Why It’s Important To Take A Break From Social Media While On Vacation

by Julia on June 13, 2019

It’s no secret that many are now abusing how social media is supposed to be used. Using social media for your vacation should end the moment you hop on that plane or that car on the first day of your holiday. Much of the bulk of your social media activities should only be prior to day one of your vacation, or during your holiday research process, such as searching for a guide to flying first class for free.

Especially if you are going on a holiday soon, you might want to go on a social media detox. Read this guide to detoxing from social media for you to also learn the positive benefits of doing so.

1. You Can Reconnect With The Real World

Social media was meant to be an avenue for communication, not as an escapist pastime that can consume your entire day. Unfortunately for many, this is what is happening. So, while you are on holiday, let go of your phone. When you do so, you are giving yourself a chance to reconnect with the real world, being mindful of the surroundings around you.

For example:

  • You get to enjoy the scenery more, like the pristine beaches of the Bahamas, rather than being so obsessed to upload in real time on your social media account.

  • You can take the time to read about history, like learning more about the Vikings through your Swedish tour, rather than wasting time looking for a spot for the most Instagram-worthy modeling post.

  • You get to appreciate the delicacies and food more, like mouth-watering Asian street food, as you take time savoring it rather than hurriedly taking the perfect food photo first.

2. You Can Stop The Comparisons

Unfortunately, social media has sometimes become so toxic that it has reached the point of being a medium for competition and comparisons. When you post too much on social media while you are on holiday, it is like competing with others rather than breathing in the real purpose of a vacation, which is to enjoy a new place. The less you post, the less the tendency of other social media users measuring themselves up against others. In fact, many have noted that taking social media breaks from time-to-time can boost your mental health.

3. You Can Focus On Your Traveling Companion

If you are traveling with your significant other, it is a time for you to reconnect sans the distraction of what could’ve been an otherwise busy life back home. If you are with your family and children, this is the time for you to make memories without having to be taken over by social media. If you are with your friends, it is time for you to strengthen that friendship, too. And even when you are traveling alone, this time should be used for you to heal and get back to yourself, rather than be back to the toxic culture of being taken over by the cellphone.

4. Your Privacy Is Protected

This point is one thing that a lot of social media users have forgotten. Remember that one of the key dangers that you are exposing yourself to when posting your whole life on social media is that you are opening your privacy up to the entire world. Hence, you are making yourself more susceptible to the dangers of prying individuals on the Internet.

For instance:

  • Because you are posting on exactly the time that you left your house, it is like giving robbers the key to your house, wherein they know for sure that ,during this period, there is no one left in your home.

  • When you post your location, you are increasing the chances of being followed by international syndicates that are just looking for the perfect traveler to victimize.

If you have to post photos of your holiday, try doing it later on when you’ve already gone home. With this, you are keeping your whole family safe and secure, and you are lowering the chances of falling into the dangers of traveling.


Taking a break from social media while you are on holiday is the best way for you to spend your vacation. When you keep yourself glued on your phone the whole time, you are forgetting the essence of taking a vacation where you can relax, enjoy the scenery, and have fun and memorable moments with your family. The next time you go on holiday, try it out. You will see that it is going to be an incredibly refreshing experience.

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