, streams and lakes. The Club’s natural richness helps create a memorable, fun and excellent but also challenging golf as well as wedding experience. Some of Avery Ranch’s holes on the front nine are lined with homes, but the majority of the course still lined with trees and pockets of nature. A little fact about the Avery Ranch Golf Club: Raugust had to use dynamite to blast rock out of the landscape for five holes. And while you are looking for beautiful and memorable wedding photographs, make sure to wander over to holes 7 and 13, both of which have their own unique natural charms. Hole 7 allows golfers to enjoy the Club’s the spectacular multi-level green as well as the huge rock wall fronting it, the large bunker to the right as well as native cacti to the back. No. 13 features water on the right side, beautiful oaks in to its back as well as a unique ridge of rocks to the right of the hole.

On the other hand, with a reputation for great golf course conditions, an unparalleled golfing experience as well as the best greens in the Austin area, the Teravista Golf Club has its own charm that is sure to impress as a wedding venue as well. The Championship 18-hole Club is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. As such, if you want to capture the beauty of the Hill Country’s rich colorful history and panoramic views in your wedding memories, this golf course will not disappoint. Its impressive views span over 30 miles, and the Club’s rolling landscape spreads across a 7,200-yard layout. The Club’s ranch house, with its rustic elegance that inspires from the moment you walk through its front gates, makes it a perfect wedding ceremony location. Furthermore, the Club’s 22,000 square foot practice green also offers ample wedding photography opportunities. Also not to miss is the Caldwell Café, the Club’s full service restaurant that offers a variety of golf inspired menu items. In addition, rest assured that the Teravista Golf Club’s catering service will make sure that one of your most treasured memories will go as smoothly and elegantly as possible.



10 Stunning Cities in an Instant

by Julie on February 20, 2018

City breaks are all the rage these days – but what is it that truly sets one city apart from another?

Is it the people, the history, the architecture, or the industry? Or might it be the unique fingerprint that these factors and more combine to create?

Take London for instance. It’s not the biggest city in the world, yet everything happens at such tremendous scale that England’s capital has had a gravitational pull on career-chasers and fun-lovers from all around the globe. Home to a historic royal family; headquarters of the most pompous of fallen empires; there’s little that’s modest to be found in London town.

Except, that is, for the fact that ordinary, inventive Brits and migrants have sought to create nooks and crannies to call their own. You’re never far from a cozy pub or a hidden park, a shop-front gallery or a family-run greengrocers. If you can balance your trip between ‘bucket list’ sights such as Big Ben and community-run entertainment like the co-operative Deptford Cinema, you’ll see a truer, more complex picture of London emerge.

It’s just this kind of living contradiction that stirred the imagination of the good people at Big Domain. For their latest picture set, they’ve designed a series of multiple exposure images to give a multi-layered impression of ten popular cities – including, naturally, London. Their picture of the Big Smoke itself features chic everyday people, cycling commuters, and counter-culture skateboarders against a backdrop of the Houses of Parliament and tourist mainstay The London Eye.

Other cities from across the world get similar treatment. New York is a younger city than London, but features a comparable blend of high culture and street fashion, busy professionals and iconic transport networks. Visitors to New York can expect to chill in the Greenwich Village cafés in the day before taking in a Broadway show in the evening – or perhaps taking it slow and making your way out for an all-night party in the city that never sleeps.

But other cities celebrate a wholly different culture cocktail. New York is but an afterthought in the history of civilization next to ancient Cairo. While Egypt’s capital can boast a couple of dozen skyscrapers of its own, the real architectural features here go back millennia – The Great Pyramid and Sphinx are just a stone’s throw from town. The heart of the city itself is a colorful, shoulder-to-shoulder experience of street trade and colorful invention. Take a look at Big Domain’s composite picture, and you can almost hear the everyday life!

Sydney, Australia is another proposition again. Young, like New York, and down-to-Earth like London, Sydney’s culture is all the same far more laid back and easy-going than its northern counterparts. That’s not to say it’s quiet. A trip to the beach beats a trip to the pub, and you’ll usually find a party in the air when you arrive. The famous Opera House offers refined entertainment in the evening (or just a great view during the day) before you finally cave and head to the bar to begin an evening of Aussie-style debauchery!

