How to Have the Most Fun Ever on Spring Break Miami 2018

by Julia on January 4, 2018

With the holidays just gone by and spring still seeming like a lifetime away, it really isn’t too soon to start planning Spring Break Miami 2018. Whether you are a college student ready for that much-needed break from books or simply looking for a little action after a long, cold winter, Miami promises to have everything in store for the adventurous in spirit. However, you’ll need to start planning now if you want to be as carefree as possible so that you can enjoy more and worry less.

When Is Spring Break Miami 2018?

Universities around the country break during different weeks in March and early April, but Miami Spring Break runs from March 1 through April 2 this year with tons of events featured throughout the city. Actually, South Beach is where you’ll find the most activity, but downtown has plenty to offer as well. The point is, with so little time before that annual fun-in-the-sun festival of delights, it’s never too early to begin planning what you’ll do, where you’ll stay, and even what you’ll wear. Wardrobe, after all, can make or break your stay!

Booking Early Is a Must

Oddly, there was a time when Ft Lauderdale was the vacation hot spot for Spring Breakers from around the world, but in recent years and with the rising popularity of South Beach, Miami has regained the lead and is now ‘the’ place to go. Whether you are looking to catch a glimpse of your favorite celeb who happens to frequent SoBe, as the locals lovingly refer to South Beach, or you simply want to explore the many shops, restaurants, and events, Miami has it all.

However, since Miami is as popular as it is, you’ll want to book your lodgings as early as possible. Prime spots are taken quickly, some as early as the summer before, so get your bookings in yesterday! Besides accommodations, you’ll want to explore Spring Break Miami events to get tickets before they are sold out. Believe it or not, the closer you get to March, the more likely the chances are you’ll get that dreaded ‘Sold Out’ when trying to book a ticket online.

Next Item on the Agenda – Wardrobe!

How can you possibly go to Spring Break Miami 2018 in styles from last year? Some clothes can pass two years running, but bathing suits won’t cut it year after year. There are a number of reasons why you may want to change swimsuits this year, among which would be weight differentials from year to year. For example, bikini swimsuits will hang off you if you’ve lost as little as five pounds, but the reverse is sadly also true.

If you’ve gained five pounds, not only will that suit no longer fit like a glove, it will push rolls out where you least expect or need them! If you want to look your best and are on a limited budget after booking lodging and events, the one new wardrobe addition should always be a swimsuit. That’s a no-brainer if you want to look your best in this year’s styles.

Rules of the Road – Spring Break Style

While you won’t be told you can’t drink on the beach, you will get in lots of trouble if you carry glass bottles or cups onto the beach. Many young people don’t remember the days (they weren’t born yet!) when clubs like Big Daddy’s used to sell to-go drinks in plastic Big Daddy’s cups. It was a given that Spring Breakers would stop at a Big Daddy’s bar, order those clear cups with the green Big Daddy’s logo and keep the cup as a souvenir of Spring Break to talk about back home in dull “I wish I was in Miami” times. Those were the days before Big Daddy’s was seen as a liquor supercenter and was more a chain of local bars.

Now, you can carry those cups on the beach, but you can’t buy them to take out. Being in possession of open liquor is a punishable offense under certain circumstances. Be careful where and when you drink and how you carry your booze from one event to the next. In fact, some events (most) forbid entry to anyone carrying alcoholic beverages, opened or unopened. Spring Break Rules of the Road have changed over the years, so be careful not to get a ticket, which could end up costing as much as your week of fun in Miami sun.

The key point here? Plan early so you can enjoy your stay and learn a bit about the local ordinance. If you can do all that between now and March 1, you’ll have the most fun ever at Spring Break Miami 2018.

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