4 Benefits to Exploring Europe by Water

by Julia on October 23, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of exploring Europe by boat or cruise? Sailing around the Old Continent can be an adventure of a lifetime, as well as an opportunity to discover amazing new sights and landmarks that you may not have heard of before.

Europe is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Many of Europe’s largest cities are connected to seas and oceans or some of the larger waterways. This makes it ideal to explore the continent by water, not only because you’ll be able to visit major ports, but also the chance to see Europe’s cities from a new perspective.

We bring you the top four reasons why you should consider exploring Europe by water.

You Can See More Sights

Imagine going to a restaurant in Naples on Thursday and spending a whole day on the beach on Sicily on Friday. Cruising around Europe lets you explore many different locations that you would otherwise be unable to see within a short timespan.

While it can be pretty demanding, a cruise also makes it possible to visit many of the smaller coastal towns and ports, as well as nearby historical landmarks. Whether you just want to have a drink in a cozy local cafe, try out the local cuisine or spend the afternoon shopping, a cruise lets you enjoy a diverse experience.

The Chance to Explore Beautiful Coastal Landscapes

Europe’s heavily indented coastline provides a unique chance to explore diverse coastal landscapes. From the Norwegian fjords, white cliffs of Dover, England, to the hundreds of Mediterranean islands. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll be able to explore amazing natural landscapes Europe is famous for.

Another major advantage of cruising over other means of travel is that you won’t be needing to spend time on booking hotels and finding the best places to spend your vacation. Transport can be a major issue as well, especially if you want to visit as many as sights as possible. A cruise will likely save you a lot of money on transportation and other expenses.

An Opportunity to Travel By River

Exploring Europe by water is by no means limited to sea cruises. Major rivers of Europe present a unique opportunity to explore many of the continent’s iconic inland cities and ports. The popularity of river cruises in Europe has been growing in recent years, especially the Rhine-Danube route which lets you explore cities in Western, Central and Southeastern Europe.

You can also consider a Volga river cruise from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Russia’s many historical cities located on the banks of Europe’s longest river.

You’ll Save Money

Cruising can be significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel. As we mentioned previously, you won’t need to worry about transport or other additional fees involved, which will save you a lot of money.

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