And let’s not overlook the cities of Asia. Delhi, Hong Kong, and Tokyo all feature in Big Domain’s photoset, and they each have their own charm to offer – from the elegance and innovation of Tokyo, to the bustle and spice of Hong Kong, to Delhi’s curious clash of ancient spirituality and thriving business scene.

It all adds up to a picture of the 21st century metropolis that has to be experienced to be understood. Take a glance at these pictures, and hopefully it’ll be a bit easier to decide which one to visit first!


Top 3 Countries to Consider for Immigration

by Julie on February 19, 2018

The political and economic structure of the world has been changing rapidly. Big political and economic powers such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, that received a high number of immigrants every year from all across the globe, have bow taken a hard line against immigration and have imposed stricter border controls.

On the other hand the economic slumps and political instabilities in many countries is making them consider migration to other countries where they can get better opportunities. Although the conventional immigrant magnets such as UK and USA have grown conservative in this regard, many other countries who are much smaller in geographical area but are rapidly growing in terms of economy have emerged in support of immigration and open borders.

Most of these countries have low local population to fulfill the workforce demands of a growing economy, therefore they encourage immigrants from other countries and offer them better employment opportunities. There are many countries that have immigrant friendly policies however, the standard of living, quality of life and infrastructure varies from country to country.  Here are top 3 countries that you should consider for relocation based on various factors other than their immigration policies.

1.      Singapore

Unlike most countries sought by immigrants, Singapore is a small country situated in Asia. It is one of the smallest countries yet one of the strongest economies of the world. Over the years, Singapore has grown by leaps and bounds in to a modern cosmopolitan that is now a major financial and economic hub of the continent.

Singapore has a tropical climate with natural landscapes surrounding the settlements which makes it very pleasant to reside there. It offers excellent educational and medical facilities that are unmatched by any other country. It is one of the most foreigner friendly country when it comes to employment.

That being said, their employment standards regarding qualification and experience are very high, which makes acquiring work permit a tad bit difficult. It is recommended that you acquire a good immigration consultant such as Immigration Solutions Singapore to determine the type of visa and your chances of employment in Singapore.

2.      Canada

Ever since Justin Trudeau had been elected as the Prime Minister of Canada, the country has grown more immigrant friendly with more lenient immigration policies. It has not only opened its borders for refugees and immigrants from other countries without ethnic discrimination, but has also been very vocal about the need of open borders globally.

Canada is a country with a large geographical area in proportion of their population. Many Canadian provinces are undergoing economic growth and require skilled workforce and start ups which makes it a great destination for people who are seeking better employment or business opportunities. Unlike other countries, Canada offers much more social welfare such as free education and affordable healthcare to its immigrants. Canadian government has set up user friendly immigration portals that lets you apply online and the process is smooth and simple.

3.      Switzerland

Contrary to popular opinion, Switzerland has emerged as a very immigrant friendly country in the recent history. It has a very strong economy, high GDP and a very low unemployment rate with a small local population, which makes it very attractive for foreign immigrants that are seeking promising career opportunities. Switzerland is a modern country with exceptional infrastructure and living standards that makes your life pleasant and comfortable.


2017 was a record-breaking year for the UK cruise industry, and 2018 looks set to be even bigger in terms of passenger numbers setting sail from UK ports.

The news comes as Southampton port recorded in excess of 2 million cruise passengers through its doors in 2017. “A huge amount of work goes into ensuring all passengers transit through our facilities with the greatest of ease and it is testament to our whole port community that 2 million cruise passengers receive Southampton’s world class service”, explained ABP Southampton Director, Alastair Welch.

The number of UK-based passengers departing from home ports more than doubled in the decade leading to 2016, when totals reached 912,000 in comparison to 460,000 10 years earlier. With that in mind, leading cruise lines are anticipating even greater numbers to travel via UK ports this year.

“Fly-cruises have traditionally been more popular among UK cruise passengers”, explains representative Ian Crawford. “Yet the modernisation of ports, a greater range of destinations to choose from and the ease associated with travelling from home soil have all helped to make cruising from the UK a more appealing option in recent years.”

A boom of first-time cruisers

UK ports are proving particularly popular with new and first-time cruisers, who are keen to simplify their debut cruise experience. “Without a doubt, the biggest draw for cruisers to depart from home ports is how quick and easy the process can be”, explains Crawford.

