Genius Vacation Ideas

by Julia on July 19, 2019

Take a trip for your wedding

No, not your honeymoon — your actual wedding. Destination weddings are all the rage these days, and happy brides and grooms are hopping on cruise ships and planes to their weddings in Iceland, Hawaii, and other exotic locations across the globe.

Destination weddings aren’t for everyone, and they do come with some planning challenges. There are also some great companies out there that will help you plan yours, though, and the experience of combining a dream vacation with the most important day of your life is surely one that you will never forget. If you and your partner are getting closer to that ultimate commitment, then maybe you should discuss a vacation that is truly once-in-a-lifetime.

Rent an RV for a road trip

The great American road trip is a classic vacation choice for a reason. But let’s face it: When you’re on the road for hours and hours a day, a regular car or truck can start to seem cramped. That’s why there are recreational vehicles, which offer all the comforts of home on four (or more) wheels. RVs are wonderful ways to travel, and they can save you a mint on room and board by allowing you to stay in campsites without sacrificing your comfort. If RVs are your kind of thing (and you know what you’re getting into), then there’s no better way to take a vacation.

Of course, RVs don’t necessarily make good investments. Unless you plan to use yours an awful lot, it’s probably not a good idea to buy one. You can rent one, however, and that can make the whole idea a whole lot simpler. Teaming up with friends or loved ones to rent an RV and take off across the country or through the nearest National Park is a great way to build memories and an experience that’s uniquely American.

Go way off the beaten path

Some places are known as vacation destinations, but others are not — at least, not yet. Keep in mind that unusual choices for vacation destinations can make for incredible experiences. If you make a niche choice, you’ll beat the crowds and encounter cultures and vacation scenes that are unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Sometimes, unusual destinations go mainstream — just look at Iceland, for instance. Other times, they continue to draw in small numbers of happy tourists year after year. The bottom line is this: Don’t feel pressured to go where everyone else is going. Strike out on your own: Go to a state you’ve never been to before or a country that you’ve barely heard of. Do your research, find places that interest you, and don’t worry about whether they’re supposed to be orthodox “vacation spots” or not.

Visit a classic destination

Hawaii. Florida. The Bahamas. When we think of vacations, we think of these sorts of places — the classic scenes of the sort that we’d find in vacation clip art and stock photos. Many people try to get clever about their vacations; they’ll avoid these places, and they’ll go off the beaten path. As we’ve just seen, that’s a viable option but don’t overthink it.

There’s a reason that so many tourists flock to Florida year after year. It’s a wonderful place with great weather, it’s easy to access from other states and abroad, and it’s full of destinations that can absorb those big vacation crowds. There are plenty of reasons to choose coastlines for your next vacation.

If you’re worried about crowds, just seek out resorts and towns nearby the big names — instead of going to Miami Beach, head to Jupiter or Port St. Lucie. You’ll still find all the same sorts of attractions: There are stunning beaches and boat tours in Jupiter and all along Florida’s coast, and many of the towns and beaches will leave you plenty of personal space. Don’t ignore the classic vacation destinations: They’re classic for a reason.


If you’re dreaming of a Mediterranean yacht charter, there’s probably a few A-list destinations that you have in mind, such as St Tropez or Capri, Mykonos or Hvar. Superyachts flock to these destinations each summer, creating an almost mythic reputation for glamour and decadent fun in the sun, all set against a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty, whether that’s on the French Riviera, the Amalfi, or Sardinia’s Emerald Coast.

But for those looking for hidden spots to charter – destinations with quieter anchorages, authentic restaurants, and a robust local culture – there are a multitude of lesser-known gems just waiting for your yacht to drop anchor. Those willing to float a little further afield can also discover uninhabited islands, exquisite national parks, and secluded beaches only reached by boat or goat path.

In many cases, you can even combine the best of both worlds on a Mediterranean yacht charter, with tranquil spots just a short cruise from the vibrant yachting capitals.

Best-kept secrets to explore on a Mediterranean yacht charter

Croatia’s hidden charms

Over the last decade luxury yacht charters in Croatia have wildly grown in popularity, with superyachts setting off from Dubrovnik for a cruise through the heavenly southern Dalmatian islands, sampling the Venetian architecture of Korcula, the monasteries and lakes of quiet Mjlet, and the epic beach clubs and glamourous nightlife of Hvar.

