Travelling to Canada? Here are the Items to Add in Your Must-Do List

by Julia on July 10, 2019

Canada is probably one of the most underrated countries, even though it boasts an array of summer and winter activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re into culinary treats or wildlife experiences, you’ll definitely find an exciting activity that will have you wondering why you haven’t visited before. Below is a guide to the must-do experiences you need to try when visiting Canada.

Catch the Northern Lights

Canada is one of the few places where you can catch the Northern Lights as early as August and September. Seeing the Aurora Borealis dance throughout the sky is one experience that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are tons of places where you can witness this marvelous phenomenon at some of Canada’s most amazing national parks in Alberta or New Brunswick. You can also camp out at Yukon Territory or any of the Northwest Territories for the best views away from the crowd and city lights. Yellowknife, for example, is one of the most popular locations to spot the Northern Lights, they even have lighthouses informing tourists of when it starts.

Take a culinary tour in Barrie

Barrie is a dynamic city that’s been gaining popularity over the years. Mainly its prime features are their delicious restaurants as well as the gorgeous waterfront on Kempenfelt Bay. Home to a growing food scene, Barrie restaurants are countless, offering up a wide selection of eateries that are rich in delicious food and give the perfect ambiance. From fine dining, casual eating to an array of cuisines and dessert hubs, you’ll definitely be fulfilled. Barrie is also famous for summer festivals, a great nightlife, and its gorgeous waterfront.

Explore national parks

Canada boasts an array of national parks with a ton of activities to do and they’re considered the best parks in the world. Jasper National Park in Banff hosts a dark sky festival every October for the ultimate stargazing experience. You can also learn astronomy and listen to live music. You can marvel at the stunning fjords in Newfoundland’s Gros Morne Park or decide to go for a relaxing dip in the hot springs of British Columbia’s National Park. You can also go camping at Algonquin Provincial Park to witness some of the best wildlife Ontario has to offer.

Go kayaking in New Brunswick

Twice daily, the remote Bay of Fundy witnesses the highest tides in the world, allowing many to kayak, canoe, or even walk onto its ocean floor. There, you will meet the revealed cliffs and pillared formations of Hopewell Rocks. Standing between 40-70 feet tall, this popular landmark is a stunning place for pictures and water activities. Once the tide is high, get your kayak ready and go for a stunning ride, or grab your camera and go for a nice stroll.

Enjoy wildlife watching

Canada also offers the best wildlife viewings ever. You can go beluga-watching in their natural habitat. The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in Nunavut offers you an adventure to watch many types of wildlife. It’s definitely an uplifting experience because who wouldn’t have a smile on their face seeing these majestic creatures? Head over to Manitoba to witness bear season and meet a polar bear yourself! There are many eco-lodges that offer tours to see a polar bear first-hand as it makes its migration journey with a gorgeous snowy backdrop. This close encounter should definitely be on your bucket list!

Visit a maple farm

A trip to Canada is never complete without visiting what Canada is famous for; its endless array of Maple Farms. Look up one that operates during the summer like White Meadows Farm which is an hour away from Toronto. There, families can enjoy a wide array of activities from learning about the process of creating Maple syrup to trying this delicious treat yourself with bottomless pancakes! You can also sample maple syrup treats at many markets in Toronto. Or visit Sugarbush Hill Farm in the cottage country of Muskokas. Explore the beautiful town and feast on all the sugary treats they offer.

Get a refreshing view of the Niagara Falls

Obviously, visiting Niagara Falls is one thing you should do before you leave Canada. This popular tourist destination lines up the Canadian-American Border and the drive from Toronto takes about an hour and a half. When you arrive, you’ll witness first-hand the three gigantic waterfall cascades on a boat trip. Be sure to grab a raincoat because you will definitely get drenched. The nearby town is perfect for as it houses many restaurants, cafes, amusement parks as well as entertainment hubs and festivals to entertain you night and day.

Soak up some culture

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, then head over to Stratford for some entertainment. The Stratford Theater Festival takes place every year and it offers its viewers an enriching theater experience with an array of performances and enlightening exhibitions. You can also go on an Art Walking Tour in Toronto’s West Queen West, the trendiest neighborhood you’ll find. As a thriving design district, it houses some of the best streetscapes, mosaics, and grungy street art.

Hitch a ride on a Transcontinental Train

Canada boasts some of the most epic rail trips you’ll ever experience. The VIA Rail’s cross-country journey aboard The Canadian is the most cinematic experience ever. This journey takes about four nights and you’ll be transported from Toronto to Vancouver on the pacific coast. This train has an all-glass ceiling so you’ll witness gorgeous sunsets, a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and every idyllic scenery in between.

These are just some of the amazing experiences Canada has to offer. The minute you land, you’ll find that it’s the place to be for an adventure, a relaxing time, and a wonderful place to make memories.

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