Best Wine Destinations To Visit and How A Wine Preservation System Works

by Julia on April 18, 2019

If you’re looking for a different adventure on your next trip, you might want to visit a grape orchard and winery. Recently, wineries have been a great tourist destination because of the lush green grape trees and beautiful landscapes.

Listed below are some of the best wine destinations to visit. As a bonus, we’ll let you in on how a wine preservation system works in case you want to take home the wine you’ve acquired from your trip.

1.    Bordeaux, France

Wine made in France usually piques the interest of many wine lovers. Saint Emilion specifically boasts of wine towns that have been established during the 14th century that still exist until now. The distinct feature of the wine that comes from this region is its deep red color because the grape variety they produce has a dark plum shade.

2.    Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Dubbed as the Napa Valley of Mexico, Valle de Guadalupe is the perfect region to grow grapes. It is now becoming a famous tourist attraction in Baja California. If you’re looking for something similar to Napa Valley but less commercialized, Valle de Guadalupe might just be that place. Another good thing about it is that you can find food here at a lower price. They also have good wine and cheese pairings that you can try during your visit.

3.    Napa Valley, USA

Wines from the US that are popular worldwide are mostly produced in Napa Valley, in California. What makes it easy for tourists is the accessibility of going from one winery to another by train or by bike. When you visit Napa, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of wine flavors. And maybe you’ll get to savor the best wine that perfectly fits your taste.

4.    La Rioja, Spain

Another wine destination with a rich history and culture is La Rioja in Spain. Since the Romans introduced winemaking in Spain, it has been embedded in the culture and tradition in La Rioja. The traditional winemaking process in this region will give you the best experience. There’s also a museum that you can visit if you’re interested in the history and other interesting information about wine.

5.    Barossa Valley, Australia

If you want to visit the land down under, you might want to put Barossa Valley in your itinerary, where the fine tasting wines of Australia are produced. You can even concoct your wine in their winemaking laboratory—definitely a must-try for every wine lover.


If you decide to bring home a bottle of wine after your winery visit, you’d likely want to preserve it longer, especially if it’s a rare bottle or one that you crafted in the lab. Cork stoppers won’t preserve your wine longer since there will still be oxygen left inside the bottle, which gives you a window of about three to five days for the best time you should consume all of it.

If you want to enjoy your wine for much longer, here are some wine preservation systems that you can adapt:

1.    Vacuum system – Tends to suck the oxygen out of the bottle before you place the stopper quickly. Usually, a device similar to a pump is placed in the mouth of the wine bottle to create the vacuum.

2.    Introduction of gas into the bottle – Usually available in aerosol cans, heavy gases like argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are introduced into the bottle to sink the space just above the liquid. The gas serves as a blanket, preventing oxygen from getting in contact with the wine.

3.    Cartridge system – It’s usually similar to the regular stoppers, but with an added feature that absorbs oxygen from the bottle.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning your next travel destination and itinerary, you might want to visit wineries. Not only will you have the chance to see the beautiful landscapes of the vineyards, but you’ll also have the opportunity to come across interesting historical structures nearby. If you want to bring home a bottle after your tour, be sure to try out the different wine preservation systems so that you can enjoy your wine longer.

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