Australia’s Most Popular Winter Travel Destinations

by Julie on July 17, 2017

Thanks to its mild climate, Australian continent enjoys rather warm winters and sees very little snow during the season.

Such a setting is perhaps the main reason why many ski lovers resort to Northern hemisphere during the winter season. But, Australia still has a lot to offer to those seeking thrill and a perfect winter getaway.

Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains will probably be the first pick for all adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers craving for skiing and snowboarding. The largest peak of the continent is also a part of this mountain chain, and it sits at 2.228 m above the sea level.

Recreational skiing was introduced to Snowy Mountains back in 19th century. Today, this is one of the most crowded ski centers in Australia, with the majority of visitors being students and Australian youth.

Peak Music Festival

Apart from skiing and boarding, Snowy Mountains host a large music festival every year in July.

Peak Music Festival officially kicks-off the winter season at the Perisher ski resort. Festival has 10 stages hosting numerous acts both from Australia and from around the world.

Finally, while you are here, don’t miss on famous White Christmas in July, where you can see Santa Claus himself sloping down one of the mountain’s ski lanes.


If you decide to spend your winter holiday in Victoria, you will be able to choose from hundreds of different ski-runs across several alpine locations. Located on the very south of the continent, Victoria has become the most popular winter destination among Australian youth.

Mountain Buller

One of the most crowded tourist resorts in Victoria is definitely mountain Buller, located within three-hour car drive from Melbourne. It is saturated with ski and snowboard trails, with lots of material both for advanced skiers or beginners. Mountain Stirling is in close vicinity to Buller, and you can find even more cross-country and ski trails there.

Falls Creek

Sitting inside Alpine National Park, Falls Creek ski center is fully packed with action and definitely number one choice for young people. This is where Australian national team also comes to ski, and this fact attracts many wannabe pros to Falls Creek. Indeed, with 90 runs and 20 cross-country trails, you’ll hardly run out of things to do here. From expert super-steep ski slopes to hiking trails where your skis are barely moving – Falls Creek has it all.

Also, if you have that competitive character and you think you are good enough to participate, you can always take part in Kangaroo Hoppet snow sports event. Falls Creek host this event every August. And if you’re not keen on competing with professionals and semi-professionals, you can just take part in building a snowman, or you can explore the countryside in Nordic shoes or ride the snowmobile.

Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain has perhaps the most beautiful scenery in Victoria, mostly thanks to breathtaking glacial lakes. It is perfect winter getaway for all of them who are looking for somewhat quieter place than those mentioned above.

Lake Mountain distinguishes itself by giving visitors an array of possibilities to enjoy the snow. You don’t have to go down mountain slopes on skis or snowboard; you can also use numerous installed toboggans or jump in large lifesaver-like tubes to get down to the bottom of the slope. It’s up to you!

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