3 Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation

by Julie on August 30, 2017

Going on a vacation is something that is full of activities, relaxation, and plenty of eating and drinking.  For some people this can mean a few extra pounds at the end of the trip.  Between lounging and enjoying not having to go to work every day it can be easy to slip into comfortable habits which are not as active as back at home.

It can be frustrating to get home at the end of the trip to find that your pants fit tighter than before.  The damage that you did in a week or two of vacation can take triple the time to get back off. Therefore, it is ideal to try to avoid it altogether.  If you want to try to avoid gaining extra weight try these tips during your trip.

Walk Every Day

A great way to stay active on your trip without having to necessarily hit the gym is to try to walk everywhere that you can.  Instead of taking taxis or public transportation throughout your trip try to walk when it is convenient.  These few extra steps a day can help burn off a few extra calories.

You could also try incorporating some hikes into your trip and enjoying some beautiful scenery while also getting in some exercise.  Make sure that you take it easy on any rough terrains if you are not used to it, since getting injured on your trip won’t be any fun at all.  Rather than intensive movement focus on it being slow and steady.

Try To Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is something that packs extra calories in only a few small gulps.  One beer can be the equivalent of a whole sandwich.  When you start drinking upwards of several on top of the other then you are basically eating several sandwiches.

Try to limit your alcohol intake during your trip even though it can be a challenge.  You might be tempted to drink as much as your heart desires since you are on vacation, however if you limit yourself even just a little you will find that your daily caloric intake is much less.

Skip Dessert

Try to control yourself when it comes to eating out and feeling the temptation to order dessert after your meal.  Sometimes when you are craving sweets after a meal it is because you are actually still hungry.

Try to eat a few more bites of real food before you decide whether you really need that chocolate mousse or not.  Sugar is something which is best enjoyed occasionally rather than with every meal.  You may find that if you order dessert after every meal on vacation that you return home wanting to continue the same habits.

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