Deciding on a Memorable Honeymoon Safari for Your Special Getaway

by Julie on February 14, 2017

A wedding is one of the most cherished events in the lives of many people. This special occasion is centered around the celebration of love, and is often characterized by festivities like parties, receptions, and unforgettable ceremonies. However, in what is perhaps the most anticipated phase of wedding festivities for the happy couple, is a perfect, beautiful, and memorable honeymoon getaway. This is their chance to enjoy each other’s company and relish in the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of their new marriage.  For couples looking for a trip that is one-of-a-kind and truly original, an adventurous honeymoon safari in the breathtaking landscapes of East Africa may be just the answer.

What Makes a Safari Original?

Safaris differ in excursion experiences based on details like length, timing, and location. However, each outing is completely unique and filled with opportunities to see a plethora of wildlife in the stunning backdrop of such landmarks as Mount Kilimanjaro and the expansive Serengeti National Park. Unlike other honeymoon destinations, creating this priceless trip around a safari is completely original and an expedition that will not be soon forgotten. While many couples may opt for a tropical cruise or island getaway, couples that choose an African safari will have countless opportunities to enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and culture of a place that is rich with experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Planning for a Safari

In all reality, planning a wedding requires a lot of time and carefully executed coordination from a lot of people. From the selection of a venue to the finalizing of lodging for guests, the whole process can be pretty stressful. So, when it comes time to begin thinking about a honeymoon, many couples have already done lots of research, made many decisions, and spent considerable time finalizing plans.

Fortunately, a safari honeymoon with DK Grand Safaris gives couples access to a variety of spectacular excursions, each with a detailed itinerary of the day’s activities. For example, they can select any of the following:

  • Nairobi National Park Excursion

  • 3 Days Essence of Amboseli

  • 4 Days Classic Mara

  • 7 Days Majestic of Kenya

  • 9 Days Wings Over Serengeti

  • 10 Wings of Kenya

  • 11 Days East Africa Exploration

  • 12 Days Splendour of Kenya

  • 14 Days Hemingways Safari

Whether a couple chooses to incorporate a one-day safari into their honeymoon getaway, or build their whole trip around a 14-day excursion, the safari expedition itself is planned, in detail from start to finish.

Preparing for a Successful Trip

Anytime you are preparing to travel, spending adequate time planning ahead and preparing for new experiences is essential to make the most of your trip. These suggestions are important as couples prepare to embark on an unforgettable honeymoon adventure on safari in East Africa.

  • Update Medical Records: Anytime international travel is required to reach a destination, it is critical that individuals update their medical records. This involves receiving vaccinations that may be overdue, receiving additional vaccinations to protect against environmental changes, and getting refills on all antibiotics and medications.

  • Organize Legal Documents: Legal documents like passports, identification cards, airline tickets, medical records, and copies of prescriptions are valuable. These documents should be obtained and organized in anticipation of departure to eliminate delays.

  • Purchase Supplies: The African landscape is a unique environment and enjoying it to its fullest is easier with the right supplies. Items like bug spray, bug nets, sunscreen, sunglasses, a good hat, and water purification tablets are just some of the supplies couples should consider bringing.

  • Plan Ahead: Couples that plan their trip in advance can enjoy their wedding festivities without trying to finalize the details of their honeymoon at the same time. With travel plans, itineraries, and confirmations in place, the getaway can be excitedly anticipated, free of stress.

Creating a Memorable Honeymoon

While some may associate safaris with dust, barren desserts, and sub-par lodging, exactly the opposite is true. Ironically, a honeymoon spent on safari can be one of the most romantic destinations for any newlywed couple. Luxury lodging with king-sized beds, room service, and different activities and entertainment can make even the quiet moments, something to remember.

Additionally, the actual safari is a perfect time for couples to enjoy the beauty of nature, experience the majesty of wildlife, and relish in conversation. Aside from viewing wildlife, the overall experience of a safari is one that is often filled with adventure and opportunities to learn about the vast expanse of African desert. For most couples, a honeymoon is an experience to enjoy each other and leave the chaos and excitement of wedding planning behind for something a bit more relaxing. A safari is a wonderful option that will provide adventure, originality, and enjoyment for any couple looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For couples seeking a well-planned, professional, and perfect honeymoon safari, DK Grand Safaris has everything you need. From coordinated itineraries to a variety of package options, honeymooners have everything they need to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with their new sweetheart.

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