Indeed, those setting sail from the UK are able to begin the holiday of a lifetime the moment they step onto the ship, especially on All Inclusive voyages. “Meals, entertainment, accommodation… everything is taken care of as soon as you’re onboard”, he concludes. “Having the opportunity to skip busy airports and avoid the stress of extra travel naturally appeals to new and experienced cruisers alike.”

Destinations to cruise to from the UK

Cruisers departing from the UK have more destinations to choose from than ever before, with the Norwegian Fjords, Canary Islands and some of Europe’s most famed cities available to cruise to directly from UK shores.

In addition, transatlantic and world cruises depart directly from Southampton. P&O Cruises’ 2019 Western Circumnavigation itinerary sails from this famed port, and over the course of 99 nights takes in the likes of Honolulu, Brisbane and Mumbai.

Southampton continues to be the leading cruise port in the UK, and last year was named the 11th busiest port in the world. Four passenger terminals are in operation, with ships from the likes of Royal Caribbean, Cunard and P&O Cruises all calling the port home.

Many of the other cruise ports in the UK are also growing in popularity. The UK is lucky to have a great selection of cruise ports to choose from, and some of the smaller ones have really come into their own in recent years. Ports including Tilbury and Liverpool, which recently celebrated 10 years as a cruise port, are also expected to see increased departure numbers in 2018.


Golf has a reputation of being an elite sport that consumes too much of both time and money. But what attracts people to the game is the yard where it’s played on- a golf course. From tiny greens at high altitude mountain ranges in New Zealand to those crafted out of giant icebergs in Greenland, the scenic beauty of a golf course never ceases to amaze the golfers as well as the tourists. Be it for a community walk or for concerts, golf courses showcasing brilliant layouts never fail to entice tourists! Plan your vacation to these finest golf courses in the world to experience the best of this sport!

  1.  Muirfield Village Golf Club

Known for low-key, straightforward links with fairways, Muirfield Village Golf Club is a paradise for golfers in Gullane, Scotland. Opened in 1744, this is the course where Jack Nicklaus won his first British Open. Challenging and testing to the core, this golf course consists of the routing changes direction on every hole.

  1. Pebble Beach Golf Links

Considered to be the best-known course in the United States, Pebble Beach Golf Links bequeath visitors with outstanding views of the rocky shores of the California’s Pacific coast. This is a challenging course with wind being a major gamechanger. Beautifully maintained and nestled in a picturesque locality, take help of this vacation planner to plan a wonderful trip to this exciting place.

  1. Royal Melbourne Golf Club

An attractive private club that has two 18-hole courses, Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a lovely golf course in Australia. Consisting of Alister MacKenzie’s 1926 routing, this golf club consists of a composite course that was once ranked among the best in the world by several publications!

  1. Tara ITI Golf Club

Nestled in Mangawhai, New Zealand, Tara ITI Golf Club is far more links-like as compared to the country’s other coastal courses which are on rock. Housing delicately created hummocks, punchbowls and sand dunes, this golf course is nothing less than a work of art! Another USP of this golf course is that it provides splendid views of the Hauraki Gulf.

  1. Shanqin Bay Golf Club

Boasting of wide corridors flanked by forested areas, big intricate greens and ragged-edge bunkering, Shanqin Bay Golf Club is considered to be the most controversial course ever built Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. The outstanding views of the South China Sea are added perks at this golf course!

Filled with greenery and boasting of outstanding locations, golf courses are ideal places to relax and unwind!


Best places around the world to go kayaking

by Julie on February 12, 2018

Kayaking is the type of water sport that besides being fun and offering quite a few health and fitness benefits, also triggers the desire to travel more.  There are numerous destinations across the globe that draw the interest and attention of those passionate about this sport yearly. Whether you are just a beginner or have gained some experience, discovering some of the best locations to go kayaking should be something to think about. So which places can actually give you the chance to enjoy kayaking to the fullest?

New Zealand – Milford Sound

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for anyone who practices this type of sport regularly, and Milford Sound is the fjord that usually draws most attention. Being surrounded by impressive green peaks, paddling the waters of Milford Sound will be nothing like you have ever experienced before. While enjoying your favorite activity you can let your let yourself carried away by the mesmerizing scenery around you.

