Revealed: How much you’re likely to spend in some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

by Julie on September 27, 2017

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  • Data compiled by the ONS have highlighted Brits’ spending habits in holiday spots across the world

  • Tunisia and Bulgaria are some of the cheapest holiday destinations

  • Brits spend the most money in United Arab Emirates

Data published by the Office of National Statistics has revealed our spending habits in various countries all over the world.

The data compiled by travel experts has highlighted how much spending money British tourists have spent in various destinations across the globe.

The data has been divided into money spent on short breaks (1-3 days) and longer holidays (4-13).

Popular destinations see an increase in spending the longer the holiday. Spain – the most visited place in Europe for Brits – sees short breaks cost around £326. This increases to £504 for a longer holiday. Similarly, Portugal short breaks will average around £351 per head, and anything up to 14 days will cost £540.

However, not all budgets for short breaks are overshadowed by longer stays. In fact, a lot of the data goes against the assumption that the longer your holiday, the more you spend. Malta, for example, saw visitors spend an average of £708 per head on a short break. Longer breaks saw this amount decrease to £575. Cyprus sees an average spend of £517 for a long holiday, compared to £556 for shorter breaks.

Also, recent research in May 2017 carried out on behalf of shows 51% of holidaymakers have booked or are planning to book a city break this year. With more holidaymakers opting for a short holiday over a beach break this will see spends dramatically rise – with many being less frugal with their holiday spending habits.

A spokesperson for explained the seeming disparity, “While we generally expect to pay more the longer the stay in a country, the data suggests the contrary in some destinations,” says Nicky Cox.

“However, we’re seeing things like business trips and romantic weekends blowing longer stays out of the money, spending-wise. While generous budgets are put aside for these short “blow-outs”, longer trips which can often involve children are more likely to stick to careful daily allowances.”

The glamour and glitz of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE tempts the extravagant amongst us. Short break spending works out around £750 a head, while longer breaks are £963 per person.

For the more frugal traveller, a short break to Bulgaria will cost a budget-friendly £250, while a longer holiday to Tunisia in the Mediterranean will set a holidaymaker back a modest £347.

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