Top Reasons To Visit Virginia Beach

by Julie on January 26, 2017

Virginia Beach is probably one of the prettiest beaches in the Eastern mid-coastal region. While being able to choose from dozens of oceanfront hotels, you also have the ability to visit beautiful oceanside attractions and view the dolphins from your hotel balconies. This amazing city is located at the southeastern corner of Virginia overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and all its glory. Here’s why you should plan your next vacation to this stunning location.

The Boardwalk & Beachfront

The boardwalk and beachfront is a favorite by many. Rather than walking on the traditional wooden planks that are found on other beach boardwalks, this one is made from concrete. You will also be able to enjoy a rest on the perfectly placed benches and enjoy looking at the colonial-style street lamps.

Once you step foot on the boardwalk, you will notice that it is lined with family-friendly restaurants and souvenir shops. You may also be greeted by one of the many street performers that entertain passerby’s. You can also see a wide arrangement of public art, including the monument to naval aviation and the King Neptune statue that overlooks the small parks around him on 31st street. Those who love to fish can also visit the fishing pier located on 15th street.

The Aquarium And Marine Science Center

This is a favorite by thousands, if not millions, around the U.S. This fun and affordable attraction is located just 2 miles inland from the shoreline. You can visit more than 200 marine exhibits and even touch live stingrays in the stingray pool. This science center also features a number of hands on models that the kids, and even adults, can experience.

In this huge aquarium, you will also be able to enjoy a 3-D movie in the theater for an extra fee. These movies are all very educational and are a fantastic experience. If you are more of a hands-on person, you can head over to the other building. You can take a 1-mile nature walk through the wooded area between the two areas or you can drive. As you are walking, you can see a number of wildlife and even take a peek at the marshlands around you. You can also enjoy an adventure park with ropes and other obstacles located in the trees.

In the other building, you can see a live otter show, visit a gift shop, see a variety of other wildlife, and even let your children play in the resting area. When you’re ready to walk back, grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria and begin your journey.

Hotels & Condos

Along the boardwalk and even inland, you will find a number of absolutely beautiful hotels and condos. A lot of these are timeshares and give you the ability to visit the area multiple times per year for a discounted price. If you are staying just once, one of the oceanfront hotels or condos are sufficient enough. If you are lucky enough to snag an oceanfront room, you will wake up to enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and view the dolphins jumping in and out of hte water.

As a bit of a warning, some of the beds in these hotels and condos may be a little uncomfortable for those who are not used to harder beds. It’s highly suggested that if you prefer a softer bed, bring along a topper if you are a side sleeper. These beds may not accommodate your preferred style of snoozing. If you want to feel refreshed and ready to start your adventurous day, you need your Z’s.

First Landing State Park

If you are going to do some camping rather than stay in a hotel, the First Landing State Park is an ideal place to go. This is the location of the Jamestown colonists first landing in the New World in 1607. If you aren’t a fan of the crowds on the shoreline, this is where you want to be. You can explore 20 miles of trails and 3,000 acres of land with amazing views.

While you are in the area, make it a point to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse. Here, you can learn about the landing of the settlers and you can also visit the Chesapeake Bay Center. It’s also suggested that if you are a lover of bridges, take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge during your travels of you are coming from the right direction. It’s a stunning 17 miles long and features two underwater tunnels that you go through. This connects you from Cape Charles to Virginia Beach.


Virginia Beach is full of excitement and wonder for those who are lovers of the beach and the ocean. It’s also an extremely affordable area to stay.  Altogether, the beaches, aquarium, parks, roads, and attractions are more than enough to be a fun vacation for friends and families from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to stop here for a quick visit if you are traveling to other locations as well. Virginia Beach welcomes all!

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