Take A Weekend Break This Spring

by Julie on April 27, 2017

Today, everyone has a tight and a hectic work schedule, you hardly find time for yourself or even for your family. With the arrival of spring, it becomes more important for you to plan your weekends with your family and friends. Spring is said to be the best time to make outdoor plans as nature is at its peak.

Due to the beautiful weather beginning to shine through, it makes it easy for you to travel to places and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Make the most of the awesome weather and take yourself to enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting the nearby attractions in the UK.

The UK has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions which are perfect for your spring weekend getaway.

One of the most beautiful places for a weekend getaway in the UK is Wales, and it offers you many beautiful attractions to visit and lots of activities.

For the History Lovers

If you love exploring history, you can do it by visiting Wale’s rich mining heritage, the Big Pit National Coal Museum by going 300 feet underground wearing a hard hat and headlamp. You can spend an hour walking through the dark tunnels seeing with your own eyes the vibrant history of the Coal industry and its effect on Wales.

For the Shopping Lovers

If shopping is the only thing you love to do in your free time or your weekend, then it is the perfect place for you to visit. You can head to Cardiff’s Victorian Arcades, that display the independent fashion boutiques and storefronts like Spillers Records, which is said to be the oldest record shop in the world, being established in 1894.

For the Adventure Lovers

If you are an adventure seeker and love to indulge yourself in sport, then you can enjoy yourself to the fullest at Surf Snowdonia in North Wales. It’s a 300 metre surf lagoon, which is a perfect surfing spot for adventure lovers.

You can also visit Crash & Splash lagoon that is perfect for body-boarding and has smooth water for Stand-Up Paddle-boarding.

Family Time

If you want to have an awesome trampoline experience with your family, there is nothing like Zip World- Bounce Below which is located within the huge network of caverns deep below the earth’s surface. It’s known as the world’s first subterranean playground that offers you to play, slide, roll, jump and bounce from net to net in a cavern the size of a cathedral. The atmosphere is colourful with the lighting, which makes the cave look beautiful. This cave served as a working slate mine almost 200 years ago.


You can also have some peaceful family time at Golden Fleece Inn, located nearby Porthmadog. It offers you a luxurious stay with lots of things to do and enjoy with your family.

For Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover and want to spend time in the beautiful spring weather, then Portmeirion offers it all. The village has Mediterranean-style houses and family-owned shops which will surely catch your eyes. There’s beauty all around which will inspire you to take pictures, saving the memory for years to come.

The UK has some of the best weekend getaways that you can have with your family or friends. So, plan ahead to make one of your Spring weekends a special one.


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