Travel Hacks: What to Do in a Power Outage?

by Julie on March 7, 2018

Most of the time, almost all of our day to day activities are powered by electricity. A power outage can, however, happen at any time and anywhere.  Especially when travelling to a less developed country. As a result, it can be a chaotic day as many activities would be interrupted and your travel plans maybe ruined. Some power outages can last for longer hours leading to many inconveniences. In this case, the more you lack alternatives to survive the incidences, the tougher it could be for you. This article outlines things you should do in case of a power outage.

Alternative Phone Charging Methods

With a phone, everyone is usually secure due to many reasons. A phone can keep you informed, especially at such times of power outage and also provide you with the lights via the inbuilt flashlights. During the power outage, you should, therefore, ensure that you set your phone to a flight mode. This can work well especially if your phone is running low on power. In the process, you must ensure that every unused app is closed thus this will increase your battery life. If, in case, you have a laptop, count yourself lucky. You can decide to utilize your laptop’s battery to boost your phone charge. This way you can rely on your phone for long till the power resumes.

Keep Your Freezer in Check

We all know that freezers are for keeping food fresh for longer. What then do you expect when there is a long power outage, disaster right? To avoid such scenarios, it is better if you plan ahead of time. With the procedure, a quarter in a cup of ice trick, you can save most of your frosted food at this time. To ensure that your food is safe in your freezer, the quarter should at least remain either at the top or in the middle of the cup. Anything below that simply will mean that you need to replace your fridge immediately.

Portable Sources of Power Supply

Nowadays, there are numerous alternatives to power. In case of a power outage, a portable generator can serve you well for longer especially during travel. They are usually light weight, convenient and usable in many different occasions. According to, a portable generator review website, these portable generators are reliable thus you can go through your power outage moments without having to worry much

Make a Flower Pot Heater

This can be a creative way to keep you warm all through the power outage period. Especially if you are in those chili areas it can work very well. A flower pot heater has, however, been discriminated as not to be that effective, but if you do a little research, I believe you might find a way to make it effective. Working with the flower pot heaters is simple where it only takes few candles and a clay pot. A clay pot absorbs the thermal energy of the candles that you normally put to its side. As a result, a radiant space heat is formed leaving the surroundings warm and comfortable.

In summary, the longer the power outage can last, the more inconvenience it can cause. It is then vital that you plan ahead to be able to save yourself from such scenarios. With this few alternative activities, I believe outages will no longer scare you anytime in future.

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