The Top 5 Camping Destinations In Canada

by Julie on October 3, 2017

Canada is the place to be if you’re looking to spend some time in nature. With its lush landscapes, picturesque mountains, and beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder that so many locals are pitching their tents or heading out in their RVs all over the country. In fact, a survey reveals that 20% of Canadians go camping every year. If you want to commune with nature with some friends and family this year, consider going on a camping trip in any of the country’s top camping destinations.

How to prepare for your camping trip

Apart from booking a flight to Canada and reserving a camping spot in your chosen destination, you also need to be well-prepared for your outdoor adventure. As some destinations can be quite remote, it is imperative to be fully equipped for your safety and comfort. As autumn typically begins at the tail end of September, plan on getting ready to cope with the weather which can be mild throughout December, but keep in mind that the snow can begin anytime during these months.

Apart from a tent which can keep out the elements, a sleeping bag, cooking gear, food, water, an all-purpose knife, and some warm clothing, another essential that you have to pack for your trip is a sturdy and bright flashlight as some campsites may not have adequate lighting at night. You will also need to pack sturdy hiking boots and some swimming gear to fully enjoy your trip. Here are the top 5 camping destinations in Canada.

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia

This camping destination has a magical feel to it and being here is akin to being in Narnia. At Mount Assiniboine, you can feast your eyes on magnificent glaciers, lakes, mountains, and meadows and do everything from hiking, mountain climbing, and horseback riding. Bring your sense of adventure with you as the only way that you can get to the campsite is by boat or foot.

Pine Valley Park, Ontario

This campsite is popular among families with children and it’s a great place for your kids to make new friends. Enjoy swimming or fishing at Pine Valley, and if the weather turns too chilly for outdoor fun, head to the recreation hall for a game of darts or a quiet read in the library.

Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

This UNESCO World Heritage site is perfect for those who love to camp in winter. You can go boating, hiking along the Berg Lake Trail, or wildlife viewing at this camping destination. Keep in mind that cell service is not available within the park, so you may need to bring a handheld GPS for your safety.

Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

This site offers various camping options to suit your needs. You can stay in an oTENTik, which is a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin, or you can also pitch a tent or park your RV on the grounds. Try your hand at sea kayaking and be on the lookout for whales and icebergs in this destination.

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

This is the only prairie provincial park in Canada. Here, you can channel your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder as you go on wagon tours, sit before a campfire, or spend the night under a starry sky.

Explore any of these camping destinations sometime this year. Remember to make reservations, be prepared, and check the weather before you go to have a wonderful time out in the great outdoors of Canada.

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