5 Unique Experiences You Can Have In Singapore

by Julie on October 2, 2017

Singapore is the most expensive city on earth. This city-state is a global financial center with a multi-cultural population and a tropical climate. There are endless number of wonderful things to do and see for every type of travelers in Singapore. If you are planning your trip to Singapore, make sure you don’t miss out the following 5 unique experiences:

1. Singapore Night Safari

Almost nobody misses out experiencing the unique Singapore Night Safari. Featuring over 2500 animals of over 130 different species, this nocturnal zoo in Singapore allows you to behold rare and beautiful animals in their natural inhabitant at night. A tram takes visitors to different areas of the safari and provide them with unique wildlife viewing experience. Over one million visitors visit this mega attraction in Singapore. Make sure you don’t miss having this super unique experience.

2. Swimming in The World’s Highest Infinity Pool

Mariana Bay sands is one of the major highlights of Singapore Skyline. While it is one of the most expensive accommodation options in Singapore, you may still want to spend at least a night in this 5 star hotel as without being a guest in this hotel you can’t swim or bath in its infinity pool which is in fact the highest infinity pool in the world. It is mandatory to be a guest in the hotel to have access to the pool. Swimming in this pool allows you to have the best view of the Singapore city.

3. Driving On F1 Track

If racing is your thing, you may want to try driving on F1 track in Singapore. Yes, you can drive your dream super car like Lamborghini. Spending as less as s$300, you can have this unique experience in Singapore. If you are not confident enough to drive yourself, you can sit back and have someone else drive you on the famous F1 track in Singapore.

4. Riding The Singapore Flyer

Riding the Singapore flyer is one of the best ways to have best and most spectacular views of the Singapore city. Located on Marina Bay and opened in 2008, this giant Ferris wheel is 165 meter high. Each of its capsules contain upto 28 people at a time. The ticket for an adult costs$33. The approximately 30 minute ride on Singapore Flyer can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

5. Visiting The Modern And Unique Gardens By The Bay

Just live the above four experiences, you must not miss out visiting the Gardens By The Bay located in the central Singapore. This modern garden has unique features and wonderful organization of plants to please anybody who loves to explore greenery. It features unique tree-life structures that are up to 50 meters light.

Living In Singapore As An Expat

Singapore is a multicultural city. If you want to experience the best of Singapore, you need to spend months in this modern city. You can be an English tutor in Singapore to earn your living.  It is a popular way to lean your living and experience the best of this modern city among English speaking travelers in Singapore.

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