Top 5 Activities to do on Kohrong Island

by Julia on June 17, 2019

Kohrong Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand just 25kms off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It is typically a fishing village turned touristic hotspot. The island has over 43kms of amazing clean white sandy beaches, warm turquoise water and coconut trees closely lining the shores. The weather is perfect for most of the months and the eclectic mix of locals is the cherry on the cake. Kohrong Island is undoubtedly the next big destination in south east Asia.

To arrive at the shores of this gorgeous island, one takes a speed boat ferry from Sihanoukville town and roughly takes 45 minutes. There are four small villages in the island and there are no short of activities a tourist seeking for fun and adventure can partake. Some of these activities include;


High Point Adventure Park is the first and the best zip-line canopy tour in Cambodia. The park is located in the rain forest and is built over 23 trees. There are two zip line courses with at a height of up to 24 meters. The longest zip line is a whopping 120 meters that gives one an adrenaline out of this world. The prices are quite competitive and vary from time to time. For instance, its $35 per person during peak season and $25 off season. The price is inclusive of safety equipment, an instructor and an unlimited number of goes on the zipline.


Nothing says of adventure like renting a kayak and going for an exploration in this vast beautiful island. All you need to do is to fill a water proof bag with some water, snacks and sunscreen. The waters are pretty calm so one not need to worry about maneuvering the kayak. For half a day, on could easily rent a kayak for just under $5. Many locals rent their kayaks in the village of Koh Toch village or along the beach.


If you like to engage in physical activities or sports like hiking and trekking, Kohrong Island is the place for you. Kohrong jungle is nothing like the ordinary. The island’s rain forest is full of amazing fauna and flora. On a normal hike, one would get to see wild animals such as monkeys, geckos, hornbills, king fishers and a variety of insects. The nature trails are clearly marked to help trekkers who may want to partake in cycling in this bright green jungle scenery. Overnight trekking with an evening among local people is very popular in this area.


Kohrong Ecological Alliance is a group run by a mix of locals and some island expats with the sole intention of keeping the beaches of Kohrong clean. This ensures that the sea animals are kept safe and away from extinction. The locals use this initiative as an educational point to the children on matters conservation. For a tourist, this is a very good way of meeting and interacting with the locals.


There are plenty of boat tours offered by the locals and Adventure Adam Boat Tour is a popular one in the island. The boat tours are full day and give one a glimpse of island life that one couldn’t possibly experience from the shore. The boat leaves the shore to the high seas under the blue skies and clear waters. The tour normally entails a barbeque lunch, snorkeling gear, life jackets and plenty of alcohol to hype the trip.


Plankton are drifting organisms like bacteria, archaea, algae that inhabit the waters of oceans and seas. When the ocean experiences waves, the motions disturb these tiny planktons and they glow a yellow fluorescent color that makes the sea look like it’s full of stars, especially at night. This natural phenomenon occurs right here at the heart of Kohrong. To fully experience this phenomenon, one needs to walk as far from the lights of the beach as possible or maybe take a boat to the ocean for a  glittery swim.

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