4 Enjoyable Things To Focus On While Traveling

by Julie on March 1, 2018

Losing the forest for the trees can end up happening when you’re out traveling, particularly if you’re on vacation. You may be so focused on certain aspects of your journey that you end up losing track of the fact that you want to enjoy as much as possible! So, on your next adventure, think of a few things that are always enjoyable that you can choose to focus on.

For a few examples, consider that food, jewelry, language, or cultural differences are always going to be there when you’re traveling outside of your home area, and therefore can always be appreciated through the lens of your perspective.

The Food

No matter where you go, chances are fairly likely that you’ll run into new food. And whether you’re a big eater or a picky eater, knowing how to enjoy food can be a big part of the overall experience that you have. And you don’t necessarily have to go expensive. You’re not looking to try to break into some luxury status as far as culinary interests go. You’re simply trying to check out what sort of food is available to people in other places.

The Jewelry

Another fun thing to look at when you’re out traveling is fashion. But, if you want to laser your focus even a little bit more, consider that checking out jewelry that people wear is a fast track to a certain type of cultural appreciation. The jewelry the people wear, after all, is a direct indication of their personality, their background, and their belief system. Clothes tend to be a little bit more variable, but when it comes to things like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and ear adornments, you can really start to learn about what makes a person tick. And of course tribal jewelry is outstanding. Tribes famous for this jewelry can be found in China, Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia), Northern Thailand, East Africa, South America – in fact all over the world!

The Language

Focusing on language when you travel somewhere might not necessarily be the same as focusing on foreign language as such. You might just notice different slang words that people use. Or different expressions. Or different ways that they communicate. When you take extra time to observe language, you may find that you appreciate and enjoy the semantic nuances that pop up during your journeys.

The Differences

And as much as you can appreciate the familiar and the same, if you want to enjoy something that’s always present while you’re traveling, think about focusing on the differences. Focus on the difference between your standard of living and theirs. Focus on the difference between what they do for fun and what you do for fun. The more you come to appreciate these things that are not the same, the more you can ultimately appreciate how you choose to live your life on a daily basis. Moving outside of your comfort zone to note these peculiarities can be particularly productive.

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