Max Polyakov: The Eos Group Climber Whose Dream Was to Climb Mt Everest

by Julie on November 22, 2018


Max Polyakov discovered that he had interest in mountaineering during 1996 after he went climbing with his dad. They camped for five days during this exercise and his dad taught him how to tackle dangers.

Max Polyakov and other EOS members

1.EOS     team

There was an Indian-based group named EOS which was run by an American citizen who had climbed Mt Everest severally. Сlimber Max Polyakov joined EOS team and they moved to Europe to explore Tatras Mountains. They camped there for ten days.

There was a girl in that group who Polyakov loved. She was called Jessica. Polyakov and Jessica travelled to Kilimanjaro on another excursion. Both were still young and their ambition was to climb the most difficult mountains within the globe. Their main goal was actually to climb Mt Everest.

2. Makalu  mountain and other mountains encounters    

Max Polyakov and his team had encountered terrible experiences before during their climbing trips. The Makalu mountain encounter was among their bad experiences. There were terrible weather conditions which both the group and their rescue experts did not expect.

Max additionally knew that hiking could not make him earn enough money to sustain life and so he chose to start gambling. Max earned enough money that he used to travel to Europe to explore the Fjords in Norway. He took Jessica with him.

Next, Max Polyakov and Jessica travelled to South America. In October they travelled to Brazil where they climbed various mountains.

Upon getting back from Brazil, EOS group started getting ready to climb Mt Everest. They gathered all necessary tools and even watched recordings from people who had climbed Mt Everest before to get themselves ready.

In 2018, the EOS members proceeded to climb Mt Everest. They ensured that the rescue experts would be capable of saving them in case of any danger.

3. Max Polyakov proposed to his girlfriend

The entire exercise of climbing Mt Everest ended successfully. The EOS members did not encounter bad weather conditions and all dangers were controlled. When they arrived at the peak of Mt Everest, they were all exhausted both psychologically and bodily however they never considered quitting.

Jessica and Max Polyakov afterwards were engaged and later married. They are currently planning to have kids and go on climbing more mountains. The remaining EOS members are also planning to encourage people to pursue their dreams. The moral of this story is that do not ever give up on your dreams.

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