How To Plan A Budget Getaway in Bodrum / Turkey

by Julie on October 31, 2017


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Turkey’s most preferred destination to visit is Bodrum. Here you will see authentic Mediterranean houses, purple summer blossoms and a beautiful blue sea will lift up your soul. The area of Bodrum, has exciting vibrant nightlife, beautiful sandy beaches, interesting historical sites and plenty of places to stay and eat. No wonder it is one of the Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts found on the Aegean coast. Even with everything the area has to offer it is still possible to have a great budget break. Here are a few tips for planning a budget getaway in Bodrum.

What to pack for a budget Bodrum break

You don’t need to bring much along with you for a holiday in Bodrum. Temperatures range from around 12 degrees C in the winter to 29 degrees C in the summer months. So, it is never really cold and you won’t need to bring bulky clothing along. Essentials to remember are sun creams, as these can be expensive to buy on location, something to cover you from the hot sun such as long-sleeved shirts, head coverings for females if you plan on visiting holy places and a good pair of walking shoes.

To keep everything compact and to pack more organised it is a good idea to use packing cubes. These can be used to store dirty and wet clothes from the beach as well as keeping all your tech, chargers etc in one place. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to packing cubes, then check out this packing cubes review.

Where to stay on a budget

Depending on what you want to do on your break will make a difference in where you choose to stay. Of course, the most sought-after locations will come at a higher price, but there are still some bargains to be had. Bodrum town is an excellent central location where you can travel out to different towns, villages and the beach if you want to. Gumbet is also a good choice as it has a lively nightlife scene and a lovely beach or Turgurteis for the harbour front location.

Pansions or Bed and breakfasts are a cheap way to stay in Bodrum and you often have your own private facilities too. The owners will often give you some tips about the local area and where to eat and visit. If there are a few of you then why not choose an apartment instead, it can be an inexpensive option when you are sharing the cost, plus you can cook your own meals which will save you even more money.

Cheap things to do in Bodrum

There are lots of things to do in Bodrum and the surrounding area and you don’t have to spend much either. One of the top sights is the Castle of St Peter, which if you are on a really tight budget you can enjoy from the outside. If you want to visit the inside it will only cost 30 TL and you will see the museum and learn about the history of the building.

Free things to do include visiting the Bodrum amphitheatre which is a short bus ride away from the town. Also exploring the marinas of Palmarina and Yalikavak and relaxing on beaches such as Bietz beach in Bodrum city or Yashi beach in Ortakent. Another point of interest that is worth visiting is the windmills located between Bodrum and Gumbet. This is an excellent place to go to for sunset overlooking two bays, a wonderful sight and free too! They can also be seen from the sea when coming in by boat to the harbour.

Best ways to get around

Widely known the Dolmus is the best way to get around Bodrum. It is sort of a shared taxi which follows a fixed route. You used to be able to stop and hail the Dolmus anywhere along the route, however now there are bus stops to wait at, but you do still need to hail them. Make sure you have small change to pay the driver and remember that the driver will give you your change if needed when they get to a straight stretch of road. Prices change but you’ll be able to see the price list at the front of the bus and work out how much it is for where you want to go.

To get to and from the main areas taking a bus is the best and cheapest way. Boat is also a good way to travel if you are coming from or going to the nearby Greek Islands such as Kos and Rhodes.

What to eat on a budget break in Bodrum?

You certainly won’t go hungry in Bodrum even if you are on a budget. There are plenty of street food vendors offering fresh great tasting food and if its good enough for the locals then you know it’s the real deal. When choosing street food, you should try sesame simit which is a bread snack like a cross between a bagel and a pretzel, Kumpir which is similar to a baked potato with a choice of toppings and peynirli borek which is layered flaky pastry with spinach and cheese.

If you are staying in an apartment then you’ll have a vast choice of cheap local ingredients from the many stalls and markets in the town. If you want to eat local but would prefer a sit-down meal, go for the canteen style restaurants which offer excellent food at a reasonable price.

You can have a great break in Bodrum on a budget

As you can see, having an excellent holiday in Bodrum on a budget is totally doable. You can enjoy fantastic food, beautiful beaches, interesting things to see and do all whilst staying in budget accommodation and travelling like a local. Have you started planning your budget break in Bodrum Turkey yet? What are you waiting for?

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