First 3 Things to Do After a Plane Crash

by Julie on February 23, 2018

We tend to think that plane crashes are too catastrophic and no one can survive. Movies and TV shows have made us believe that when a plane crashes, it bursts into flames and no one survives. But that is far from the truth. Just like in a car accident, passengers can also survive a plane crash.

There are some measures you can take after a plane crash to help you stay alive. At least they will keep you alive to seek the services of an airplane accident attorney if you intend to file a lawsuit.

Here is a look at the 3 things you need to do after a plane crash:

You have 90 Seconds to Get Out

This should be the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as the plane crashes to the ground. If you have survived the crash landing, you should take less than 90 seconds to get out of the plane. This is the only time you have to get out of the plane alive before something else happens.

It is important to understand that what normally kills passengers in a plane crash isn’t the actual impact, but the fire that engulfs the plane after the crash. It is natural to become complacent about the other dangers especially if you are surprised that you survived. Survivors also underestimate how fast a fire can consume the whole plane. You don’t have to wait for the rescue team to come if you have survived the crash.

According to surveys, most people think they have about 30 minutes to get out of a burning plane. However, it takes 90 seconds on average for a fire to burn through the aluminum fuselage and consume everything in it.

Know where the Exits Are

You should be aware of the exits before the plane crashes. In other words, plan your escape beforehand. If you have kids or any other family member on board, visualize how you will all get out. After the plane crashes, identify the nearest exit. Once you have your exit in sight, consider crawling to it. This gets your crouched over enough to be below any smoke that may choke you.

Forget about your Baggage

If you are still alive after a plane crash then saving yourself should be the only thing in your mind. If you’ve got to evacuate, don’t take anything with you. If it is very important, stick it in your pocket and make sure your arms are free to move. Items can either slow you down or get in the way of other passengers trying to evacuate.

With that in mind, you now have a life to protect after a crash. Remember you only have one chance to perform the above-mentioned safety tips. Once the plane bursts into flames, there nothing you can do. But until that time comes, relax and enjoy your flight. After you have read the safety card and listened to the safety announcements, you have nothing to worry about.

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