See the Niagara Falls through the Eyes of the Locals

by Julia on July 17, 2018

Visiting the Niagara Falls is on many travelers’ bucket lists. It is a truly beautiful place. But, it can also get very busy and overcrowded.

Every year, around 30 million people flood in to see the waterfalls. In certain parts of the area, everything can feel a bit over-commercialized. But, with the help of local residents, who work in the travel industry, you can see a different side of the Niagara Falls.

Stay somewhere special

At this point, you are probably expecting us to recommend that you stay in a private house. Of course, this is an option, but, if you do you will miss out on the chance to enjoy the spectacular views you can experience while staying in hotels like the Marriott on the Falls. There really is nothing quite like looking out over the spectacular waterfalls with a drink in your hand. The chances are you will only staying near the Niagara Falls once in your life. So, it is really worth making your visit as special as possible. Staying in a five-star hotel with a view of the falls certainly counts.

Eat with a local family

However, eating with a local resident or taking a food tour is well worth doing. If you enjoy a meal in someone’s home they will tell you far more about the area than you can learn from the tourist pamphlets. Plus, you will get to enjoy a sumptuous meal for a fraction of what it is likely to cost in a restaurant. Eating out in Niagara can certainly be expensive.

You can also meet a local for a meal. They will normally take you to a restaurant or café that local residents use. A totally, different experience from eating somewhere that only caters to tourists.

Take a private tour

Quite a few local residents make a living by offering private tours. Typically, they cover all of the major sights, but if you want to will happily take you off of the beaten track.

Try out something a little weird

If you are looking for something a little different, weird even, this article makes some great suggestions. The Screaming Tunnel idea is one that we have never heard of before. You should also check out the Daredevil exhibition which is located in a corner of the IMAX pyramid.

Take a hike

The Falls are surrounded by beautiful, un-spoilt countryside, which you can explore. There are plenty of well-signposted hikes that you can follow independently. But, it is really worth booking yourself onto one of the guided hikes. These are usually run by men and women who live locally. They are proud of where they live so are more than happy to share what they know with you. Most are very knowledgeable about local history, wildlife, and plant life.

Other stunning waterfalls

If you fancy visiting some of the world’s other stunning waterfalls you will find this article of particular interest. Naturally, the Niagara Falls is included on our list, but there are 7 others for you to consider visiting.

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