Hawaii – Na Pali Coast

If you have been kayaking for quite some time, it’s impossible not to have heard about Na Pali Coast, being a destination recommended by all kayaking pros. Although the 17 miles coastline might be difficult to access – you can reach it only by helicopter, boat or hiking – once you get a glimpse of the natural raw beauty found there, you will see that it was worth the extra effort. Paddling on your best sit-on-top tandem kayak will give you the chance to actually discover all that this Hawaiian coastline has to offer, from breathtaking waterfalls to vibrant green cliffs.

Canada – Vancouver Island

Want to know what kayaking with orcas feels like? Then don’t miss the chance to go to Canada’s Vancouver Island. With a scenery that consists of superb mountains, and ancient forests, the marine park in the west coast of Canada is a must-see for any passionate kayaker. The wild animals, starting from dolphins and orcas and up to eagles and bears, will make paddling seem more exciting and fascinating than ever.

Mexico – Baja California

With abundant wildlife, high cliffs and a desert landscape, Baja California makes kayaking a warm and pleasant adventure. While paddling on this beach’s crystal-clear waters, you will easily be able to spot whales and other sea creatures. Once you arrive there, you will immediately fall in love with the amazing surroundings. Those living in close proximity never miss the opportunity to put their kayak rack on their car, travel to Baja California and go explore the waters.

Kayaking is the type of watersport that anybody should try once in a lifetime, combining relaxation with excitement and adrenaline rush. Once you become passionate about this sort of activity, it will also determine you to travel more and discover the best destinations for kayaking across the globe, the examples mentioned above being the ones you should have on the top of your bucket list. From Milford Sound to Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast, these locations will make each kayaking experience unique and memorable.


Top 4 Places to Visit in California

by Julie on February 12, 2018

If you and your loved ones intend to fly to California for your next vacation getaway, you should take time to plan your trip in advance. Obviously, there are going to be certain destinations you want to visit while spending time in the Golden State. But do you really know where all the action is?

For those of you looking to discover the top places to visit in California, you’re in luck because we’re about to share them with you today. We’ve narrowed down some of the top tourist attractions besides Disneyland in Anaheim, and we’d like to tell you all about them today.

Let’s get to it without further delay.

Santa Catalina Island

If you’re looking for a fun filled, action-packed island holiday, then look no further than Santa Catalina Island. The fun thing about this gorgeous place is there are so many adrenaline packed activities that even the biggest adrenaline junkies will have a hard time keeping up.

Some of the more action-packed adventures you can go on include the Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour, the Cape Canyon Expedition for all you off-road enthusiasts, and the Ocean Runner Ribcraft Dolphin Tour. If you’re looking for adventure and excitement, you’ll definitely find it here. Besides the activities previously mentioned, you can enjoy camping, horseback riding, the Catalina Island Undersea Expedition, paddle boarding, kayaking, sunbathing, snorkeling, and so much more.

Death Valley National Park

This sounds like a scary place to visit, right? Well, it isn’t as scary as the name suggests. But this beautiful national park definitely has some distinctive features about it.

As an example, the national park actually lies below sea level. At that elevation, it’s one of the driest, lowest, and hottest national parks throughout the United States of America. Even though it has a very scary and morbid sounding name, when you visit you’re actually going to see gorgeous snow capped mountains, beautiful sand dunes, and a wide variety of diverse and natural oases and other habitats.

Los Angeles

When you travel all this way to visit California, you’d be remiss to pass up an opportunity to visit LA. There are so many amazing cultural attractions, plus you have Universal Studios and Disneyland to check out as well.

But forget about theme parks for a moment. To truly get the most out of LA, you can take in a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, listen to the LA Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, spend some time hanging out on Malibu beach, go for a hike through Griffith Park or the Santa Monica Mountains, ride a bike on many of the bike paths that go through the city and enjoy the amazing food in this cultural Mecca.

San Diego

This California hotspot is where many of the rich and famous like to call home. It’s also a place of great diverse culture with more than 90 museums and nine different art districts. So if you’re enthusiastic about culture and art, you’ll definitely love spending time in San Diego because it will be the perfect vacation destination for someone of your caliber.

There’s plenty to do in San Diego as well. You can go to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, and take the Old Town Trolley Tour. Or if you prefer lounging on the beach, there are 75 miles of gorgeous coastline just waiting for you. You can sunbathe, snorkel, scuba dive, swim, or anything else your heart desires.


Clearly, there are truly some amazing places to visit in California. We highly recommend vacationing in this state sooner rather than later. You’ll love it and truly cherish your time here with your family and friends.