However, for those wishing to get off the beaten path, there are over a thousand islands off the Croatian coast to be discovered, whether that’s heading further out to the tiny island of Bisevo to discover its blue cave, ruined monastery, and dolphin pods, or heading north from Split to float through the dreamy Kornati islands, where birds soar over empty sea cliffs and national parks roll down to deserted beaches. Further north still, the quiet island of Susak promises sandy beaches, gorgeous forest paths, and a biennial international art expo, while the Brijuni archipelago off the Istrian Peninsula is made up of 14 pine-covered isles with a safari park, Roman ruins, and national park. Croatia’s coastline offers magnificent cruising at every turn.

The secret Cyclades

When it comes to the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, the epic sunsets of Santorini and the party scene of Mykonos tend to hog the spotlight. But just a short cruise away lie two spectacular islands which are lesser-known on the superyacht circuit and promise a different perspective. Like Santorini, Milos and Folegandros were both forged by volcanoes, leaving striking landscapes rising up out of a gin-clear sea.

Tiny Folegrandos shares the vertiginous volcanic landscape of Santorini, but not (yet) its fame. Its sugar-cube villages set high above the sea offer the same magnificent sunsets as its glamorous neighbour, yet you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking views and pretty blue-green anchorages largely free of crowds on your Mediterranean yacht charter. Sometimes referred to as the ‘authentic Greek island’ and home to only 650 permanent residents, you’ll dine at tiny family-run restaurants with only 5 tables in a garden courtyard, and wander whitewashed village plazas where Greek matriarchs sit on doorsteps, dressed in mourning black. Donkeys still work on the fields, and thousand year-old houses cling to the arid hillsides.

Just north of Santorini you’ll find Milos, where there are 70 beaches, surreal lunar-like landscapes, and sea caves and hot springs favoured by Hippocrates himself. Exploring Folegandros and Milos is like stepping back in time, before returning to the glamour and excitement of Santorini and Mykonos.

Corsica’s natural wonders

A combined Corsica and Sardinia trip is one of the most popular itineraries for a Mediterranean yacht charter, taking in the gorgeous ports of Bonifacio, Ajaccio and Porto Vecchio before floating through the breathtaking Maddalena Archipelago and across to Sardinia’s splendid Costa Smerelda.

A luxury yacht charter allows guests to see a part of Corsica that most tourists miss: the UNESCO-listed Scandola Reserve in the Gulf of Porto, where turquoise water laps against deep red cliffs, wild rosemary grows on steep paths around ruined medieval watchtowers, and turtles swim in glowing blue grottos. Further into the Gulf of Porto, the tiny hamlet of Girolata offers seafood restaurants on the beach and heavenly walks where you may not see another soul. Because this area is only accessed by boat, it is truly one of the Mediterranean’s hidden gems.

Whether you wish to stay close to the established superyacht playgrounds or cruise further afield, the Mediterranean still offers many hidden treasures to those privileged enough to explore this region aboard a luxury charter yacht.


The coastline of Great Britain is both spectacular and varied. From the white sandy beaches of  Pembrokeshire, to the scenic rugged cliff tops of the Highlands, you can see the country at it’s finest on a road trip in your RV. The freedom of travel is there in front of you and there are 7,723 miles to explore. If you walked this, it would take you half a year to make it round the country. But in your RV you can take a fantastic week long vacation and experience the best that Great Britain has to offer.

Beautifully equipped campsites

In Britain, it’s generally frowned upon to park up randomly beside the road for the night. However rest-assured that camping is a British institution and 47% of people that camp in Britain, choose to travel to the coast. This is why you will find some of the most well-equipped campsites in Europe, with not only find some outstanding cooking and washroom facilities, but also play areas and entertainment for the children. Even if you are travelling alone in your RV, there is a real community feel to many of the British coastal campsites - you may even make some new friends.

Great seasonal produce

Touring round the coast of Britain in your RV, you will be able to sample some of the best seasonal, local produce that the country has to offer. In particular the seafood is spectacular – you can stock up your RV fridge and have some very special meals. There are smoked prawns from Cley-Next-The-Sea in Norfolk, along with crab from Cromer. Cockles and whelks from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Lobster from Port Isaac in Cornwall and Langoustine from Ayrshire. You can try something new every day of the week – far better than eating from a burger van.

Best beaches in Britain

Britain’s beaches are so diverse, that you would need a road trip to truly experience the natural beauty of the country. Start down in Brighton and watch a movie in the moonlight, on the stony shore. Then head round to Kent and experience some traditional British seaside at Margate. A must-see on your trip is Holkham Beach in Norfolk “where the sea meets the sky.” Northumberland also has some of the best beaches in the country, including Bamburgh, with it’s drifting white sand dunes.

