Exploring Britain’s Top Tourist Attractions by Coach

by Jules on April 1, 2014

Britain has a rich past and a rich heritage.  From her prehistoric world heritage site at Stonehenge, through her Imperial days as a world power, to famed rolling green hills and cultural achievements in the arts, the country draws millions of tourists a year.  It is not just the history and culture that attracts visitors to the European island just west of France however, but its tourist attractions are some of the most visited to.

Visiting the top tourist attractions you think would be easy given that Britain is a relatively small island.  This is actually not the case.

Britain is one of the most densely populated regions in Europe having roughly 455 people per square kilometre.  Thishas an impact on infrastructure, especially transport.  Trains are as a consequence expensive, and it has to be said unreliable.   Delays and cancellations are common.  According to government figures, 87.2% of trains reached their destination on time last year.  Though this sounds impressive, that is still almost 13% or over 1 in ten which did not.

Seeing Britain’s Tourist Attractions by Coach

Coach travel however, does offer a good alternative to train travel.  Every tourist attraction is served, and coach operators have put together timetables that have been constructed to allow you the most amount of time in your chosen destination.

Early Starts and Rolling Hills

As navigating Britain is not the easiest thing to do in the world, with many roads becoming congested, many coach journeys kick off early; 5am and sometimes earlier are not uncommon.  That said, the early start is worth it.  You arrive at a good time at your destination and you have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Leaving early and cruising to your chosen attraction also allows you to see Britain’s landscape as you sit in fairly comfortable seats.  The windows on coaches tend to be huge, and good views can be had no matter where you are sitting.  A trip to Stonehenge or Alton Towers for example, will take you through some of England’s green and pleasant land, as well as interesting urban areas as well.

A visit to Edinburgh or Glasgow will show you some of the rugged Highland beauty as well as two impressive cultural cities.  There is a lot to be seen as you travel through Britain by coach.

The Coach

Depending on the type of coach you opted for, you may be offered refreshments and often coaches come equipped with toilet facilities.  This can help the journey time roll past, and everyone loves a good cup of coffee or tea.  Even a standard coach will be comfortable to sit on, and you can read in relative comfort or sit back and relax and listen to music.  Or enjoy conversation with your friends and family travelling with you.


Coach Driver

Another aspect of coach travel is that you do not have to worry about the driving, or finding your way.  Coaches come with a driver, and this driver has been paid to move you from A to B.  There is something chauffer like about a coach driver which is also appealing.  Good coach drivers will keep you up to date on traffic news, and will tell you what to do in the event of emergencies and how to find the coach when the day is drawing to a close.

Another aspect of not having to drive yourself is that if you feel like a beer you can have one.  Not the case if you were behind the wheel.  You also do not have to worry tiredness which often occurs on a long trip.

Top Attractions you Can see by Coach in Britain

Glastonbury and Music Festivals

Glastonbury is simply the top music festival in the world, and it is possible to get their by coach.  Coach operators pick up from 60 locations around the country and drop you off right at the heart of the festival.  They will also bring you back.  This offers a great way to experience the festival and you do not have to worry about driving after four days rocking.

Other festivals are available to.


Beaches by coach are a popular way of a good day out on sea and sand.  The coach arrives early in the morning and tends to pick up mid to late afternoon when a shelter from the sun is welcome.  This kind of coach trip allows you to spend the day enjoying all that can be enjoyed on a beach, and you can have a welcome snooze on the way home.

Theme Parks

Britain is blessed with thrill seeking theme parks, such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park.  These theme parks have a long standing reputation for fun and thrills for all ages.  They are also within easy reach by coach.

Like the beach visit, the coach arrives for when the park opens and departs several hours later.  Like the beach visit you will have plenty of time to enjoy being spun, shot, whizzed, and indeed thrown around by every ride the theme park has to offer.  And then you can have a snooze as you unwind on the journey home.


Britain’s cities are among the most famous in the world.  London, like Paris, New York, Rome, Barcelona, and Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world.  The cities offer a cosmopolitan mix with people from all over the world living their lives in the big city.  They also have some of the top tourist attractions and draws in the world.

Britain’s cities however, all have their own character.  Glasgow and Edinburgh offer a cultural departure from English cities, while other cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Bath, and Birmingham bring their own cultural flavours as well.  Ever wondered where the Beatles played their first gig?

One of the beauties of visiting a British city by coach is that they often come as part of a wider tour.  So if you are on a coach trip to see Bath or Bristol, then the coach could well be swinging past Stonehenge as well.  It is worth checking out.

Booking a Coach

In Britain there are hundreds of coach operators out there.  It can be time consuming finding the best coach deals due to the high number of choice.  Many people opt to use Coach Hire By CoachBrokers.co.uk as it helps pull in hundreds of results from all over the UK.

Wherever you go in Britain, have fun and take sun cream.

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