The top 5 quality food trends in Asia this year

by Julie on January 8, 2018

Hong Kong is a great place to be if you are an entrepreneur or you are looking to start your own restaurant. Hong Kong is a great place for foodies and shoppers as it is a haven for high quality products and for establishing the newest trends. Whether you live in Hong Kong or you are traveling all over the continent of Asia, there are great places to eat and shop. This article will highlight the top 5 quality food trends in Asia this year.


  1. The restaurant Uncle Padak in Hong Kong is one of the trendiest eateries in Asia this year. Boasting a unique vibe and a great menu, the Uncle Padak restaurant is a must for tourists and locals alike. If you love to eat Korean fried chicken and rice balls, you must add this to your list of restaurants to try.


  1. Italian food. Believe it or not, italian food is one of the most popular genres of meals that you can choose from in Asia in 2018. Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano are both very popular dishes among the Asian population. The reason that this type of cuisine has gained so much popularity is because of its simplicity and tasty flavors. The trouble is however, that shipments from Italy take over a day to arrive in Asia so it is hard to get fresh italian food. Because of this, many are choosing to get their “italian” food from Australia as it is much easier, logistically.


  1. Pizza delivery service. More and more millenials are choosing to stay in and order pizza rather than make their own meals or go out to dinner. Thanks to new delivery service offerings all over Asia, ordering a pizza on the computer makes buying dinner easier than ever before. With many services, such as Uber, offering food delivery, it is great way to get your food fast!


  1. Cupcakes. Delivery service is not just for pizzas in Asia. In fact, next time you find yourself at a dull party, consider order some cupcakes online and have them delivered to your location. Ordering cupcakes in a variety of flavors is sure to spice up any event.


  1. Food trucks. It is true. Food trucks have arrived in Asia and offer great local fare as well as global specialties. Some food trucks specialize in specific types of food or beverages and all are typically delicious. Next time you are in an area that offers food trucks, consider trying some fare from each truck. You will be amazed at the affordability of the food and the variety that you will find in a food truck.


If you are traveling to Asia this year, you are in for a treat. There are many great food trends popping up all over the country. Food trucks, cupcake and pizza delivery service, and wonderful eateries can offer something for every palate and interest.

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