A sneak peek inside the world’s most luxurious hotels

by Julie on October 30, 2018


What do guests remember the most when they are staying in a luxurious hotel? The size of the penthouse? The panoramic view they admired form the windows? The soft bed linens? There are some amenities that make the difference, and if it were to ask guests, the majority of them would state that they would kill for a pet salon, private pool and a personal butler. It is not easy to leave a lasting impression to your clients, when they are the world’s richest persons. They have enough cash to stay in a luxury hotel for a year, so there is no surprise that they want more than the average amenities. So, this article rounds up some of the over-the-top amenities a luxury hotel can offer. Enjoy the splurge…


Chauffeur check-in

Nowadays, even average hotels offer private pick-ups and airport transfers, but luxury hotels go an extra mile, and they start the check-in process while the client is still in the car. This service is perfect for all luxury hotels, no matter what the distance to the hotel is. The clients who arrive at night appreciate this service.

A front desk employee joins the chauffeur, and they perform the check-in process without bothering the client too much. When the client arrives at the hotel, all they have to do is go straight to their room.

Welcome drink

Very few hotels in the world offer welcome drinks. It is one of the amenities that can influence the success of the hotel. And yes, we are saying that the hotel should offer the client a glass of champagne. The best way to welcome a guest in a hotel is to offer them something wet upon their arrival. It is a nice touch. The hotels that do this show that they are client oriented, because it takes some work to identify the type of booze the client prefers. There are hotels that ask the client to state what welcome booze they prefer, and there are hotels that offer the classic but effective glass of champagne. Because what says luxury more than a glass of sparkling wine?

Luxury services for pets

The world’s most luxurious hotels are not only pet friendly, they are a pet’s paradise. Every pet benefits from amenities similar to the ones the master receives. Some of the exclusive services only a luxury hotel can offer to pets are treats, toys, and plush bedding. Pet acupuncture, dog walkers, pet massage, and pet psychologists are some extras. Yes, you heard it right, the pets have their own psychologists.

These hotels do not leave the fur babies behind, they focus on offering pampering service. They benefit from their own buffet and made-to-order meals. Doggie ice-cream, buffalo marrowbone and filet mignon tartare are only some of the delicacies they can enjoy themselves with. And in case a pet has any specific needs, pre-order services are available.

Couple massage

There are luxury hotels devoted to spark up the romance. The couples who choose them can enjoy some relaxing moments together while having a couple massage. There is a personal masseuse for every couple. The service is available not only for the couples who are on their honeymoon, but also for the ones who want to splurge themselves. A personal masseuse helps them knead all their problems and worries away. As some would say, what worries a rich man can have? Well, they have the same problems and worries every one of you has, so a couple massage is exactly what they need to get in the vacation mood.

Complete resort spa experience

In order to enhance the stay of their clients, luxury hotels have taken the average day spa to the next level. They hire only highly trained therapists, and the spaces are simply breath-taking. The purpose of luxury hotels is to make their guests have the impression they had a memorable visit when they arrive home.

A hotel spa is considerably better than a day spa, because the personnel is devoted to making the guests come back. They use the best skin-care products and customise the healing practices according to the needs of the guest. After having a hotel massage, the client does not have to deal with next day soreness. When it comes to luxury hotels that offer spa treatments it is not a challenge for the therapist to make the client feel better. It is their talent and they are good at making guests feel de-stressed.

Soap concierge

There are some hotels that go scentsational when they design the services they offer to their clients. They are specialists in providing over-the-top amenities. A soap concierge is not a traditional amenity you receive at an average hotel. The guests are invited to check the unique range of soaps the hotels produce. When choosing their products the clients can be sure that the same product is perfect for cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and invigorating their skin. The range of scents is one of the most varied, from cinnamon to chocolate, from lemon to peach, from exotic to classic. The guests can have a new one in their room daily, to make sure that they try everything they like. All soaps can be taken home, for clients to delight their senses in the comfort of their crib.

Tea sommelier

There are some hotels famous for offering exquisite afternoon tea services. Only the most talented tea sommeliers are hired, and they work on every floor of the hotel, to assess the clients when choosing their drink. They leave the client to decide if they want to participate in the preparation process, or they want to receive the tea already made by the sommelier. They help guests understand the subtleties of every type of tea and they inform them of the benefits of every one of the teas available.

Some would say that these amenities are too demanding, but there is not such a thing when you are talking about a luxury hotel. Every one of the services has the purpose to make the clients desire to take them home with them. From welcome glasses of champagne to goodbye cookies, luxury amenities have the purpose to wow the guests and to make them ask themselves why not all  hotels are able to offer that.

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