4 Scenic US Road-Trip Routes You Should Take

by Julie on December 12, 2018

Why do people take road trips? There are a lot of reasons, but the most common intention is to have an adventure by traveling. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s something you should consider in the near future. The experienced ones will tell you that there’s nothing quite like it, especially on routes that have breathtaking views.

Sure, trains and planes are faster, but traveling on the road can take you to places that the first two can’t. Road trips are a time for slow travel, going away from the urban jungle, and most of all, disconnecting from the digital world. No matter if your car ride just takes you over to the next town or to the other side of the country, a road trip is exhilarating.

If you’re ready to find out where to drive for the scenic routes in the US, read below for more information.

Blue Ridge Parkway (Fancy Gap, Virginia)

This is one of the most iconic scenic drives that stretch to 469 miles, running from Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina. You can go through the parkway with no worries because there will be no big trucks and exceedingly fast drivers who will take your focus away from the beautiful scenery.

Within the area, there are a lot of attractions, including Chimney Rock, Dinosaur Land, Appalachian Mural Trail, and Mystery Hill. Find out more what you can do in Blue Ridge Parkway from its official website.

Silverado Trail (Napa Country, California)

Perhaps it’s your first road trip and you don’t want a route too long, then the Silverado Trail’s 29-mile stretch is just right. It’s a scenic country road lined by strong oak trees where visitors can partake in all kinds of activities, including traversing the wineries for fans of world-class wines.

You can go up and close to the vineyards with bike tours or explore the skies with a balloon ride in the afternoon. There’s a lot more to do in the Silverado Trail should you decide to spend some time there.

Utah Highway 12 (Utah)

There’s more to Utah than just the Red Canyon. The Utah Highway 12 is an All-American Road, which is a 122-mile drive from start to finish, has a lot of other activities and sights to offer. In fact, there are two national parks: Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon.

There are also options for pit stops, resort-stay experience, and even luxury. If you would like to enjoy a bit of each experience, visit this website for package deals and more information.

Beartooth Highway (Montana)

The Beartooth Highway stretches a modest 69 miles and is considered to be, arguably, one of the most scenic drives in the country. It is only passable from May through October and boasts a vast wilderness with one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

The must-see stops on the Beartooth Highway include the Rock Creek Vista, Island Lake as well as the Beartooth Lake & Pass, so take note of these on your way to Yellowstone National Park. Click here for more information.

Discover What You Like

The only way to know how you like your road trips is to take them as often as you like. How you like the scenic drive or go through routes for their activities is entirely up to you. Just as long as you make the necessary preparations for going to your destination, you’re set, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable on the road.

With trains or planes, you only need a suitcase and a ticket to arrive at your destination. You’ll be using your own car on your road trip, and that is why you need to pack all the essentials to make the drive enjoyable and memorable.

In addition to a suitcase full of change of clothes, you need to stock up on certain things. Food should be a priority if you don’t want to waste valuable time looking for and stopping at fast food places for meals. You’ll need camping gear if you expect to sleep on the outdoors as well as utensils for cooking.

Since you’re spending most of your time in the car, it would be helpful to make the ride more comfortable by adding a few accessories. A good back cushion would be helpful in keeping your back comfortable for the long hours of drive ahead.

Another thing to consider getting when going on a road trip is a floor liner for your car, like those WeatherTech mats. You’re expected to go in and out of your vehicle a lot of times, so whatever’s on your shoes may be transported inside. The liner will help keep your clean from dust, dirt, and even liquid spills.

The things mentioned above are just the basic things you need to consider. If you want to ride around for a few weeks, you’ll need to pack up a little bit more.

What scenic routes do you love passing by? Share them down below.

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