Best destinations for business travellers

by Julie on March 31, 2017

Business trips don’t always have to be all about business, which is why some of the best business destinations offer the best of both worlds: business and pleasure. If you often travel for business there here are a few places you should try to find the opportunity to visit. When visiting Europe for business or pleasure it is important you remain vigilant and prepared by having an EHIC from with you in case of an emergency. So, whether you want sun on your face while you’re working outside, or want to take a break and look at some beautiful art work, here are some of the best destinations for a business trip getaway.


Over the years, Lisbon has been growing in popularity as a great destination for professionals abroad. The tech industry in Lisbon especially has seen a surge in young start-up companies, meaning that there is no shortage of employment and a need for competent and ambitious professionals to bring these great projects to life. The city itself also makes a great location for relaxation. It’s sunny, scenic and sandy. Work becomes far more enjoyable when the sun is shining, it seems, and relaxing in the sun is always an option during your lunchbreaks.


London is an excellent place to travel to on a business trip because, in central London, everything is easily accessible. Most of the great things to see and do in central London are only a few stops away on the underground trains and many of the areas of business are close to some of the best sights in London. You could escape the office in between meetings and take a walk by the Thames or sample some delicious food at the stylish restaurants.


Singapore is one of the world’s best financing environments and employment opportunities here are more than just rewarding. The multiculturalism of Singapore also makes it easy for tourists to mix into the crowds without feeling obtrusive, which makes exploring all of the hidden sights of the city a lot easier. There is incredible food in the Hawker centre, beautiful gardens, fascinating galleries and museums, and some stunning temples. Singapore might have been a bit sterile and formal in the past, but that is certainly not the case anymore. Singapore has established itself as an excellent destination for both business and pleasure.


Australia has experienced a lot of rapid growth over the years and, in fact, it’s still growing. While it can be a difficult environment to get used to – and the climate certainly doesn’t help – once you get the hang of working here is can be incredibly rewarding.  Tourism especially is one of their most successful industries that bring in a lot of people from overseas, as well as property. Then, outside of work, the two cities, Melbourne and Sydney, offer excellent opportunities for enjoyment outside of work. There are beautiful gardens, a gorgeous public square in Melbourne with plenty to see and in Sydney you can see some off the iconic architecture. While the hot weather might be hard to get used to, it is a fantastic place to visit.

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