The Top 3 Reasons I Love Visiting Costa Rica

by Julie on January 23, 2018

Love to travel off the beaten path? Do you love being adventurous? Maybe it’s time to visit Costa Rica. This small but beautiful country has a lot to offer on a tourist’s plate. It is an ecological tourist destination, what with its luscious rainforests, magnificent volcanoes, and pristine beaches. To learn more about what to do and where to go in this piece of paradise, you can visit this website: tours/. And with that, read on for the top 3 reasons why Costa Rica is a place you’ll love to visit.

1.  Natural Parks

Costa Rica’s land mass is only around 0.03% of the world’s land mass but has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Nature lovers would choose a vacation in Costa Rica because of its naturally rich ecological parks. There are a lot of natural parks to choose from, each with a unique feature to offer. Corcovado National Park is one such place. Considered as the one with the best diversity of flora and fauna in the world, it is one place worth visiting while in Costa Rica.

You can also visit the active Arenal Volcano and its surrounding places where you can experience horseback riding, explore the rainforest, and the relaxing hot springs around the area. You can also try more strenuous activities such as hiking along trails and the exciting whitewater rafting. Manuel Antonio is also known for its National Park, although small, it is rich in biodiversity and can boast of its untouched beauty.

2.  Pristine Beaches

Costa Rica is also known for its beautiful beaches. You can see paradise in the beaches of Manuel Antonio with its bright sand and calm, blue waters. Enjoy a laid-back summer’s day with your family along the amazing shores of the Manuel Antonio beach. For tourists who long for pure relaxation and just want to escape from it all, Drake Bay is the perfect isolated panorama. With its scattered hotels and lodges, you can imagine living in your own piece of paradise. When you’ve had your fair share of isolation, you can enjoy varied water sports activities such as swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling or simply explore the expansive shoreline.

Also known for its sprawling beaches is the Playa Guiones. You can enjoy its seven kilometer stretch of white sand beaches. Tourists will find it hard to resist its sparkling clear waters and tranquil surroundings. Nosara Beach located at Playa Guiones is ranked among the top 10 beaches in Central America.

3.  Reggae Nights

To cap off your dreamy Costa Rican vacation, you have to experience the awesome reggae nights at Puerto Viejo. Sans the flashy nightclubs, you can enjoy the night away in Puerto Viejo by meeting some locals while having some drinks at the beach bars or dancing your heart out jamming to the reggae beat.


You can never go wrong to choose Costa Rica as your dream destination. Sprawled between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica has endless beaches to explore. Belonging to a tropical region, except possibly half a year of summer weather to explore the rich biodiversity which can only be found in its well-protected national parks. Also more time to discover the different terrains such as the infinite shorelines, volcanoes and rainforests that abound. If you’re one who loves adventures when you travel, Costa Rica will not disappoint with all its water sports activities that you can try. There you go; you have all you need to know. To Costa Rica, you go.

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