In your RV you can have a wonderful trip, visiting the quirky, cool and beautiful coastal towns and villages in Britain. You have the freedom of the road and over 7,000 miles to explore.


What awning is best for a 4 berth caravan?

by Julia on July 17, 2019

Did you know that 4 berth caravans are one of the most popular berth’s of choice for large families? Large family caravans are a fantastic way to holiday, as you can often have nationwide trips, whilst having the convenience of fixed beds, warm shower rooms and great communal spaces.

Most 4 berth caravans are fitted with a double bed, single beds or bunk beds, making them a versatile choice for british families. These touring caravans often include a separate shower unit, a front lounge (Bailey’s 4 berth caravans include conservatory-esque windows), a large water tank and U or L shaped side dinettes.

With such great features, your caravan probably already feels like a second home. Chances are, you’ve already splashed out on a motor mover to help you shift the heavy twin axle, or maybe you’re new to the world of caravans and motorhomes, and you’re interested in what accessories are on offer. In this article, we look at awnings. Awnings are tent-style canopies that you can attach to your caravan in order to provide some more breathing room, add extra berths, or have a nice porch for evening activities. Here are our top picks for 2019.

  1. 2019 Isabella Commodore North Awning

This awning is idea for large families. It’s 3 meters deep, with a choice of three types of frames. It includes a panoramic window, mosquito nets and integrated ventilation panels.

  1. Dorema President XL280 De Luxe Grey Full Caravan Awning

Dorema’s De Luxe awning is a top quality awning for any summer trip. It includes window blinds. Double anchor hook hittings (so you can place the mud flap in or out) and a breathable roof design. There’s also multiple entrances in this version, which saves you treading through any central seating areas on rainy days!

  1. Kampa Frontier Air Pro 400 Caravan Awning

The Frontier is one of the largest awnings on the market. Being an air awning, it includes a single inflation point so it’s quick and easy to pitch. The front panels can even be removed to reduce your towing weight. It fits 4 berth caravans with an attaching height between 235cm-250cm.

  1. PRIMA Classic Canopy Air Awning

PRIMA’s air awning can be constructed in less than 2 minutes, with real cotton drapes and large skylights for a bright and airy view. All of PRIMA’s awnings come with a 2 year warranty so you can be sure your awning stay up during all seasons.

These awnings are our top picks for any 4 berth caravan, however, make sure that you check the specifications of your vehicle to ensure that you’ve found the right fit.


Phuket in Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kingdom. The problem with popularity within the tourism industry is also overcrowding. It is true that Phuket is a luxurious and tropical tourist destination, but only if you are wise enough to avoid the tourist hotspots where things can become a little too crazy for those looking for a relaxing and quiet holiday on Thailand’s largest island.

  1. Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

It is amazing that not many people actually stop at Nai Yang Beach, which is where the Sirinat National Park is also located in the north of the island next to the airport.

Most of the clientele in the hotels in this very quiet and tropical spot are airline employees at the beachfront is just a short 5-minute drive from Phuket’s international and domestic airport. This means the hotels here do some very good trade all year round, and it also means that while occupancy rates are high in the hotels here, the beach is virtually empty even in peak season.

There are a series of resorts, restaurants, and hotels along the beach front. There is a small local night scene here too if that is your thing. If you are interested in staying on Nai Yang Beach even for a couple of nights, then you have the option of low, mid, and high-end accommodation as well as dining in the area. On top this, you will practically have your own private beach.

One of the suggested places to wine and dine Thia style is the Boss Bar in Naiyang Park Resort. There are a few other nice places to eat just a short walk from this bar where you can get high-end pizzas and Italian food.

  1.  Sai Kaew Beach, Phuket

This is another beach located in the north of the island. It seems that the north of Phuket is largely ignored by tourists who tend to head down to Patong or Kata beaches where it must be said, the hustle and bustle of both these beaches are not for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Sai Kaew beach offers a beautiful sandy beach and is located just before you come to the Sarasin Bridge, which connects the island of Phuket to the mainland province of Phang Nga. Along the beach, there are some great bamboo style restaurants where the food is much cheaper and tastier compared to the more tourist-ridden areas of the island.

  1. Kamala Beach, Phuket 

This is another area many tourists booking a visit to Phuket tend to overlook. The allure of other beaches is arguably the main reason that Kamala Beach has managed to keep its charming character. There are slightly more visitors here compared to our first to example making it the perfect location for those looking for a mix of that tropical beach experience and somewhere that is not too far off the beaten track.

The town’s atmosphere here is reasonably quiet and very relaxed. There is not a huge party scene and the nightlife on this beach is for those that prefer a quiet drink, some live entertainment, and early retirement to bed ready for the next day.

