5 Ways To Protect And Monitor Your Home While Traveling

by Julia on February 23, 2017

Leaving home for a vacation should be a carefree time, full of fun and relaxation.  There should be no reason to lose a wink of sleep worrying about things at home.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people when they leave their homes unattended for an extended amount of time.

Preparing a home for vacancy is about more than just locking the windows and doors.  Numerous safety precautions can assure a homeowner that their belongings are secure 24 hours a day.  Though incidents do occur, these necessary precautions will boost safety and provide the ability to protect and monitor any size home from anywhere in the world.  Check it out!

Take standard safety precautions

Common sense gives us a heads up on a few safety precautions, and it behooves us to listen.  Install a highly-rated security system in the home.  Not only will it provide a bit of peace, insurance companies typically offer discounts for homes equipped with security systems.

Advertise the security all around the home.  Put one of those signs in the yard.  Place protection stickers in the windows.  Whatever it takes to get the point across to an ill-intended intruder.

Enroll the help of trusted neighbors  

This method only works in social neighborhoods.  If there are a couple of neighbors that can be trusted, let them keep an eye on the house.  If they are super trustworthy, let them house-sit while the family is gone.  This way, the house is never empty or susceptible to burglars.

Also, it helps to have someone mow the lawn or trim the hedges while away.  It sets up the illusion to strangers that someone is home.

Make it look as if someone is home

By now, most people are aware of timing technology.  Set timers on the lights and other appliances in the home to maintain the appearance of activity.  Outdoor, motion sensor lighting is also a deterrent for intruders.

Anything that would normally be out of place in the yard or around the home keeps it that way while the family is gone.  Unroll a hose in the yard and leave some of the kid’s toys outside.

Stop the mail while away

One of the biggest signs to burglars that a home is vacant is a stack of mail lingering in the mailbox.  Before leaving, pay a visit to the post office and put a stop in the mail for the length of the planned vacation.  Stopping the mail will also protect against lost or stolen letters or information.

Resist the urge to blast everything on social media

It may be hard to imagine, but try not to post pictures of the trip or vacation until the family has returned home.  Feeding live updates to sites like Facebook or Twitter will only assure those that may have bad plans that the house is empty.

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