What Makes a Limousine Special?

by Julie on January 8, 2019

What is a Limousine?

A Washington DC limousine (also called a limo) is a luxury extended automobile driven by a chauffeur with a separate passenger compartment.

The word “limousine” first used in France which means a “long shepherd’s mantle” or a “cloak”. The extended car came much later in the early 20th century and was developed by Charles Jeantaud.

A limousine attracts people because of it’s unique characteristics.

  • It has a separation between the driver and passengers.

  • Availability of intercom system.

  • It is long wheel based vehicle to provide a suitable passenger compartment. It easily passes over the bumps in the road without disturbing its passengers inside.

  • It serves more passengers than the other normal cars having some extra facilities in the rear passenger compartment.

 Services of Washington DC Limousine:

 These are just a couple of the services offered by Washington DC Limousine.

  • Airport Services:

  • Comfortable
  • Cost Effective

  • Efficient Service

DC Limousine serves the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, including the airports. They provide luxurious and fast rides to its customers at the fraction of cost by providing great offers and professional drivers. Dealing with taxis is always unreliable and you can end up waiting for the vehicle for a long time which is very frustrating. This can be avoided by just hiring the car service and booking in advance.

Washington DC Limo Executive Limousine service can be in many formats such as corporate entertainment for clients, staff incentives, Christmas parties, summer race days, theater outings, golf days and so on. One of their features is that they provide a service for everyone – from a single person to the whole department. You can also book online as they have their own mobile application and website to schedule the rides or book in advance.

 So in summary this is why you should use a limousine:

  •  It is often more affordable than other services especially with a company account.
  • The service is more professional that just a taxi or cab. This can be important for business clients and meetings.

  • It has professional drivers and luxurious vehicles which makes your event memorable.

Advantages when using the Luxury Washington DC limo service:

Variety:  The company offers lot of different types of limo including one large enough to host 20 passengers at a time. They all boast luxurious interiors with all mod-cons.

Multimedia: Travelling in Washington DC in never a boring experience. Most of the vehicles come with high-tech gadgets that can entertain the customers. LCD screens, internet service and music equipments are most common in these cars.

Refreshments: The unique feature of Washington DC limo is that they can also offer refreshments. Luxury Limousines are typically equipped with wet bars.

Air Conditioning and Climate Control: Washington DC can get extremely hot and humid in summer and cold and snowy in winter. Using a limo means you will get high quality air conditioning and a decent climate control system.

Safety Features: Each limo is totally equipped with excellent safety features inside. Fitted seatbelts and a partition between passengers and driver. Adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring are also part of the safety features.


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