How To Protect Your Home While You’re Away On Vacation

by Julia on March 4, 2019

You are looking forward to a much-deserved vacation. There are others who are looking forward to your vacation too. They are people who make a living taking things that you worked hard to buy. We are going to give you some tips that will allow you to protect your belongings while you are away. The first step to having a great vacation is to feel comfortable that your home is locked up safe and sound.

Preparing your home

Of course, it goes without saying that you should keep the information about your departure as close to the vest as possible. This doesn’t just mean to keep the information from spreading through the neighborhood, also from service people, and people you do business with.

  • Your first order of business is installing an alarm system. Check out Alarm Grid. You need a high-quality system but you do not have to have a contract. Be sure to put out the stickers and signs that tell would-be crooks that your home is covered. This is often all it takes to send a burglar on to the next home.

  • Call your landscaping company. Be sure to have shrubs and plants trimmed back so they do not serve as hiding places.

  • Leave a key with a family member or neighbor for emergencies. But, do not leave a key hidden outside. They are much easier to find than you might think. You may consider asking someone to stop in from time to time, just to keep your home active.

  • Set timers. To turn on the lights at the time you normally come home and turn them off in the morning. Use a second timer to turn on the television or a stereo so it will sound like someone is home.

  • Disconnect your garage door. Anything that makes your home a bit more difficult, makes bad guys move on.

  • Stop your mail and subscriptions. Just in case, ask a neighbor to collect any mail and hold it for you.

  • Install motion lights all around your home. If someone gets close to your home, they will be in a spotlight.

  • Do NOT tell everyone on social media that you are out of town. Don’t post pictures and share stories. Don’t tell everyone where you are going for dinner or ask people where the best place is. Do not assume that everyone who sees your facebook is a great person.

  • If you have a safe, lock your important papers and valuables inside. If you do not have one, put them away in a place where no one will guess. If the valuables are very important, consider renting a safe deposit box at your bank, temporarily.

  • Call your local police precinct and ask them to include your address on their nightly rounds. Don’t forget to let them know when you arrive home.

There are a lot of ways to make your home appear to be lived in when you are away. Use your common sense when you make decisions while preparing for your trip. If you are careful you will be able to enjoy a great trip and return to a home that is as secure as it was when you left it.

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