Phuket Luxury Villas by Inspiring Villas is a very good place to look for high-end accommodation on this beach; especially, if you are travelling in a group and you are looking for a place with your own swimming pool.

Summary Of Our Guide

Next time you think Thailand, and Phuket springs to mind, think of this guide. It is so easy to get sucked into the main tourist areas on the island and end up in a noisy spot where prices are inflated and local party goers tend to party a little too hard – not ideal if you are on a family holiday.

Above we have suggested 3 of the best beaches on the island, and if you do fancy a night of hard partying, then just arrange transportation with your hotel or trip organizers and spend a day in the thick of it, then return to your quiet and tropical beach location for a pleasant recovery.


Traveling In The Galapagos Islands

by Julia on July 10, 2019

The first time that you go traveling, it is exhilarating. Sitting and looking at where you might go. Some of the most sought after locations for the real explorers among us are Bali, the Galapagos Islands and Bora Bora (so nice they named it twice!).

But of those, the Galapagos boasts the most exciting landscapes on earth. It’s more than the sea and sand. There is the possibility to see so much wildlife too. For example, did you know that the area is still volcanically active? Or that there 20 islands, 42 islets, and 250+ rocks making up the Galapagos Islands? If you really want to make the most of your visit, then a package from can help you maximise your sightseeing time.

But you’ll need to know what you want to see before you head over, so start your planning early.

So here are a couple of things that you should know.

Getting Around

You’ll likely arrive by plane, much like the 79,000 visitors per year do. But after that? Although there are plenty of ways to travel typically by boat is going to be easiest. Due to the fact that 97% of the Galapagos is a national park, you’re going to need a tour guide or official Certified Naturalist Guide with you.

There is the option to catch a plane between islands, but by doing that you kind of miss out on the islands vibes that the sea can bring you.

Swimming Lizards

This might come as a bit of a surprise if you haven’t done your research. Almost 20% of the marine life in endemic to the location. That includes marine iguanas! Yes, they are the only lizard that found the loved to water so much they can hunt, feed, and swim in it.

It is quite a sight to see.

Perfect All The Time

Another fantastic thing is that there is never a bad time to visit. Although there are two distinct seasons, it is never going to be too cold. It just doesn’t happen. The weather and temperature stay even throughout the year.

When it comes to seasons, you have a dry season and hot season. It is during the hot season you are likely to see some rainfall, but that season lasts from December to May. The ocean, however, is lovely to be in, and it stays warm at around 79f. The dry season looks like one would expect. The lush greens disappear. However, from June to November, there is a fresh wind which feels fantastic.

Tortoise & Turtles

This might be one of the reasons so many people head to the Galapagos. The Galapagos tortoise can live long beyond a century. And therefore it is one of the longest living animals on the planet. And you can see them in the wild. (Always with the aid of a guide).

Something also wonderfully old is the green sea turtle – which as the name suggests, will be found in the sea. Some researchers believe these to have swum the oceans the same time as dinosaurs roamed the earth.


In 1978 UNESCO designated Galapagos as the first World Heritage site – which is no small feat. World Heritage definition “landmark or area which is selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as having cultural, historical, scientific or other forms of significance, and is legally protected by international treaties.”[1]

In other words, some islands don’t have any human living on them, so that they are kept as they have always been. You’ll also find that the Galapagos National Park will charge a fee for entry – to help towards the upkeep.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions are likely the most common wildlife you will encounter when you go. In fact, the Galapagos sea lion is a species of lion that is exclusively bred on the island. They have a population of around 50,000, which is incredible considering that in 2012, the human population was somewhere around the 25,124 mark.


There are some countries that have incredibly long days, and other Nordic countries that have a winter that is so long the sun never truly seems to rise. However, the Galapagos Islands have a perfect split between night and day – all year round. There is no such thing as daylight saving, due to its location – so the days and nights all last about 12 hours.

Why is this great? Well, you have more chances to witness the nocturnal creatures and the day time ones too.


This one surprises most people as penguins are typically assumed to be in colder climates. However, in the northern hemisphere, you’ll only find penguins naturally here. They are a small breed, and if you want to get up close and personal, you’ll need to book a coastal exploration.

So there you have it, one of the most unique places on earth. Home to active volcanoes, penguins, sea lions, and the oldest living creatures in the world.


Canada is probably one of the most underrated countries, even though it boasts an array of summer and winter activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re into culinary treats or wildlife experiences, you’ll definitely find an exciting activity that will have you wondering why you haven’t visited before. Below is a guide to the must-do experiences you need to try when visiting Canada.

