The Top 4 Places to Stay in Potsdam, Germany

by Julie on March 2, 2018

Located along the banks of the Havel River, Potsdam lies 15 miles away from the southwest of Berlin city center. It is the capital of the Brandenburg state. In July 1945, Potsdam hosted the synonymous conference that resulted in the Potsdam Agreement and Declaration; it instigated the 2nd World War in Europe.

Housing interconnected lakes, a picturesque pastoral dream and cultural landmarks, Potsdam has many sites to explore and things to do. Despite its rich history, the city has grown over the years to become a business hub and top tourist destination with modern buildings and residential neighborhoods.

It also has parks and the Sanssouci Palace, the world’s largest heritage site. With other top architectural delights and the Filmstudio Babelsberg, there’s need to find the best accommodation for you in a nearby location. Whether you’re traveling to Potsdam for business or a vacation, choose any of the following places to stay.

Here are the top 4 places to stay in Potsdam, Germany:

1.    The Remise Blumberg

Built in a beautiful, tranquil garden at the center of Potsdam, the Remise Blumberg is an exceptional hotel offering bed and breakfast. It has spacious, comfortable and clean rooms in simple designs to suit the taste of many.

It is close to many local city attractions and sites for easy access and exploration. The Sanssouci Park and the Ruinenberg Castle are just a stone throw away from Blumberg hotel. With the delicious breakfast served at this hotel, you get to start your day energized, ready for the fun day ahead.

2.    The Hotel Potsdam in Hermannswerder

The Hotel Potsdam has double rooms and suites, a spa and wellness center and offers food and beverages to its guests. Located just a few minutes from the city center, the hotel has great views of the surrounding green scenery.

It has friendly staff and offers some of the best cuisines from around the world. The hotel also hosts events such as weddings and company functions. Moreover, with easy access to top sights in Potsdam, this is the hotel for you when visiting this great German city.

3.    The Bayrisches Haus

Built in 1847 and located within the Potsdam game reserve, the Bavarian chalet is the perfect place to indulge in Mother Nature. It houses elegant rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the surrounding picturesque landscape.

Pamper yourself at the spa after a long tiresome day exploring the game reserve and engaging in various activities, including watching various wild animals in their natural ecosystem.

Enjoy different delicacies at the Michelin star restaurant, including the mouth-watering German cuisine. Indulge in the Bavarian culture and enjoy staying in this hotel that’s home away from home.

4.    The Ambassador Hotel

Located in the quiet suburbs of Potsdam, the Ambassador Hotel has a rich history dating back to earlier centuries. It has modern, elegant rooms with brass fittings and fixtures and crisp white lines for a modern feel. The traditional wallpaper used in the rooms brings out the building’s traditional value, reflecting the old gem that the hotel is.

The hotel serves free breakfast from where you can enjoy picturesque views of the Babelsberg landscape. Furthermore, most restaurants and sites such as the Glienicke and Marble Palaces are closeby. Enjoy your stay at this marvelous hotel.

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