Why should you Visit Singapore? Top Reasons

by Julie on May 24, 2017

Last month, I got PEP Singapore with One Visa and arrived at the city. It was only after I reached here that I realized that this is not a place for just work. But instead, this is one such location that has to be visited at least once by every one of us. I have dozens of reasons for making this statement, but I am going to quote only the top reasons here. So, why should you come here? Continue reading…

Cleanliness and Safety:

You should be aware that most often, visitors to Singapore will use the words ‘cleanliness’ and ‘safety’. I’d say it’s no wonder! As an expat, I’d declare to you that Singapore is the safest city on Earth, with stricter laws in place and advanced security systems. Not just this, Singapore is also safe for your wealth. This is the information from HSBC Premier.

Pretty Easy to Move Around:

With more than five million occupants, transportation is the primary source that keeps everyone moving. What I saw in the city is that it has a brilliant transport system. The ultra-modern subway stations have an enormous number of stops, which makes it easier to transit from one place to another. And, it’s to be mentioned that the transportation is relatively cheap.

Enjoyable Nightlife:

Everyone doesn’t get a chance to enjoy the nightlife, but if you’re in Singapore, you will! Only your interest matters. It might be the nightlife district, Clarke Quay, or the beach parties like ZoukOut or Siloso, but you will definitely find a place to have a great time!

Marina Bay Sands:

This is a new kid on the block with three giant towers with an apparent ship at its top. This building dominates the city’s skyline. A good reason to visit this place is the rooftop pool, which is the most spectacular part. If you are a guest at the hotel, you will have a great chance to swim in the infinity waters.

Incredible Food:

For me, the food was the most worrying aspect when I looked for relocation. But, only when I came here, I knew boasts the the best of all foods. I had a great opportunity to taste various cuisines of Asian origin. Not only this, I came to know that most of the best chefs on the planet have their restaurants here. This city has more cool things to offer!

Amazing Zoos and Parks:

The zoos and parks of the city are tagged as among the best ones around the globe. In the zoo, I could see that the animals are being treated very well and there are around 2800 animal members to see and enjoy. Also, the parks especially the Gardens by the Bay, aren’t to be missed. In this park alone, there are over a million plants. So, there’s no reason to miss these places!

Outstanding Architecture:

All around the city, I could see a mix up of old and new when it comes to architecture. The gorgeous skyline of the city took my breath away. So amazing! It was even more attractive after the sunset and I have taken some amazing pictures of the scene.

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