Catch the Northern Lights

Canada is one of the few places where you can catch the Northern Lights as early as August and September. Seeing the Aurora Borealis dance throughout the sky is one experience that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are tons of places where you can witness this marvelous phenomenon at some of Canada’s most amazing national parks in Alberta or New Brunswick. You can also camp out at Yukon Territory or any of the Northwest Territories for the best views away from the crowd and city lights. Yellowknife, for example, is one of the most popular locations to spot the Northern Lights, they even have lighthouses informing tourists of when it starts.

Take a culinary tour in Barrie

Barrie is a dynamic city that’s been gaining popularity over the years. Mainly its prime features are their delicious restaurants as well as the gorgeous waterfront on Kempenfelt Bay. Home to a growing food scene, Barrie restaurants are countless, offering up a wide selection of eateries that are rich in delicious food and give the perfect ambiance. From fine dining, casual eating to an array of cuisines and dessert hubs, you’ll definitely be fulfilled. Barrie is also famous for summer festivals, a great nightlife, and its gorgeous waterfront.

Explore national parks

Canada boasts an array of national parks with a ton of activities to do and they’re considered the best parks in the world. Jasper National Park in Banff hosts a dark sky festival every October for the ultimate stargazing experience. You can also learn astronomy and listen to live music. You can marvel at the stunning fjords in Newfoundland’s Gros Morne Park or decide to go for a relaxing dip in the hot springs of British Columbia’s National Park. You can also go camping at Algonquin Provincial Park to witness some of the best wildlife Ontario has to offer.

Go kayaking in New Brunswick

Twice daily, the remote Bay of Fundy witnesses the highest tides in the world, allowing many to kayak, canoe, or even walk onto its ocean floor. There, you will meet the revealed cliffs and pillared formations of Hopewell Rocks. Standing between 40-70 feet tall, this popular landmark is a stunning place for pictures and water activities. Once the tide is high, get your kayak ready and go for a stunning ride, or grab your camera and go for a nice stroll.

Enjoy wildlife watching

Canada also offers the best wildlife viewings ever. You can go beluga-watching in their natural habitat. The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in Nunavut offers you an adventure to watch many types of wildlife. It’s definitely an uplifting experience because who wouldn’t have a smile on their face seeing these majestic creatures? Head over to Manitoba to witness bear season and meet a polar bear yourself! There are many eco-lodges that offer tours to see a polar bear first-hand as it makes its migration journey with a gorgeous snowy backdrop. This close encounter should definitely be on your bucket list!

Visit a maple farm

A trip to Canada is never complete without visiting what Canada is famous for; its endless array of Maple Farms. Look up one that operates during the summer like White Meadows Farm which is an hour away from Toronto. There, families can enjoy a wide array of activities from learning about the process of creating Maple syrup to trying this delicious treat yourself with bottomless pancakes! You can also sample maple syrup treats at many markets in Toronto. Or visit Sugarbush Hill Farm in the cottage country of Muskokas. Explore the beautiful town and feast on all the sugary treats they offer.

Get a refreshing view of the Niagara Falls

Obviously, visiting Niagara Falls is one thing you should do before you leave Canada. This popular tourist destination lines up the Canadian-American Border and the drive from Toronto takes about an hour and a half. When you arrive, you’ll witness first-hand the three gigantic waterfall cascades on a boat trip. Be sure to grab a raincoat because you will definitely get drenched. The nearby town is perfect for as it houses many restaurants, cafes, amusement parks as well as entertainment hubs and festivals to entertain you night and day.

Soak up some culture

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, then head over to Stratford for some entertainment. The Stratford Theater Festival takes place every year and it offers its viewers an enriching theater experience with an array of performances and enlightening exhibitions. You can also go on an Art Walking Tour in Toronto’s West Queen West, the trendiest neighborhood you’ll find. As a thriving design district, it houses some of the best streetscapes, mosaics, and grungy street art.

Hitch a ride on a Transcontinental Train

Canada boasts some of the most epic rail trips you’ll ever experience. The VIA Rail’s cross-country journey aboard The Canadian is the most cinematic experience ever. This journey takes about four nights and you’ll be transported from Toronto to Vancouver on the pacific coast. This train has an all-glass ceiling so you’ll witness gorgeous sunsets, a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and every idyllic scenery in between.

These are just some of the amazing experiences Canada has to offer. The minute you land, you’ll find that it’s the place to be for an adventure, a relaxing time, and a wonderful place to make memories.