The best places to buy Jewelry in NYC

by Julie on March 1, 2018

When it comes to fine jewelry, most jewelry stores in NYC have managed to establish themselves as authorities both locally and internationally. The numerous stores scattered all over take pride in showcasing their exceptionally crafted jewelry pieces. A jewelry hunt in the big city becomes a daunting experience for many as they try to settle for the valuable jewelry item they want to take home.

When talking about the best places to find exceptional jewelry in NYC, it’s hard not to mention the renowned Diamond District located right in the heart of NYC. It is considered by many to be the ultimate destination for a jewelry hunt tour. In here, you can find an overwhelming collection of watches, diamonds, and stones of all kinds. In fact, around 95% of the jewelry that circulates in the US must pass through here. However, it is easy for buyers to fall for the shoppers trap maybe due to the city’s prominence in this particular niche or due to the fact that many jewelers just assume you know nothing about their merchandise.

The best way to avoid being fleeced when shopping for jewelry anywhere is to do good research beforehand. Take your time to shop around without allowing the pressure to get to you. Compare the prices and the quality and then make the move for the best deal.

5 Best places to shop

NY has one of the best selections of jewelry stores to choose from. Here is a list of the best of the best!

Jangmi Jewelry NYC

It’s one of the most popular stores in Diamond District. The setting of this jeweler is not that magical but the craftsmanship on their end result is absolutely incredible, not to mention the excellent reception you get when you visit the store.  It is the ideal store for you if you are looking for wedding bands and rings.  It’s worth visiting if you are looking for a store that knows what the modern couple wants for an affordable budget.

I.D. Jewelry

This store will definitely change your opinion about Diamond city, especially after reading the horror stories associated with it. It is a family owned jewelry store operated by actual jewelers with hands-on experience in jewelry matters.  It a good place to learn about diamonds without being given any pressure to buy any of them. They offer really competitive prices for their merchandise and services which include engraving and resizing.


Also located in Diamond City, Kent Jewelry provides customers with a wide variety of diamonds and authentic stones. If you prefer personalized jewelry to match your taste, this is the store for you. Their professional opinion will give your jewelry a nicer touch that catches the eye from afar.

Alexis Bittar

Their exclusive style features something from the future. “You cannot wear Alexis Bittar without getting a compliment”- this is a statement acclaimed by many. Their handmade pieces are fun, sophisticated, and simple at the same time. In here, you will find an interesting collection of materials including diamond, Lucite, gold, and metal.

Verameat Jewelry

Inspired by a teller of winding tales, Vera Balyura, this store showcases designs crafted from top-tier materials such as sterling silver and 14 karat gold. The setting is almost magical. You can find quirky yet high-quality self-sufficient-life inspired pendant jewelry here.

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